Supernatural Twins

Two girls were born into a family of magical wonders that just so happens to skip every other generation. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, it had skipped their mother's generation, and had hit them with full force. Whether misfortune or untold adventures await the twins, only time will tell. Be prepared to experience the full force of the world of the supernatural.


2. My Grandma Is Crazy

Angelica's P.O.V.:

        I woke up to an annoying sound tapping on my window.  Attempting to ignore the noise, I rolled back over and tried to go back to sleep.  However, this tactic had never favored me.  Once I'm awake, I'm awake.  I layed there in my bed for awhile, staring across the room at my musical collage poster until I couldn't take the noise at the window any longer.  I bolted up, punched my pillow and threw it at the window, knocking over my lamp in the progress.  I groaned and dragged myself out of bed, trudged over to the lamp, picked it up, and opened my window to investigate the incessant tapping.  Turns out, it was just my Nana's pet owl.  Odd time of the day to be out for her, middle of the day you know, but then again, it was Nana's pet owl.  Don't get me wrong, I love Cursor, but he is a little odd.

        Cursor had a message in his beak that told me to meet Nana in her guest bedroom.  I opened the door to my bathroom(this link is for pjs), let my hair down, and brushed it.  Then, I put back up in a ponytail, and brushed my teeth.  Finally, I did my facial wash, and dried my face.  I re-entered my bedroom, plopped on my bed and unplugged my phone from the night stand.  My phone was literally blowing up.  I had 53 texts, 200 snapchats,  126 facebooks, and 1 instagram dm.  That 1 was from Jason.  He tends to send me a message on every form of social media every day, sorta kinda.  Don't look at me like that.  Yes, I know he likes me.  Don't ask me how I feel, because I know you wanna, but don't.  That information is to be revealed later.

        I typed in my passcode and started to reply to all of my friends and family.  'Thanks :)' to Jessica, Cadance, Benny, and so on and so forth.  Surprisingly, that only took 20 minutes, the wifi must have been working good today.  Anyway, after I finished replying, I headed down to the pantry where I ran into Fred.  "What up, yo?"  He asked in his british accent while trying out his new hip phase.  He was doing pretty well for an almost out of his middle ages british guy.  I giggled and brought him in for a bear hug.  "The ceiling, Fred."  I smiled and he handed me a box of strawberry poptarts.  "Thank you, Fred."  He smiled back at me and gestured toward the stairs.  "Get up there to your grandma you ragamuffin and hurry.  Oh, and happy birthday!"  I gave a little wave and hopped up the steps to Grandma's guest room.

        When I got to the top of the steps I went down the hallway until I hit the correct door.  It was a weird set-up, I'm telling you.  The door was open, but not all the way and--  well...  It was giving off a juju vibe, if you know what I mean.  Then again, Nana was always one for dramatics (she did have an owl messenger, after all) and she could pull off any demeanor she wished.  Anyway, a faint "Come in, child." sounded from behind the gray door that abruptly swung open 2 seconds later.  If that wasn't weird, I didn't know what was.  So to cut to the chase, I entered the room and crossed over to the bed where she was sitting.  She looked at me curiously.  "Where is your sister?"  I rolled my eyes thinking back to when I had passed by her room.  "Asleep."  She sighed.  "Of course she is."

        We spent the next 45 minutes discussing the events of last night, mutilating Genie and her sleeping, and also avoiding the topic she wanted to discuss with us. Well, more like her avoiding it, because I wasn't. I wanted to know, but she didn't want me to know. Ugh! I tried everything to convince her, even meeting Brendon Urie didn't do the trick, (Our dad Signed Panic! At The Disco awhile back) and Panic! was her favorite new band. I think Nana just thought he was cute. That's pretty odd, though, (see what I did there?) considering she's like 75 and he's 30.

          Finally, after an agonizing 45 minutes in the dark, guess who decided to show up? Friggin. Evangeline. However, I almost wished she hadn't come; as soon as she entered the room, the door closed of its own accord, the lights flickered off, and Genie was pulled into the room.

          I was shocked, startled, confused, disoriented, and not in control. For a moment I felt helpless and everything shook. Starting at my feet. My toes cringed together and a shiver ran up my legs.  Next it traveled up through my stomach as squeezing fingers and finally making its way back down through my spine with a dull crackling. All of this was followed by a touch of cold rushing through my body like a racecar roaring to life. 

Then the lights came back from the dead shocking both me and Genie.

"She said she'd explain after you got here. It startled me too," I said out of breath in an attempt to ease her spirits. She nodded, now appearing to be calm and collected. Genie say down on the bed next to me and wer turned ore heads to Nana for an explanation to the events of the past few moments. She gave us her strangely warm grandma style smile and began speaking. "Now that you're both here, I can finally start," our grandma said, shooting my sister a quick look that showed dissapointment in how late she had slept in. I was not planning on defending her case today for Nana was right. And it was funny, so I had to hold back a giggle. Although, I did see she was sorry because she had a dark blush creep up from the back of her neck.

        "Now, as I'm sure you're both aware, something strange happened to you at midnight. Am I correct?" Nana asked us. We both nodded, and Nana continued, "You felt a surge of some sort of power, right? .......... And you were holding each other's hand, correct? ........... Good. And you must've seen something, some form of color. Now, what color -or colors in your case- you saw, I can't be sure of as the color is not of the type of power. No, it is based on the personality. Mine, for example, was a vibrant white. I've always been considered wise, and white has always appealed to me. It's clean and pristine. Yet, I believe that there is such thing as too much of one color, white included. And yet, white is still-"

        "Uh, Nana? You're rambling again," I interuppted. We did not want to sit in that room all day and listen to Nana give a speech about her favorite color. She looked mortified by my rudeness, however, she simply moved on. "Thank you, Angelica, I almost got carried away again. Well, I'd just like to know before we get started in this, what colors did you two see?" "I saw pink and blue, Nana, but I don't know what Angie saw," Genie answered her, "But I'm sure it was just the lights." "I saw pink and blue also, but Genie's right, it must've been the lights," I agreed. Nana sighed and shook her head, "Girls, it was not the lights. If it were just the lights, then you wouldn't've felt anything and there would be no point in my talking to you right now. So, pink and blue. Pink for Evangeline and blue for Angelica."

        "Nana, why are we here? What are you trying to get at?" Genie asked, placing a muffin in her mouth. I knew she would rather be doing something else at the moment, but I was intrigued. It seemed to have been obvious how much she wanted to be doing something else, because Nana gave her a direct glare before answering her question. "Despite how much you'd rather be elsewhere at the moment, I'm sure you'd rather be here than anywhere else once you learn why you're here. both pocess magic that has been in your family for centuries!" Nana exclaimed.

       We met eyes, then looked back at Nana. I spoke first, "Now, Nana, we love you and all, but-" "We have to ask if you've stopped taking your perscribed meds or-" "Or just started taking new ones that you shouldn't be. We love you, and-" "And that's why we're concerned. Nana, magic doesn't exist. There is no such thing as magic-" "There is too! You girls are young and unwise! This is not made up, and my medication has been taken properly, and no new medication had been added to what I normally take. I'm glad you two are concerned for me, but this is also rather insulting to be laden with these false accusations, especially by you two," Nana cut her off, looking rather incensed that Genie would even ask that question. We mumbled our apologies to her, and her expression lifted.

        Nana took a breath and continued, "I forgive you both. Now, you poth pocess magic that's been in your family for centuries. Both sides, actually. If I'm correct to assume that you, Angelica, are as alike in the powers you recieve as you are to your mother, then you'd have the same powers as I do. You see, these powers skip every other generation, so that means that your mother does not have your abilities, nor does she know that they even exist. And you, Evangeline, assuming that you are as alike in the powers you recieve as you are to your father, then you'll have the same powers as your father's mother does. The powers happened to skip both of your parents' generations, which is very rare. So, your father doesn't have your abilities, nor does he know that they exist.

        "The reason that no one who has powers knows of magic is simply for the protection of everyone. This is a secret that must be protected. It's kind of like in those  Harry Potter  books by J.K. Rowling that you two read in the whole, the people without magic can't know that magic exists thing. So, don't let the secret get out, got it? Good. Now, I must tell you that you are not the only supernatural beings in the world. There are the usual, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and evil doppelgangers. But, the way that they have been painted to look and be by humans, is very untrue. Vampires, while they do drink blood, don't burn in the daylight, sleep in coffins, wear only dark-colored clothing, sparkle like diamonds in the sun, have cold skin, are kept away or repulsed by garlic, have odd-colored eyes, or die by wooden stakes. No, those are just false rumors.

        "Vampires are strong, fast, skilled, fanged, immortal beings that do drink blood, yet they do not, for the most part, have an unquenchable thirst for human blood. They usually don't kill a whole lot of people, and most prefer animal blood over human blood. Now, werewolves aren't like the ones from Twilight  or any of the other stupid things that have been put out there about werewolves. They are beautiful beings that live for approximately 983 years without aging. They do not reach the stage of not aging until after they are of 21 years old. Then, they have about 11 more years of life where they do age. They are intellectual beings that have the ability to change their form to that similar of a large wolf. They don't typically bite people, and being bitten or scratched by one won't transofrm you. You have to be born of werewolf parents to become a werewolf. And sometimes it can skip generations. Usually, werewolfs have very appealing features, unnaturally appealing features, but some look about as ordinary as the average human.

        "Ghosts. They're just souls that linger on the earth for a plethora of reasons. But, they can't be seen by mere mortal humans not pocessing supernatural qualities unless the ghost, or spirit as they prefer to be called, allows them to. They can pass through solid objects, but are able to hold a form that can touch things. They can eat, drink, and do all of the other things that humans do. They just have to leave the earth at some point to go to either Heaven or down below. They don't age naturally. They can be however old they wish to be, but can't change how they look other than by the whole age thing. Evil dopplegangers, well, they're pretty evil alright. Carbon copies of existing humans whose only purpose is to wreak havok on the world.

        "They have certain abilities like the teleportation ability. That's about it, actually. There's not much to say about dopplegangers. It's all in the name, really. Of course, there are mermaids, bless their souls. Beautiful creatures, the one thing mankind got right when coming up with an idea of what they were. Now, there are many more things, but I don't wanna take up all the time with talking about other supernatural beings. I need to talk more about you two. You'll need to learn to control your powers, but as you're so young and have only just come of age, you'll need something to help, sorta, conjure your powers. Well, more like to use and control them. Once you've gotten a pretty good handle on your powers, you'll be able to use them without anything. I'll start with Angelica seeing as she was here first, and the early bird gets the worm.

        "Angelica. Your powers are those of fire, earth, and light. Now, there's more to each of these powers than just those three elements. You can control and create fire, lava, plantlife, the actual earth, and rock. You'll be able to minipulate light, and create light and darkness as I did before when I brought you both into the room. You can also make yourself invisible with this power, as one would think it obvious. Of course, there is always the extra power that is unique to you only. But, we can get to discovering that later. I'll be back in a few months to see if you've figured it out yet, and then your father's mother and I will take you and your sister training so that you can find your unique power if you haven't already, and learn how to master it.

        "Evangeline. Your powers are those of water, air, and the mind. There's also more to each of these powers than just the  three elements. You can control and create water and ice. You can minipulate the weather and the air. Of course, if minipulated correctly, that means that you could fly. But that's a very high level, so don't even try it yet. You also have the power of the mind. It's telekinesis and telepathy in one. You can control someone's mind, hear their thoughts, see their memories, project yourself into their mind, and move things using only your mind. Now, you'll have to wait on the using only your mind part as you are young. You'll use your hand and the item that will help you with your powers. And you also have an extra power that is unique to you only.

        "There are others out there who pocess powers that are of the other elements, and some with powers that aren't of elements at all. Be careful. Try not to interact with many other supernatural beings until your more mature in your magical progress. Now, time for your items to help with your powers. I believe I did a rather fine job in picking these. Well, here you are." Nana gave us both tiny, dainty boxes. We both opened them and found the most beautiful exquisite jewelry inside. My jaw dropped when I saw them. I looked up at Nana to see if she was really entrusting  this to us while Genie gasped in awe. Nana chuckled, "They are to your liking, I assume?" We both nodded at her. "Thank you Nana," we said in unison.

        "Don't mention it," she replied casually, "Now, I want you both to touch the gem, and you'll understand why they'll work for their purposes." I did as she said, and my ring suddenly changed from it's original form to a beautiful red staff that had a ruby sunken in. Genie did the same and her bracelet became an outstanding cyan staff with a sapphire sunken in. "Just tap the gems again to return them to their original state. You girls must keep these with you at all times. Wear the stones, and make sure to never lose them. No matter what, neve let them leave your sight or pocession. Do you understand?" "Yes Nana," Genie and I replied in unison before making our staffs become jewelry again.

        I put my ring on and she put her bracelet on, and waited for Nana to tell us more. "That's all I can tell you right now, so go on with your day. And happy birthday girls. It sure is an exciting one." "Thank you Nana. Love you," I said, kissing her cheek following Genie. "I love you too." And I headed out the door and waited for Genie to surface. "...and because I love you, I hope you don't mind that I saw what happened to you this morning after the party. You might wanna tell your sister about this, unless you want me to tell your parents," I heard Nana tell my sister. I shot Genie hurt look that was a cross between a glare and a hurt-confused face. "Thank you Nana. For the info on Genie needing to tell me something, the happy birthday, and the ring. Love you," I said before going over to her "Love you too," Nana answered, and she darted in the direction of her room in an attempt to escape me.

        She couldn't escape, though. I caught her hand and dragged her away so she could tell me her story.

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