Supernatural Twins

Two girls were born into a family of magical wonders that just so happens to skip every other generation. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, it had skipped their mother's generation, and had hit them with full force. Whether misfortune or untold adventures await the twins, only time will tell. Be prepared to experience the full force of the world of the supernatural.


1. Happy Birthday Us!

Evangeline's P.O.V.:

        Hi. My name's Evangeline Dove Fairclough, and I'm currently 14. But, I'll only be 14 for abooooout... 1 hour 23 minutes aaaaaaand 34 seconds. 33 seconds. 32 seconds. 31 seconds. 30 seconds. 29 seconds. Well, you get the idea. Wanna know who else has their birthday in approximately the same amount of time? It's my best friend, my sister, my twin: Angelica Schuyler Fairclough. We've been inseparable since birth. Literally. We actually came out of the womb grasping onto each other's arms. I was pulled out by Angelica, whose little feet were pulled out first while she tried to keep holding onto me. One of the nurses in the room thought it was so adorable that she took several pictures of it, and made sure that my mom received them. As of now, those pictures still remain in my house and are framed. We keep them up on our walls to remind us that we'll always be there for each other, and we're always connected, never alone.

(The picture above is my reading area in my room. I couldn't fit it in the picture of my room in the Character Details thing that's on Quotev, so here it is!)

        Our story starts at the best party of my entire life, that actually starts at a very weird time. We decided that if our friends can't stay late, then we'd just have them wake up really early for our party. Pretty clever, right? Yeah, our parents thought so too, so now our friends are here. At practically midnight. Awesome right? I mean, I'm surprised that Angie (Angelica. She just adores that little nickname I gave her. Just ask) is okay with it considering she can hardly stay up very late or sleep in very long. In fact, I'm surprised she even lasted as long as she did. Oh well, now, on with the story!:

        I stared at my reflection in my vanity mirror, trying to make myself actually look better than a piece of crap that is the normal me. I played with my hair until I got it just right. I did my make up, then adjusted the skirt of my dress as I took one last look into my mirror before deciding that this was as good as I was gonna get. "Evangeline! Hurry up! We have exactly one minute until the party starts!" Angelica called from outside of my room. I laughed at her impatience, then saw that the clock said "11:59" and  snatched up my phone and ran out of my room. I closed my door behind me and sped down the hallway and through the house until I reached the area by the front door where guests were coming in carrying gifts.

        I knelt over to catch my breath in an overly dramatic way to catch their attention, and they all looked over at me. Angelica moved away from the crowd and allowed our mom to direct the flow of traffic. She looked like she was trying to be mad at me for almost being late, again, but couldn't. In fact, her expression was so hilarious, I couldn't help but laugh. She started laughing too. "I'm here! Am I too late for the party?" I asked playfully. My dad came into the room chuckling softly, "Hmmm... You might've. Guess that leaves all of these presents for me!" I gasped, "No!" Then, I ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "You wouldn't do that to little me, would you?" I asked him while giving the best puppy face I could manage.

        He just laughed and shook his head, "No, but I might if you don't hurry up and greet your guests. I think that Lloyd kid wants to see you." His playful attitude changed, and he lowered his voice, "And if I see any  kissing or if he touches you in anyway, I've already got my shotgun loaded. Understand?" I nodded  quickly, then hastily ran over to where Lloyd was standing apart from the guests.

        "Hey Goober, happy birthday," Lloyd stated, recieving a stern look from me that was totally fake. "Thanks, idiot, for the compliment," I replied smiling before giving him a hug. I looked over his shoulder to see Fred had taken over directing traffic, and Angelica taking pictures of me hugging Lloyd on her phone. I glared playfully at her, then let go of Lloyd. "C'mon, it's your birthday. Do ya have to  be mean and call me 'idiot'?" He asked. I crossed my arms stubbornly, "Hey. I can call you  'idiot' if you can call me 'Goober'. Mm'kay?" I got some serious sass.

        He simply laughed, and we joined everyone else. I let out a squeal of excitement when I saw my Aunt Violet walk in with her newest boyfriend and a  huge  cake. I ran over to her, ditching Angie and Lloyd for my favorite aunt and her cake. "Aunt Violet! You brought cake! And a new guy. Should I  even ask for his name, or will he be gone before I get to know him very well?" I asked, forgetting that this man could hear me. My mom gasped behind me, "Evangeline! Don't say things like that!" "Sorry Mum," I replied sheepishly. Aunt Violet just laughed, "Actually, Evangeline, you can  learn his name because he'll be staying longer than the others. Especially considering this."

        Aunt Violet then held out her left hand to reveal a beautiful 5 carrat diamond ring. I gasped in awe, "It's beautiful, Aunt V. What's his name!?" Her boyfriend fiance spoke for the first time, "My name is Louis Griffin, and I like you already. Evangeline was your name, correct?" I nodded smiling, thinking of how wonderful  "Violet  Griffin" sounded. "Well, Vi," Louis continued laughing lightly, "If all of your family is like this, then I think I'll have no problem liking them."

        The rest of our guests arrived, and I snagged at least three pieces of Aunt Violet's cake. It was SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Our friend Jason Arnou (who we met at the state individual speech competition, and  just became friends with over time. I'm pretty sure he likes Angie, and she likes him, but they haven't confessed to each other as far as I know. Jason lives two towns over from us, and he came here just to DJ for us and wish us -Angie- a happy birthday.) started DJ'ing, and I swear I saw him wink at Angie. "Tonight," he started and the crowd quieted down, "We help two very special girls move their  way into another amazing year." Then, Jason motioned for us to join him up at the DJ station, but I didn't really want to because I was eating cake. And  nothing   is more important than cake.

Well, there are some things, but not very many.

        Angie walked over to me, then very rudely tore my precious cake out of my hands and put it on the table. It was a crime too great to suffer through. I'm not sure how I made it through it alive. Then, acting as though she hadn't  just done the worst thing imaginable, she linked her arm with mine and marched us up to Jason. I attempted an escape from her evil clutches to go back to my beautiful cake, but of course she wouldn't allow me to do that. Everyone laughed at my feeble attempts, and I went pink with embarrasment. I quickly got over it, because there was a microphone at the station, and I could use it for gaining people's sympathy towards my great suffering of being away from my cake, and get back at Angie.

        I grabbed the microphone from Jason, and spoke into it, "Don't even tell me you wouldn't have done the same, it's DA BEST CAKE EVER!! YEH!!" Everyone laughed again, but this time wasn't as bad because I'd wanted them to laugh. Angie then took the microphone from me, "And on that note-" There was another round of giggles that she paused for, "Thanks Jason. How y'all doing tonight!?" The crowd 'hoop'ed and hollered in response. So far, this was looking to be the best birthday morning ever. "That's amazing, I would like to take a moment to tell my sister how awesome she is," Angie said, to which a round of "Aww"s followed. "Genie," I grimaced at the nickname she gave me. "I love you, nothing has ever majorly come between us, except last year when you took that last piece of cake. Those were dark times. However, enough about the past. You always have and always will be there for me, and I you. I'm glad we are so close, and that we can share anything with each other. Our secrets, our issues-" Angie paused and winked at me, "Our crushes-" The last part was spoke in slow motion for me.

        Oh, my, gosh. She can't tell them who she thinks my crush is! What if she gets it wrong and he thinks I like some one else and then all chances of us being together are ruined!? Or, what if she gets it right and I'm humiliated because now the secrets out!? Both options were awful, and when time went back to normal, I snatched the microphone from her hands to prevent her from going on any further. I laughed nervously, then spoke into the microphone, "Alright, I think that's enough punch for you. I DON'T have a crush on anybody, okay? But anyway, everything you said and more, to you dear sister!! Now, let's get this party started!" Everyone's cheers filled the air as "the clock struck twelve" as they say. Jason began blasting  Birthday  by Katy Perry. 

        Angelica and I's hands were intertwined, and when it turned to midnight, I felt a, surge, of some sort flowing through our interlocked hands, so I looked down. Angelica did the same. We both coulda swore that we saw something pink and blue swirling there, and we thought it was just the lights at that particular moment. But, it'd later turn out to be so much more.

  Everyone left around 6am, and Angelica made a beeline for the bathroom. I sighed, and went into my room, where I found a certain pair of emerald green eyes on the tanned head of my best friend, Lloyd. I smiled as  he held out a small box on top of a box of chocolates in one hand, and a piece of my Aunt Violet's cake in his other. He handed me the cake first, which I ate in 30 seconds flat. He handed me the small box that was on top of the chocolates, and I opened it. Inside, there was a gorgeous ring with a sapphire surrounded by tiny diamonds. My heart fluttered at the sight.

        Lloyd turned my head towards his, "Hey Goober, you've got some cake right abou-----t, here." He crashed his soft lips onto mine, in an almost desperate manor. I was shocked to say the least, but I soon melted into it, finding myself kissing him back. It was wonderful, beautiful, I loved every second of it. His tounge beat against my closed mouth, asking for entry, which I surprised myself in granting. His warm, wet tongue explored its new teritory, and soon played with my own tongue. When we finally broke apart, it was only because we needed air, and I was slightly disappointed that it was over.

        Our faces were close together as we panted, trying to catch our breaths. When we'd finally caught them, we looked up at each other smiling. Then, Lloyd smirked at me, "So, I'm that crush Angelica was referring to at the party?" My face went beet red, and I looked at my feet in embarrassment. We sat down on my bed, and he tucked  a loose strand of my hair back behind my ear, then pushed my chin up with his hand so that I'd have to meet his eyes. "Idiot...," I mumbled under my breath, my face growing a deeper shade of red as the seconds ticked by. Lloyd laughed and kissed me again, "Goober."

        Okay, so, after that and a few more kisses, he managed to make it out of my house unnoticed by my parents, and I think I've got a new boyfriend. OMG, I'VE GOT A NEW BOYFRIEND! SQUEEEEEE! Sorry, I'm just really happy. No, I don't have a crush on anyone, I've got a boyfriend. You have no idea how weird it is to say that. Overall, this was the  best   birthday that I've ever had. And you know, it felt very strangely amazing to be 15, and not just the whole I'm-a-year-older-so-yeah-life-'n-stuff. No, it was different than that. It felt almost, I don't know, supernatural? I know, it sounds crazy, but is it really? Probably, it's most likely just the fact that I kissed Lloyd, and the party was awesome, and I was really tired. Yeah, that's it...

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