Supernatural Twins

Two girls were born into a family of magical wonders that just so happens to skip every other generation. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, it had skipped their mother's generation, and had hit them with full force. Whether misfortune or untold adventures await the twins, only time will tell. Be prepared to experience the full force of the world of the supernatural.


5. Fights Then Animals

Evangeline's P.O.V.:

        I trudged back up to my room very frustrated for more than one reason. First off, I was frustrated because Angie kept on freezing me. Secondly, I was also kinda, sorta, I don't know... jealous? I mean, jealous that she had already figured out her power and I hadn't. It wasn't fair. 'Maybe it had something to do with my forgetting about our powers for a little bit? Nah, probably not. I'm sure she momentarily forgot as well. Then, why?' I thought to myself. "GAAH!" I shouted exasperated. I trudged up the stairs, passing my parents who'd awoken to the sound of my anger from earlier that morning. I paid them no mind as I stormed into my room and flopped onto my bed.

        I laid in bed for 40 minutes, yet no luck. I couldn't fall back asleep. Curse my stupid twin for waking me up so early. Now, there's no hope of getting anymore sleep. I got up because I might as well go do something now that I'm unable to fall back asleep. I set out some clothes, grabbed a towel, and hopped into the shower. I let the water wash away not only the dirt, but my negative thoughts. Water has always soothed me, and after what Nana revealed, I guess now I know why.

        I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my body in the towel. I walked down the hall from the bathroom to my room and slipped inside. I got dried off, did my hair, and dressed myself, put on my bracelet and ring, then I stepped out of my room to find Angie going towards the direction of her room. She stopped when she saw me. "Not going back to bed Genie?" she taunted, quirking an eyebrow at me. I scowled and gave her my best death glare, causing her to cringe. "No," I snapped, "I can't fall back asleep thanks to you. So, I got dressed and showered, something you might wanna consider."

        Her face flushed pink in both anger and embarrassment. "Fine. Be that way. Genie," she spat rudely before turning on her heel and walking to her room. I crossed my arms angrily, "Hmph! Fine! I will! And don't call me Genie! My name is Evangeline! Make sure you remember it!" I went back in my room and slammed my door behind me, then I flopped on my bed. My cat, Coda (chapter picture) jumped up on my bed and rubbed his head against my shoulder. I looked over at him in his big, green eyes and sighed. I pet his head as he began to purr. "Hey kitty. How's your morning been? Probably better than mine. You're so lucky. You don't have a sister, and you're a cat, so your life must be pretty great."

        Coda flopped on his side, so I rubbed his stomach. I sighed, "What am I doing? Evangeline, you're losing your mind. You were talking to a cat as if you expected it to answer. And now you're talking to yourself. Great." "Well, if you'd paused, I could've answered you. Maybe try taking a breath. Calm down. Then you can get a reply. Common sense, Woman."

        I snapped my head towards the direction of the voice, but saw no one. "What? Who said that?" I asked. "Probably the only other living creature in the room, you buffoon. I mean, it's only customary and polite to respond to someone when they address you, so my saying what I did shouldn't surprise you. Now, go back to rubbing my belly," the voice answered. I looked down at my cat dumbfounded, "No, I must be crazy. My cat couldn't be talking to me, that's just...well...insane!" "And why is that?" Coda asked. I jumped back in fear. "Get away you demon! Give me back my cat, or so help me, I'll...I'll...I'll get the broom!" I yelled.

        "Jeez, calm down. I'm no demon. Just because you can finally understand me doesn't make me a demon, it makes you special. And a talent like yours is impossibly rare. In fact, you're the only one to poses such an ability. I should know, as a cat I'm in close contact with the magical elements of this world," my cat explained. I just stared blankly at him with my mouth agape. He sighed irritably, "Seriously, Evangeline. I'm just your cat. Only you poses this power to talk to and understand animals! In fact, you might be able to control them, as would make this ability a bit more useful than it is. I wonder... maybe you can talk to more than just animals. What if you can communicate with all living creatures!?"

        I gave it a thought, and it excited me. My special power. I could control and talk to all living creatures, that would be so cool. Of course, this would be somewhat an extension of my elemental power of the mind, so controlling them wouldn't surprise me in the least. But, still! I screamed in excitement, causing my parents to run down the hall and burst into my room. "What's wrong Evangeline??" "Are you hurt?" "Did Angelica do something?" My dad got a small slap to the back of the head for the last one. "N-no. It's nothing. I was just excited," I stated sheepishly. "About what?" my mother asked. Crap. Nice thinking Evangeline.

        "U-um. I just, uh, had a... vision. I have a plan for today. Also, I'm not talking to Angelica right now because she's the most evil human being on the planet and deserves to rot in the fiery pits of the underworld. I'm gonna go get some food. Love you!" I then grabbed my phone and ran downstairs to the kitchen. I took my concerta (for my ADHD, which, now that I think about it, I hadn't taken yesterday because the party was too early, then I slept, and then it was too late to take it so I didn't) and grabbed four packages of my mini muffins because I love them and you can't stop me from eating them because our love is too strong and powerful to be reckoned with.

        I sat on the marble top island as I ate the muffins. When I finished, I walked out of the kitchen, bumping in to Angelica. "Out of my way!" I fumed, once again angry. She glared at me, "No! You move!" "I was here first, so you can move! Besides, it's hard for me to move around your over-inflated ego!" I snapped back at her. "Oh yeah! Well, I guess it's hard for you to learn how to do that, or anything else, with all of the air that's filling your head!" she fired back. That was cold, using the blonde hair on my head to insult me. I was livid at this point, "You just...I can't believe...after all the're impossible! I hate you! I wish you weren't my sister!"

        With that, I stormed off like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Once I was far enough away from her, I ran to the one place that gave me comfort: our music room. I threw myself inside, then locked the door. I leaned my back against the hard, wooden door before sliding down in to sit on my bottom. I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around my knees, letting my forehead rest on my knees as I began to cry. It started with a single tear that was followed by more and more until I was full out bawling. My chest heaved with my sobs, my eyes turned red and puffy, and out of my mouth came a very unpleasing moan-like sound. I have to admit, I'm an ugly cry-er. In fact, I'm not that pretty at all to begin with, but I'm practically hideous when I cry.

        Something buzzed in my back right jeans pocket. I sniffled and tried my best to calm myself down. I pulled out my phone to see that Lloyd had messaged me a small while ago, and that Grams was face time-ing me (because I have an iPhone and iPhones are lit and better and you can't tell me otherwise because three out of 5 of the people in my main friend group have all converted from galaxy/android/Samsung to apple so suck it). I wiped my tears as best as I could, then answered the face time. Putting on a fake smile, I greeted her, "Hey Grams. What's up?" "Don't you give me that fake stuff, young lady. What's wrong?" Grams demanded, not at all fooled.

        "N-nothing. I'm fine-"

       "Fine my rear end. I know something's wrong, that you're upset, and I demand to know why. Angelica is also upset, but not enough to start crying. I'll interrogate her later. Now, spill."

        'This is weird. Grams is normally so sweet, not demanding. What's going on? What happened to my I-baked-you-cookies grandma?' I thought to myself. "She's concerned about you and she wants to know what's going on and knows that this is the best way to do it. So, if you don't answer me, young lady, I promise that I'll tell your parents what happened in your room the morning of your birthday," Grams threatened. 'HOW DOES EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THAT??'

        "Your thoughts, along with the thoughts of Angelica and Janice, are quite loud. I was, at first, appalled by your actions, before realizing that I did the same thing at your age. Now, back to my question. What is wrong?"
        "Oh yeah. I forgot about your mind powers."
        "Don't change the subject, Evangeline Dove." (She never uses my middle name)
        "Okay, okay. I get it. Well, I just had a fight. That's all."
        "Lying to me is pointless."
        "Then why don't you read my mind and find out?"
       "Because you're blocking it off from me using your powers. They're stronger than I thought they'd be at your age and how little time you've had them. Even I, someone as practiced at this ability, is unable to get through your mind barrier. Now, tell me what's wrong before I follow through with my previously stated threat."
       "Jeez. Fine. Well, Angelica and I got into a fight and then, to insult me, she called me an airhead. Is that what you wanted?"
       "Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry. I know how much that hurts you. After the teasing you went through... That's just awful, Sweetheart. Well, I'll go and scold Angeli-"
      "How did you know something was was wrong with us and how we were feeling? Like, I doubt the power of reading minds would be able to just let you know right away when we're feeling different emotions."
        "Didn't Janice tell you anything? Each of us have our own, unique power that!-"
        "She told me that, but I still don't understand."
      "Oh. Well, my special power is being able to feel/sense/experience everyone else's emotions at a great distance. I can also manipulate their emotions. It's kinda like an extension of sorts of my elemental ability of the mind. Any more questions before I go?"
        "No. Love you Grams. Bye."
        I hung up the face time call, set my phone down, and put my head back up against the door. I sighed, "Oh Grams, if only you knew how very much I'm hiding. If only you knew."

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