Supernatural Twins

Two girls were born into a family of magical wonders that just so happens to skip every other generation. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, it had skipped their mother's generation, and had hit them with full force. Whether misfortune or untold adventures await the twins, only time will tell. Be prepared to experience the full force of the world of the supernatural.


6. Christmas Special

(A/N): This is not cannon with the story. In fact, the story is currently happening in late August. The twins' birthday is August 28th, btw. I know we never clarified that. School for them starts, like, August 24th or so, but the pool doesn't close 'till September 10th (which is my, LazinessFactor's, actual birthday). I just thought that I'd have a little fun with a chapter and give you guys something happy to read for the holidays. I'm sorry that this is pretty late and kinda short, but I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!


        T'was the night before Christmas in the Fairclough house.
        All creatures were stirring, from the human to the mouse.
        The decorations were hung 'round the house with care,
        For all the party guests were soon to be there.


        The twins were in dresses of greens and reds.
        While a bright bow sat on each of their heads.
        The Mr. and Mrs., Fredrick and Coda too,
        Were also dressed festively in red and green hues.


        Then the doorbell rings as all guests have arrived.
        Fred opens the door and the party bursts with life.
        With the joy all around without rhythm or rhyme, 
        They blared carols, danced, and had a jolly ol' time.


        The party went on for a very long while.
        Everyone's face held an overjoyed smile.
        Before everyone filtered out of the house and of sight,

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