Alone in the Dark

A series I started on my blog, but the posts have become a little erratic to follow and find, so I wanted to put them together. Let me know what you think! Title is a work in progress :D


3. Prophecies of the Mind

Where are you?


Where should you be?


There’s a… there’s a light. Not quite white. Not quite bright.

Just a… dim, unremarkable speck in the darkness.

Is it tangible?


You have it between finger and thumb.


But what do you do with it?

What is it for?

You look into it.


A pair of slugs… surrounded by tinier slugs.

Their… babies.

Something strange is happening. Papa Slug is moving away. Just a little. He shakes… There’s a sense of dread. Papa Slug can’t stop shuddering. You reach for him, feeling some innate, yet animalistic need to help him.

Your touch…

He tears to pieces on the threads of your fingertips, his flesh and blood spraying into the open air, defying gravity.

Mama Slug?

Mama slug and her babies are gone…


A tank.

No… two tanks. Filled with water.

A giant, spindly crab in one; a giant, swirling squid in the other.

Spindly Crab is talking to you.

What is he saying? You can’t… understand. He’s… he’s crying? No. Screaming. Screaming for help. Scuttling around incessantly and screaming for you to set him free.

You can’t move. You try.

Swirling Squid leaps from his tank and bites down on one of Spindly Crab’s legs with his a snap of his sharp beak – breaking it off completely. Spindly Crab screams for you, bleeding out into his tank as Swirling Squid swallows his meal.

You can’t move…


A shark.

Too many teeth…


Too many teeth.

A shark dragging its huge body towards you on a sandy shore.

You can’t move.

It bites down on to your leg – thousand tiny needles sinking into your mortal flesh – and pulls you closer.

That grin.

Those teeth.

Closer and closer.

You’re underneath it and it’s thrusting into you.

It’s grinning.

Too many teeth…


A tank.

No… two tanks. Filled with water.

No. No, one.

One tank. Filled with water.

Two scorpions.


One – black and white. A White Bengal Scorpion.


Two – red and yellow. A Red Sun Scorpion.



They can’t move.

You see specs. Tiny black specs drawing closer and closer to the White Bengal and the Red Sun. They’re filling the tank, the black bodies becoming a larger, uglier spec.

They cover the White Bengal and the Red Sun.

The specs leave, crawling out of the water and spilling onto the ceramic floor.

Only the carcasses remain of the scorpions.




What does it mean?


Where are you?


Where should you be?



The dreams continue here.

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