My Young Employee

Mature Content.
My cousin called and wanted me to take care of his lawn care business. He said there be a new guy there to help me.
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2. Part 2 – The Abandoned Farm Lot

 Joey and I had been at filling in for my cousin for a week now, taking care of his lawn care service. My cousin and his girl were off on their honeymoon, so he just needed us to fill in for a few weeks. It was kind of nice, both Joey and I are around 17 and out of school for the summer. (And me out of money) I would just cut the lawns and Joey would trim the grass around trees, posts and blow the grass off the driveways. We did an old empty house out in the county that first week and that’s when we first got together. 

 When we started our second week, we did few regular homes, had our lunch at a gas station and bull-shitted some. I told Joey we had just one more job that day and then we’d be done early. He just smiled at me and then we headed out. As we drove along I told him; “My cousin never showed me this next lot Joey, he just told me, it’s an empty lot, just get it cut good enough and move on.” Quiet Joey just smiled at me again.

 When we got there, it had for-sale signs out by the road, a long driveway and mainly just corn fields all the way around. At the end of the driveway there was a place to park and that’s about it. Looked like there had been a farm house there at one time but, had been all torn down. It was big lot too but, easy to mow, had one or two big trees and one empty small building out-back.

 I got started cutting the grass, I see Joey over by the truck having a soda, he just smiled and waved at me. Then as I worked on the yard some more, as Joey started trimming around the few trees that where there. I continued on to the back of the lot and was almost finished, when I looked around and noticed Joey was missing. Kind of odd but then I finished up and put the mower back on the trailer. “Joey!” I yelled out. There’s no sign of him, remember this was a big lot and surrounded by giant cornfields. I then wandered in to back-yard area. “Hey Joey.” I called out again. “Jon I’m back by the shed.” He said quietly. I walked back and found him lying in the long soft grass, behind that little building in the far backyard.

 He looked sort of cute just lying there in the grass, his head up against the shed and him chewing on a blade of grass. His shirt he had on that day, was one with the sleeves cut off and like always his blond hair was hanging down in his face. Of course, like me, his arms had a tan, (or red) up to where his sleeves normally where and bright-white the rest of the way up. I then looked at his arm-pit hair and saw it was blond too.

 Me standing there smiling at him, he looked up and said; “Jon, you know, you’re the first guy that I can say is a true friend! I’ve been so fuck’en lonely till you came along.” As I sat down next to him and just listened, as he told me again how his dad keeps trying setting up dates with girls. I then told him how I wish I knew the best thing to do… come out to his dad, just keep quiet or maybe tell his mom. Oh well, it was just nice sitting there with him in the warm sun.

 Us sitting there behind that shed, there was nothing, just corn fields, as far as you could see. I mentioned that to Joey and that’s when he rolled over and sat on my lap. He smiled at me and was just looking into my eyes. I leaned forward and started to kiss him. We had a long deep kiss and Joey then slid himself back some and sat on my legs. He just smiled, winked at me and started to undo my short and pulled them down. He carefully pulled down my underwear and started right in, licking my soft cock.

 With-in a minute, I was hard and truly enjoyed the job he was doing on me! Lick the sides of my cock and then taking as much he could down his throat. Stopping now and then to just smile up at me and maybe then come up, give me a quick kiss or two and then back at it. Me holding that long blond hair of his in my hands as he took me in and out, it was all just awesome!

 He then stopped again, looked at me, winked again and jumped up. He kicked off his shoes, dropped his shorts, winked again while licking his fingers and rubbed the spit on his ass-hole. “Let’s do this Jon, I never have done it before but, I even dreamt of it last night” He said with a whisper. “We must lube up my cock too!” I told him. We then both then spat on my cock to lube it up some. Then with him standing over me, slowly sat down on my hard cock. Him just stared at me in the eyes and he slowly sat down on my cock further, with just a plane look on his face. “Oh, Jon” He called out, as I looked at his cute face and now his long hard cock now on my tummy.

 He slowly then worked himself up and down on my cock, him moaning and calling my name; “Jon you’re the first one that’s been in there, I love it.” He then sat all the way down on me, leaned forward and kissed me. The best part of course was the feeling of my cock way up in his virgin ass but, also his kiss and that nice hard young clean cock of his, on my chest. He then moved up and down a little faster and again started to kiss me again. I then quickly lost it, shooting a ton of my cum up his ass. “Joey, it was wonderful!” He then slowly lifted himself off me, licked the few remaining drops of cum off my cocks tip and smiled. 😊

 I then took his shoulders with my hands and rolled him over on to his back in the long grass. Pulled off his shirt and got started on that already rock-hard cock of his. That shy Joey always tastes so good, I only had worked on him a minute, when we both hear a long rumble of thunder off in the distance. We both looked across the massive corn-fields to the south-west and saw dark clouds of a storm. The sky got blacker and blacker and we could hear the thunder, now much louder. I did my best to get him done but, stopped and said; “This is all kind of kinky, isn’t it!” Joey just smiled and dropped his head back, so I went back to deep-throating his nice hard cock till he called out; “Jon, I think I really do love you! Your fucking awesome!” That’s when we heard another loud clap of thunder and at the same time he lost his load of cum into my mouth. It was all just totally wild!

 Just then we heard the rain drops starting on the sheds roof, so, we both jumped up and pulled our shorts up and ran for the truck. As we ran, we looked at one another, smiling and laughing, then with are shirts just in our hands we jumped in the truck and rolled up the windows. Joey then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Jon… I think… I’m in love with you.” He said with a huge smile on his face. As I started the truck, I carefully said; “We’ll half to talk about that Joey, for now, try not to think about it too much, OK?” I was not sure what to tell him next. 😐

 The bad storm then just dumped down on us as we drove out the driveway. As I drove along, I looked over at Joey, he was drying his arms with his t-shirt and looked up at me and again just smiled. I thought then that this boy is maybe getting to hooked on me, I’ve had bad luck with that in the past, once me in love with someone and lost them or the other way around. ☹ We will see. 😐

End of Part 2    

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