My Young Employee

Mature Content.
My cousin called and wanted me to take care of his lawn care business. He said there be a new guy there to help me.
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1. Part 1 – I Meet Joey

 Not long ago, in the summer when I was around 17. I was out of school and didn’t have much to do (and no money). My older cousin called and asked if I could take over his lawn care business, because he was getting married. He said it would be for just a few weeks.

 He then told me he just hired a 16-year-old boy to help me. He’ll trim around stuff and clean up while I mow the yards. (That’s what my cousin’s girlfriend often did) He said I’d get some of the money and give some to the boy. He also said that I’ll probably like the boy, he was “OK” but he’s not sure, do to he was so quiet.

 I rode with my cousin a week or so, just to see the homes and what to do. No big deal, most rich people are at work all day anyway. The last day the helper boy (Joey) came with us. He was “OK” but again very quiet. We will see, we were to start together next week.

 We met up Monday at my cousin’s garage. We loaded up stuff and I said stuff like; “Nice day” and “All should go well” He just looked at me and said; “Hope so” We stopped at the first house and got started, he did the trimming around the house while I mowed the lawn. I couldn’t help watching him as he rolled up his t-shirt sleeves, due to the hot day. I then was just hoping to get on his good-side.

 He had long light-colored, sort-of blond hair, that hangs down, covers half his face. It was even kind of green in spots. I did kid him about it and said; “You can only see half of what you’re doing” He didn’t say a thing and just looked down. So, then I came out and said; I’m just kidding and that is kind of kinky, sexy hair but it covers half that nice sexy face of yours”. He then looked up and smiled at me.

 After that we started to talk more, Joey seemed to like me better from then on. The rest of the day went pretty good. The best part was the short rides we took from house to house. Joey is fun to talk to when he does talk, it’s kind of job to get him to say anything sometimes. He did tell me he will be senior in high school next year.

 Later that week he told me his dad is making him go out with girls and how much he hates it. I then asked; “Do you like guys better? I mean, just to hang out with guys” He just giggles and said; “You right the first time, I do like guys better”. He slowly looked over at me, smiled and asked; “Do you”? I just sort of laughed and said; “If they all looked like you do, I sure would”! We both laughed. I was then just thinking about this good-looking boy next to me. Hard not to.

 We then got to our next house, an old empty place out in the country, with just one other house next-door. We got to work, I did the front yard & drove around back and there was Joey… Trimming around all the trees and stuff, with his shirt off. Still had his hat on backwards but, his skin white as chalk, other than his tan-red arms & legs. He’s a skinny tall dude and right now he’s all sweaty. Fuck, did that turn me on! 

 We finished that place up and then sat in the back-yard for lunch. We both had a soda and our bag lunch sitting on the ground in the shade, leaning on the mower. I teased him a little some about his white skin and then lifted my shirt up, showed him my tan abs. And said; “I keep tan out running with no shirt” I looked down and see him rubbing my abs. “Nice six-pack” he says. I just laugh; “Just as good as yours” He then said nothing and just kept rubbing my abs. I then looked around and pulled off my t-shirt, I didn’t say anything either.

 I drank some soda and he laid his head down in the grass next to me. Him still stroking my abs. I just kept looking at his long blond hair. Like always, this got me kind of horny. He stopped stroking my abs and rolled on to his back in the grass. With him now on his back, I could see his hard cock coming out of shorts. He turned a little red, then pushed it back in to his shorts. He then said; “Sorry about that, I got kind of hard”

 “Nothing wrong with that, let me show you” I grabbed his hand and set it on my shorts so he could feel the hard-on I was getting. He then jumped up and looked around and said; “Do you think we can do something here”?  I then said; “No but I know a better place, my cousin showed me a place to take a piss” We climbed up a hill in the backyard and you could see all around. All just farm land, corn fields and that one house next door.     

 There we were, both in just our shorts and shoes. Both hot and sweaty! (You know what I mean “hot”) We both sat down in the long grass. Joey said; “Just lay back, I’ll get us started” He undid my shorts and my hard cock just jumped out! He went right at it, licking the sides of my cock and playing with my balls with his hands. I just kept looking at that other house to see if someone was coming. I then stopped looking because I was ready to lose it and he still hadn’t yet put the tip of my cock in his mouth. I yelled; “Suck the tip” He just laughed; “If you want” He then took the tip (and the rest) into his mouth. Boy did that feel good! I looked down at him, he then pulled my cock out and smiled at me. (with pre-cum on his face) That’s when I lost it! He took my cock back in his mouth and sucked up the cum. He then again pulled my cock out, spread some of the cum on his face and put it back in to finished me off. I know he liked it by the way he would keep laughing or giggling as he sucked.

 Now it was his turn. I first kissed him and could taste the cum on his face, I next undid his shorts and found he was all clean shaven down there. I said; “Your clean as a baby down here” He just then said; “That’s OK, isn’t it?” I said; “Fuck ya!” Then I got started on him. I worked on his cock for quite some time, in and out and taking it in as deep-down my throat as I could. Boy, it tasted good too, the pre-cum came and then he loss it. He had cum and more cum. He sure did like it too, just by the way he went from quiet moaning to screaming out; “Yes, yes”!

 Boy, Joey & I were then both pooped out. Working all day and getting it on for our late lunch. After that we would get together in other places but always had fun to work, at that empty house!

 End of Part 1

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