The Girl in the Yellow Hoodie

This book is a work in progress and I'll try to update it as much as I can! --- Maddie Reyna is an art student who is flung into the world of the Doctor, a man where trouble always seems to follow him. Of course she doesn't immediately think he's sane until a squadron of Daleks begin coming for them.


1. Chapter 1

I sat down in my beanbag chair, I was in my lazy Sunday outfit; a pair of grey baggy joggers and my bright fluorescent yellow hoodie and my kinky black hair tied up in a half-assed bun. My laptop was resting as I blankly stared at my laptop. Ughhhhh...this midterm paper is NOT going to write itself. Why do I even need to write?This is an ART class. THIS IS STUDENT ABUSE! I sigh, annoyed at the fact that words aren't magically flowing themselves from my head. "That's it, i'm done. I'm procrastinating now, I hope mom wants a failure for a daughter." I say to no one in particular, I should've gotten a roommate. I'm 1000% percent that this living-like-a-hermit thing is making me crazy. I close my laptop and set it on my night table. "Well, I don't have money for pizza...guess instant noodles for breakfast again." Okay, Mads, I know that we're going crazy, but we need to stop talking to ourselves." Yep. That was definitely my brain. I am officially 1000% crazy-nutso-bonkers.

I walk into my small "Kitchen", grabbing my plastic bowl. The one I stole from my high-school graduation party (Sorry mom). Thou trusty bowl has fed me many a Ramen noodle meals. I turn on the tap and fill my bowl up halfway, effectively burning my hands with hot plastic. "OUCH!SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS!" I dropped the bowl and now my kitchen is wet with my sad attempt at Adulting. "Okay then, I guess i'll just go to sleep and stay there until the landlord finds my rotting corpse in my yellow hoodie." I crawl under the covers and grab my laptop. Since when has anyone actually said they're going to sleep and they go to SLEEP? I go onto my favorite site to troll: Is Time Travel Real? I guess it'd be a cool idea, but some of these theories are so crazy they make me seem like i'm sane. Like, there's this guy saying a professor in England is a time travelling alien, pfft. I click on the link of this really horrible quality video. And of course it's filmed vertically. Does this guy really think we're this stupid? Yes TimeTheorist1337, i'm on you. I type on the YouTube video: "Wow, really? Do the world a favor and stop shaking the camera, also, end vertical filming." I shrug and go onto my FriendSpace, the one place where I actually have more friends than I do in real life. I start chatting with this one girl who, i'm almost 99.99% sure is my identical twin. As i'm typing I hear a weird..noise, it's kind of like gears grinding together? I say a quick goodbye and close my laptop, putting it aside. What in the world was that? I stand up and put on my glasses, walking over to my window. It's pouring rain and humid as hell, my hair frizzes up more than it was before. I see a man walk out of an alleyway. Okay, either he just murdered someone or is a VERY well-dressed homeless person. Does he like, murder people with gears? Was that the noise? He's tall and has insane grey hair almost like a mad scientist's. I may be going against all the times I told stupid horror movie teens to not go into that basement...i'm curious.

I brush my hair neatly (or as neatly as I can get it) and pull my hood over my head. I slip on my cheap knock off Nike sandals and walk down the stairs which have turned dark grey from the rain coming in. The smell of rain and Florida is overpowering but I keep walking down until I get into the soggy grass. Ewww. I peek behind my building and I see the man though he doesn't seem to notice me. Or unless that's what he wants me to think. Am I crazy for doing this? Probably..most definitely. I begin walking slowly, and then, cue the world's way of screwing me over. I hear a loud scrape of pavement and I feel myself fall into the wet grass. Rain is dripping onto my glasses and I feel drops running down my face. I want to die now. Man with crazy hair take me. End my miserable existence. I hear footsteps coming over to me, I began sitting up and I put my glasses down. "Please don't kill me!" I cried, not really thinking. I mean, have you SEEN some the headlines that Florida gets? "Get up you Pudding brain," a thick accent cuts me off. "Huh?" I look up, the crazy haired man. Yeah, woulda guessed he heard the sound of a girl almost faceplanting into a patch of wet grass. Now that I get a good look at him I notice he's got really cold blueish-grey eyes and in the words of my friend on Friendspace 'His eyebrows thicc' I clumsily stand up. "Pudding brain, that an insult because it sounds like something after Midterm finals?" He raises an eyebrow in annoyance. "Great, a student, a college student. Now she can just ramble on about dried wheat flour and how she wants to 'ironically' drink bleach." I mean, he's not...wrong. But, on behalf of all college students, douche move. "Um, i'm sorry? I really don't know who you are..but, did you like, murder someone with gears?" He looked at me, almost amused, though I could tell how annoying I was to him. "Really?That's the most logical human thought that comes into your mind? Of course it is! All you humans are border-lining extinct. No wonder. your process of elimination is erratic." Okay, why is this dude roasting me like the late and great "Huh challenge"? "Okay, listen eyebrows," I jab an accusatory finger at his face. "I mean, I know we're eating Tide Pods and that so many of us did the Kylie Lip challenge but..SOME of us are smart!--wait why'd you say humans? Are you like, a weird Tumblr -kin or something? Like a Shadow-kin or a Fox-kin?" He looks at me as if i'm speaking Japanese. "Well, let's just say..your earth is about to be invaded by little salt shakers named Daleks? Dumb enough for you,Highlighter?" "Garlics?" "Daleks, it's a really simple thing to say." I sigh, might as well play along with this obvious LARPer. "Um sure, okay, Daleks. How do we stop them?" "Well, unless we can some how get the little Kaled that's in there and do that at a massed rate." As he spoke he sounded very intelligent, which, I guess was just a little Weird. Definitely weird. A blast of blue light shot past us. Um. What. THE. FUDGE? I see these large colorful Salt-shaker looking robots and they begin saying: "GET THE DOCTOR." and "EXTERMINATE." Okay, so maybe this guy..isn't crazy? He grabs my wrist tightly and runs away, closely dodging the blue beams of energy getting shot at us. "We have to get to my TARDIS!" At this point i'd let him take me to a damn Chipotle just to get away from these things. He pulls me quickly into the alleyway and a large blue box is in there,black trashbags clumped around it. "Come on." He pulls me in and I nearly fall onto my face as he lets go of me to shut the doors. Whoa.

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