Thoughts -Movellas talent show audition

Is my life a joke? Or is it just a messed up gift? All I know is,

My poetry describes it all.


2. Why him

The day after I got caught texting Mark, my mom and I had our “talk” as promised. Now when I say “talk” I really mean an hour of my mother yelling at me telling me what a disappointment I am. The conversation usually ends with me being grounded, and all because of a stupid boy. Speaking of Mark, I don’t even know why I like him. He’s annoying, self-centered, and brags ALL THE TIME! For example, one day we were sitting next to each other in English. I wanted to start a conversation with him.

“Uhh I suck at vocab. I just can never memorize the words.” I said truly annoyed.

“I’m pretty good at vocab...” he exclaims with an I don’t care attitude.

            So far, he seems like a normal guy talking in a normal conversation, but just wait. Before I could throw out another topic to talk about, he interrupts me.

“Lucky I...”

“I also am really good at building rockets, I want to do it for a living when I grow up. Here look at this model.”

            He shoves his computer in my direction. On the computer screen is a model of a rocket that apparently NASA was currently working on according to the logo in the top right-hand corner. There is no way anyone who wasn’t an expert could build that. It’s cool he’s into this kind of stuff.

“Wow that looks really cool and impossible to build.” I say sounding super interested.

“It’s not that hard I could build that easy. All I need is for my dad to lend me some parts.” He boasts.

            And there it is. There is no way he could build that thing. While I’m slightly listening to the bullshit coming out of his mouth, I’m contemplating on why I do like him. Well I like him because he always makes me laugh, even though ninety percent of his jokes are disgusting and inappropriate. I also like him because of how smart and talented he is, well except for when he goes too far bragging about his achievements. Finally, I like him because he flirts back... Don’t judge me okay. Then again, he could just be leading me on. Wow now that I think about every example I’ve given I listed a negative right after. Uhhh Why him?


Why Him:

Why do I like him?

The one who brags and clearly loves himself,

And lets you know he’s better than everyone else.

The one who thinks he’s all that,

And when something is boring he acts like a brat.

Acts like an expert just with a glance,

Then looks like a fool for taking a chance.

Saying that he is such a good kid,

Now these are some feelings I shouldn’t let in.

I shouldn’t like hearing is laugh with his dumb smile,

Or running my hand through his hair that makes me go wild.

I shouldn’t be flirting and working my charm,

Or liking the fact that I’m up to his arm.

Why do I like him?

It feels like a sin.

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