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Is my life a joke? Or is it just a messed up gift? All I know is,

My poetry describes it all.


6. Truth

Chapter 6: Truth

            It’s been over a year now since Mark and I have separated and let me tell you my life is better that ever. I’ll be going to college soon and that will be a whole different life experience for me. But of course, I think about what my life would be like if Mark and I were still together. One thing I’ve wondered walking through the hallways is if most of the couples are happy. Or even if their other girls and guys who were in my same situation and they don’t even know it. Some are easy to tell that they truly love each other, others are predictable. One day I walked past this couple at a restaurant on a date. The guy looked nervous I for sure though he was going to dump her. But then something surprising happened.

“Will you marry me?!” he said quickly.

            It’s moments like this that remind me that love isn’t completely stupid. But who knows he could turn around run away with another girl. I guess we’ll never know, because the “truth” might not really be the truth. People aren’t who they say they are, everyone has their secrets. A week ago I had a conversation with my mom about her experiences.

“One thing you should know is that, no matter how hard you try to make a man understand you it will never happen.” She said with a smile on her face.

“So, even if you are up front and tell them exactly what you want they still won’t know you want it?” I question.


            There was a long stretch of silence until I asked her one final question.

“Mom how do you know if someone is telling the truth?”

“Well, first you have to be able to trust them. Then after you get to know them it’s pretty easy to tell when they are lying. For example, I know when you’re lying because your birthmark on your forehead lights up and you swallow a lot.”

“Huh.” Was all I could say.

            Thinking about it kind of scared me. If my mom knows when I’m lying why have I gotten away with so much. Whatever. I use my mom’s advice and test this advice. The next day I went around asking people questions I already knew the answer to. If they lied I would know and then would look at the signs.

“Kate, is it true that you and Zeke made out at that party last weekend?” I questioned.

“No of course not. Why who told you? What are people saying?” she said quickly.

            She was lying. I witnessed the make out session, disgusting. When Kate lies she talks quickly and starts to sweat at the top of her forehead. Huh, I could have some fun with this. So this just goes to show that I might not know what is true but I can figure it out.


Will you ever know what is true and what’s not?

Like when certain parents with twisted minds say “I love you a lot.”

Or when you do something wrong and someone tells you it’s alright.

But all you can do is think about it all night.

Do you have a best friend forever?

Well for all you know they could be saying never.

Do we really know the truth? Do we?

Cause for all we know truth could never be!

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