Thoughts -Movellas talent show audition

Is my life a joke? Or is it just a messed up gift? All I know is,

My poetry describes it all.


1. Emotion war

In my family, there were six members. First, we had Ena, my 6-year old sister who gets everything she wants. Second, is Kaila, a bratty 11-year old who is obsessed with making random concoctions out of lotion and maybe even food. Third, we have Selena, my sister who is in my grade but older than me who is obsessed with, “Reputation” or, “Looks.” Fourth, is my mom and dad, who always find something wrong with me, and even if I do what they ask, I am still doing wrong.


Then there is me. Alex, a freshman in high school with hopes and dreams.


            Most people would say I try too hard to please others. Frankly, they aren’t the slightest bit wrong. When Kaila would act like a brat and not do her chores, what would I do? I would do them for her although I wanted to scream and rip her long greasy black hair out.

            The difference is, I am me. Me as a person doesn’t usually cooperate as well verbally as I do in my mind. My mind is shouting, and begging to release its true thought when I am at my worst. 

“What are you doing?!” My mom shouted, causing me to shake a bit. I was in the closet on my phone texting a boy. Not just any boy – my crush.

“I was…” I paused, coming up with an excuse – a lie, “I was texting Melissa.” I lied.

“Oh? Texting Melissa in a closet at 3am in the morning?” She questioned. Before I could answer with another lie, she snatched my phone out of my hand.

            A guilt slipped around in my stomach. Her eyes widened as she read the messages between me, and him.

“You’re definitely flirting with Melissa at 3am? This is labeled as Mark.”

“I can explain –“

“Go to bed and we will have a talk tomorrow.”


            I began to cry. Not because I was caught in a stupid lie. Not because my mother yelled at me. Not because she accused me of flirting with Melissa.


I cried because I felt disappointed in myself.


The start of an emotion war.


Emotion war:

We all feel sadness, dread, and sorrow.

But some people are better at hiding it.

In that category, I’m an expert.

But if I’m truly human, I won’t be able to hold on forever!

I explode like an emotional war.

I know I’m only 14, but I’ve been through hardships.

My mother leaving, drinking taking over my dad.

Some people are good at hiding emotions, but not me…not forever!

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