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Is my life a joke? Or is it just a messed up gift? All I know is,

My poetry describes it all.


5. Boyfriends

Chapter 5: Boyfriends

            After that emotional experience I swore often dating for I don’t know how long. It honestly made me realize how much easier life was without a boyfriend. I could focus on school, sports, my other hobbies. There were times that I was maybe a little too salty about situations involving guys. For example, one-day Melissa and I were walk to History and she said,

“I really wish I had a boyfriend.”

            I jumped in real quick.

“No, you don’t. Guys are stupid at this age wait till they’re more mature and less likely to break your heart to a million pieces.” I said speeding up my words.

“Alex, you had one bad relationship. Not all guys are like that.” She said with sass.

            Ok, maybe I overreacted but still I think she should wait. A sweet girl like her could be taken advantage of. Another thing I noticed is a lot of couples. Every hallway I walk down every class I have. They’re there, and it makes me irritated. One day I asked to go to the bathroom. My day was going great until I turned the corner. And who did I happen to bump into then none other than Mark freaking Johnson. He looked at me and began to say something until I cut him short.

“Hey listen I...”


“What?” he said confused.

“Give me a bullshit apology. Saying that she made the moves not you... or here’s my favorite one... it just happened.” I said imitating his voice.

            He just stood there speechless trying to find words. I kept going.

“Did you even like me because now that I think about you were a terrible person to me?”

            I saw the hurt in his eyes and I decided to let him speak.

“Of course, I liked you I wasn’t a complete fuckboy.”

            After that I started to walk back to my class deciding I didn’t need to go to the bathroom anymore. Mark stopped me.

“Alex, I really am sorry. It’s the worst mistake I’ve ever made. I’m sorry.” He said with sadness in his eyes.

            I walked away.


If you want a boyfriend, make sure he’s not these things

Happy one minute, then not treating you as a human being.

Complains about you and you don’t fret,

Bit when you do the same he gets upset.

When you talk to a guy you’re supposedly cheating.

Cause your just his property and not a human being.

And when you dump him he spreads rumors

Cause he is one big butt hurt loser.

No names will be named so let’s call him Sam,

 Am I done with him? Hell, yea I am!

a/n: Sorry I know this one is short! Comment your THOUGHTS!



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