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Is my life a joke? Or is it just a messed up gift? All I know is,

My poetry describes it all.


4. Backstab

Chapter 4: Backstab

            It has been 3 months since Mark asked me to be his girlfriend. It was fun at first. He would do sweet things for me like give me chocolates out of nowhere and when I asked him why he would say,

“Just because you’re you.” Shining his big, bright smile.

            He was so sweet and always put a smile on my face. Every day after school he gives me a small kiss goodbye. Then I go home and immediately I get a text from him that says,

“I miss you! Facetime?”

            So then instead of doing my homework we Facetime each other until midnight. We’ve been on four dates. Our first date was your stereotypical first date, dinner and a movie. We ate a light dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings because we still wanted to eat at the movie theater. The movie we were planning on watching was the new romance Every Day. It was great, mostly because we held hands the whole time. In the middle of the most romantic scene I noticed him looking at me with the corner of my eye. He looked slightly depressed. That was the first sign of his true character, but I ignored it. Blaming it on the movie. At the end of the night he walked me to my front door.

“Thanks for everything. I had a lot of fun tonight.” I said overly perky.

“Oh, course anything for my girl.”

            He kissed me goodnight. But that was only the beginning. Soon after three months of dating he started to seem to avoid me. He stops kissing me goodbye and never answered my Facetime request. For a while I just ignored it. Until one day when I came to his house to surprise him with an early birthday present since his birthday was in two days. I rang the doorbell and stood outside waiting for a couple minutes. Then the front door opened to reveal his mom.

“Oh, Alex hi! It’s good to see you Mark is upstairs you can head on up.”

“Thanks Mrs. Johnson!”

            I ran up the stairs, two at a time. I finally got right outside his bedroom door about to knock. I’m about to place my knuckles on the door until I hear a girl’s playful giggle. No way! He couldn’t have. Fuck knocking, I push open the door to see a girl by the name of Macey Flanigan also known as one of my best friends sitting on Marks lap. I can’t believe my eyes. I don’t want them to see me cry so I throw Mark’s gift at his stupid face and shout,

“YOU ASSHOLES!” and ran out of the house.

That was the last time I ever talked to Mark or Macey because I have no reason to talk to two backstabbers.


I thought you were my friend

Together till the end

Then I broke up with “him”

The rumors would never end

IT started with that I was cheating

When will this end

My wish came true it did

Then I find out your dating “him”

I’m mad of course can you blame me

Talking behind my back like I can’t see

You’re truly a BACKSTABBING bitch who cares about yourself

The rumors haven’t ended but something else has

Our friendship

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