Magic In The Air

Narci and her brother are in their mother's Academy Of Magic Excellency. Then one day, a guy and his gang of kids broke into the school. The kids of the Academy Of Magic Excellency panicked. What were they going to do?


1. 1

Narci was in her room pacing back and forth. She thought What am I going to do? If I fail the magic test tomorrow, Father will be mad. Narci plopped down on her bed. She went to the garage to practice. She tried to think about one thing and only one thing. She was thinking about turning into a puppy. Since she could turn into animals, she was a Shifter but she was just a beginner so she could only do beginner animals. Narci shifted into a puppy. She tried to keep control of her human mind but she couldn’t. Puppy-Narci thought Ooooh! I want to eat this and that! Girl-Narci thought No! Stay in control or you’ll fail the test tomorrow! Something flew past the window and that popped Narci back into a human. She thought Was that a bird? EEEEEEEK! It is a bird! I hate them!!! Narci pulled a bed sheet she found over her head.

    Her older brother, Thorn, came into the garage and pulled off the bed sheet from Narci’s head and asked, “What are you doing under that bed sheet? Aren’t you supposed to be practicing for your test tomorrow to get into Mother’s Academy of Magic Excellency?”

    Narci sighed, nodded, and stared at the bird perched at the window and shivered. Thorn followed her gaze and laughed.

    He said, “Come on. It’s just a bird. And I’m here so you don’t need to be afraid.”

    Narci looked up at him gratefully. She didn’t know what she could do without him. Thorn sat down and told her to show him her shifting. Narci relaxed because her brother was here to comfort her. After a few hours of training, Thorn nodded his approval of her work and left the garage. Narci was excited to go to the big test tomorrow. She just couldn’t wait! Unless her brother was there, she could do great!



    Narci was getting ready to go to the Academy of Magic Excellency to take her test. She jumped up and down in excitement. Thorn came in and told her to come downstairs. Their father was freezing an ice-cream sundae for his shop that would open later on. Their father was a Freezer, a typical magic category like Shifter. Their mother came into the room, looking as tired as ever.

    She said sleepily, “There’s so much work to do. I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance, Narci.”

    She yawned all the way to the door and left the house. Narci felt queasy because she knew that she had to show her magic to the five members of the school council, including her mom.

Narci said, “Dad, I’m just gonna grab a granola bar, a bag of chips, and a can of soda. I don’t feel great so I’m going to go take a long walk to the Academy of Magic Excellency.”

    Her father said, “Ok, Narci. Whatever makes you feel better.”

    Narci walked along the path, biting her granola bar every now and then. She sighed. She stared ahead and saw the back of the Academy of Magic Excellency. Narci finished her granola bar and opened her can of soda and chugged it. She was nervous.

    Behind her, a voice shouted, “Hey! Wait up, Narci!”

    Narci turned around and saw her brother, Thorn, running to catch up with her.

    Narci asked, “Why are you here? I thought you had to go to your part-time job.”

    Thorn replied, “It turns out the manager found out that there was a spot for him in the annual Hexball game. So he told us we had today off so I caught up with you.”

    Narci asked, “What is Hexball?”

    Thorn replied, “How could you not know what Hexball is?! Oh, whatever. Hexball is a game like football but they get to hex people instead of tackling them.”

    Narci nodded and heard her mom shout, “Narci! Come on! I was looking for you! You better hurry up! Auditions are about to start!”

    Narci and Thorn ran up to the front entrance and Thorn said to Narci, “Good luck! Remember what I told you yesterday! Be yourself, have fun, and try hard!”

    With that, Thorn ran away to the corner store to buy a ham and turkey sandwich for Narci after she was done auditioning. This was it. It was her time to go in.

    Narci went in and her mom led her to the gym. Her mom told her to try her best. They went into the gym and the room was glistening and clean. Narci looked around and she had seen many rooms in this school before but not any of them were like this. Her gaze then shifted to the judge’s table. She sighed. She would have to go through all the procedures soon.

    A man with round glasses and a bald head told Narci to step up to the table. She did as she was told.

    The man said, “We will start with freezing this glass of water.”

    Narci thought Well, this must be the freezer test, obviously as she shook her head and they put marks down in their clipboards and moved on.

    The woman sitting next to the man had red tips and said, “We’ll move on to the next category. This next category will require you to speak to the animals and tell us what they say.”

    Narci’s mom snapped her fingers and a shy looking horse came trotting out from behind the curtains. Narci thought This must be the Speaker test and she simply shook her head again and they moved on to the next category while the shy horse quickly trotted back behind the curtains.

  Another man sitting next to that woman looked familiar to Narci. She stared at him and realized that the man was her friend’s dad.

    She smiled and he simply just glared at her. Her smile faded.

    The man said, “Please open the box and turn the object inside it invisible.”

    Narci picked up the box and opened it. It was a mouse. She thought Well, this is the Seer test, then. I wonder why they call people who turns things invisible a Seer. Narci shook her head no again. The judges put marks down in their clipboards again and put notes as well. Narci looked down because she didn’t know what happened. She stared into the box and was amazed. The mouse had turned invisible.

    Narci spoke up, “I don’t know why this mouse turned invisible. I’m supposed to be a Shifter.”

    The judges took notes and asked her to show them her shifting. Narci’s mom told her to shift into a Labrador Retriever since that was what Narci was practicing. Narci did as she was told. She shifted into a perfect Labrador Retriever. The judges quickly wrote down notes and marked down grades. The judges then turned to each other and spoke in a whisper.

    Narci’s mom then turned to Narci and said, “Your access has been accepted but you are going to be put into the Duo classes which is a class with a very few people because Duos are very rare. Duos are people who have two talents for magic and they can succeed faster and easier than any other person who s nt a Duo. Please exit the gym.”

    Narci exited the gym and looked amazed. She would have to take double talent classes! Narci jumped up and down in excitement. She looked up and noticed her brother sitting on a bench. He looked up.

    He said, “How’d it go? Did you get accepted like I did?”

    Narci replied excitedly, “Yeah, I did! I just discovered I had two talents!”

    Thorn looked at her in amazement.

    He said, “You know what that means, do you?”

    Narci said, “Not exactly,” as she scratched her head, thinking.

    Thorn said, “You can skip classes if you are really good and get an early job and goodness gracious what!”

    Narci yawned and Thorn gave her an energy drink and her sandwich he bought before. They walked home together following the long line of children who were waiting to be auditioned to the Academy of Magic Excellency. Thorn patted Narci on the back and they slowly walked home.  


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