Bucky Barnes teaches Jane Foster how a man should act on a date.
(clean and sweet)


1. The meeting

     Jane was carrying groceries from her car up to her apartment, her mind on Thor and how she had not heard from him since last year... a year to the day to be exact. She walked over and grabbed another bag, but it ripped, and the glass bottle of milk almost hit the ground when someone snatched it out of the air "Whoa! You almost lost this" A voice said. She looked up to see a handsome man holding the milk in his gloved hand . He smiled at her "You need some help?" Jane smiled back "Ya, that would be wonderful."

 They walked into her apartment together, He held a case of water in his left hand and some bags in the other. "You have a nice place." He said looking around her cluttered yet cute 1 bedroom apartment, Jane sighed "Thanks, I have been busy and have had no time to clean." The man walked over and set the bags down and started t unload them, Jane looked over "You don't have to do that." she laughed 

"It's fine, I don't mind. So, you live here all alone?" He asked  " Well my intern is over a lot, but ya its just me." She replied  He looked at all the scattered papers "I see you work a lot."  She forced a smile "It keeps my mind off things." 

"Things like what?.... umm" he stopped himself "I didn't mean to pry." 

"It's ok . It's just my boyfriend I haven't heard from a year." She trailed off at the end but he caught what she had said. "A year? He has not talked to you in a year?" he said

"No, but he lives far away." she faked a smile.

"Doesn't  matter he should call you." he said in a sweetly concerned voice. "He doesn't have a phone"Jane tried to get off the subject  "Then he should write you." He said sternly  "Like a letter?" She questioned . He nodded "People hardly email let alone send a letter to someone."Jane laughed. 

"Well it's not right to let a woman wait like that." he said kindly
"why do you care?"She questioned
"I don't know, its just a man should not do that to someone that assumes she is his girlfriend." He said
"ASSUMES? I am his girlfriend" Jane snapped 
"Sorry its just a woman like you should not be treated like a doormat , your to pretty to be a rug" he said sweetly 
"Pretty?" She was stunned at this man " You sur are being pushy"
  He shook his head "I don't mean to come off flirtatious , but This so called boyfriend is not treating you the way a women should be treated "
"Well, he has a lot on his mind right now " Jane shook it off 
The man sighed and put away more of her groceries.
" You want to go out to eat?" He asked
Jane laughed "we don't even know each other! And I just bought food."
"Food, you call this a dinner?" Pulls out a jar "what even is this?" Jane looked at it " cookie butter." She said embarrassed .
"Cookie butter... what will they think of next?" He laughed 

" By the way my name is Bucky." He smiled  " I'm Jane" she said 
"Well now that we are not strangers I'm going to take you out to dinner." Bucky stated

Jane looked at him "I just told you I have a boyfriend. " 
"I know, we will go out as just friends." Bucky assured  her. "Ok just as friends." Jane said "let me get my coat." 
Bucky stopped her "No, I'll go change and pick you up in an hour." Jane looked at him, he continued  "You need a real meal, you get ready and I'll come back " he smiled "where are we going I need to know what I should wear?"Jane asked  "that restaurant  on Main Street the one with the piano." He replied 
Jane laughed "That's like really fancy, I thought we were going out as fiends." "We are, I promise. I'll came for you in an hour." 

Bucky putt the last of the food away and then started to walk away to the door, but stopped and turned "I only have my motorcycle right now, if you don't want to take that I'll get us a cab?" He asked Jane smiled "Never been on one but I'll give it a try" 
"Ok. I'll take the back roads so it's slower." Bucky smiled and turned and walked out the door.

Jane could not stop smiling as she got ready for her "just friends "date.

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