Bucky Barnes teaches Jane Foster how a man should act on a date.
(clean and sweet)


2. The date

    Jane put on a lacy black dress some make up, and exactly an hour since he left her apartment She heard a knock on the door.  her curling iron in hand, she jumped at the sound of the door and she sightly burned her neck  "Crap! One Second" she hollered out.

She walked over to the door and smiled at Bucky, he looked fantastic.  

"You clean up nice." She laughed 

" You look stunning" He said looking infatuated by her beauty 

"Remember we are going as friends." She smiled .

 He smiled back "Of cores." , He spotted the slightly red spot on her neck "Oh my, doll did you burn yourself?" Bucky said sweetly 

"Oh , yeah , no biggy." She reassured him. He gleamed with excitement "Ready to go?"

"Yep, all ready." Jane said. They walked down and out of her apartment and he went over to the bike. 

"Here you go." He handed her a helmet. Jane put it on and sat on the back of the motorcycle.

 "This thing doesn't seem trust worthy." She said a tad worried 

Bucky looked back at her "I wont let you fall." He said  

She held his wast and he started the bike and drove slow and through the back roads so not to scare her. They came upon the restaurant. Bucky got off and helped Jane to the ground. 

She smiled " That was not that bad." 

"I told you, I wasn't going to let you fall." He unhooked her helmet and she quickly fixed her hair 

Bucky put his hand on the small of her back and led her into the fancy waiting room " Hello. what name is Your reservation under?" the hostess said 

"Barnes." He smiled his hand still holding Jane.

They were taken to a table and Bucky pulled out Jane's chair before taking his seat.  Jane stared at him as the hostess walked away to get them some water. "Are you ok?" Bucky asked her.

"I'm wonderful, It's just.. you pulled my chair out for me." she said almost in a question

"Yes?" Buck looked at her confused 

"No one has ever done that for me." she said 

  "Well, they should."  He smiled and picked up the menu. 

She glanced down at hers and could not wrap her mind around this man. 

The piano played in the background  as they sipped their water waiting for the waitress.

"So, Jane." She looked up at him.  "What kind of dates have you been on?" 

She looked at him stunned by the question but answered anyway. "Ummm... well like guys might take me to the movies or mini golf, something like that never anything this fancy ." 

Bucky shook his head "That's not a date, I'm going to teach you how a man should act." He smiled

Jane smiled back intrigued by this attitude "Ok." she said.

"First off," He started " Do you remember how we got to our table ?" 

" Of cores ," she laughed "We fallowed the waitress."

" No, " Bucky stopped her " I led you,  you fallowed me not the waitress, a gentleman should lead his women in the right direction."

Jane  smiled " Your very old fashioned" 

Bucky laughed  "No, I'm wise. You are like gold and  man should treat you as such. "

 Jane couldn't believe this, she was in awe. This man was so right.

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