Bucky Barnes teaches Jane Foster how a man should act on a date.
(clean and sweet)


3. The dance

  Jane smiled at Bucky, this man is insane. She thought to herself.

   All of a sudden the piano  changed to an organ and she closed her eyes she knew from just a few seconds into the song what it was.

Her eyes were still closed as she listened to the beginning of " A Whiter Shade Of Pale".

Bucky was about to say something when he saw her swaying to the music.

He smiled and got up from his seat. "Would you like to dance?" He said holding out his hand.

Jane opened her eyes and blushed " I don't normally dance... " she stopped and looked into his breath taking eyes " you know what, sure."

He led her to the middle of the dance floor. She was about to put both her arms around the his neck when he shook his head and and held one of her hands and put one on her back. And pulled her into a gentle sway.

Jane relaxed in his rythen and just let him take control of the dance.

She smiled and and started to lean her head on his shoulder.

This man was un-real  it's like he came out of a fairytale.

She said quietly "I never believed  their were men like you."

Bucky smiled "You have to start expected  more out of  them." He said gently then whispered in her ear " spin."

And she spun out and returned to him and he rocked her back and forth.

She was so calm and at ease in his arms.

As the song ended he spun her once more, and dipped her slowly.

She felt so amazing!

She felt ... Like Gold.

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