First Time Ever (Sebastian Stan X reader)

You just got a call back for the movie you aditioned for, Avenger 3. Now it's time for the Table Read. You find out your playing Bucky's love interest and soon Sebastian's too!!
(Reader POV)
Clean fun love/frendship
No copyright intended


2. Read All About It

I sat there waiting for my line to come up my eyes darting from celebrity to celebrity as they read from the script. Finally it can to me to read off the page "H...h.. hi, Mr. Stark I... i.." I was stuttering on my first line!! I felt so awful. I felt like running, I felt giving up on this dream. I just wanted to go home.
But then a hand touched mine, I looked up to see Sebastian holding my hand, he quietly said so only I could hear "Slow down. Your ok." He lightly smiled his hand still on mine. I took a deep breath and tryed again "Hi Mr. Stark, I have those files you asked for." I felt his hand pat mine and then let go. I looked over and mouthed the words,"thank you"
He smiled and we continued the scene.

We were far from done but it was time for a break, we all got up from the large table and walked to where the lunch had been delivered.

I got a plate of food and then looked for somewhere to sit, I felt like a little girl in the school cafeteria with only seats available at the "cool tables".

When all of a sudden I heard my name, I looked around the room to see Sebastian waving me over to the table
HE knows my name?!?! I thought
I looked at him and pointed to myself in confusion.
His head flue back as he laughed and the nodded at me "yes, you." He giggled.

I walked over and set acrossted from him.

"So, (Y/N) I was just telling Chris .... and Chris how my first Table Read went." He said

I smiled "better then mine, I'm sure." I stared in his stunning blue eyes getting lost in them until he blinked.

"No, you did great!" Sebastian grinned

"Thanks again for heping me." He nodded and went back to the story he was telling.
I sat there integrated by every word.
At the end of lunch he looked at me "It looks like we are in a ton of scenes together, so if you ever want to practice we can meet up. Here is my number." He jotted it down on a napkin and handed it to me.
I smiled "thank you, I'll be taking you up on that offer."

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