First Time Ever (Sebastian Stan X reader)

You just got a call back for the movie you aditioned for, Avenger 3. Now it's time for the Table Read. You find out your playing Bucky's love interest and soon Sebastian's too!!
(Reader POV)
Clean fun love/frendship
No copyright intended


3. By The Time This Night Is Over

After a few months of filming on a set  they decided to have us flown off to another location. 

I sat next to Sebastian. We had gotten very close over the last 4 months. I had become part of the Avengers  family just like he said I would. I was no longer intimidated by the actors/actresses they were my friends now.

   I listened to some music on the plane. My eyes became heavy as I listened to Kenny G  I slowly leaned my head on my shoulder and breathed deeply I did not know it but my head had slipped from my shoulder to Sebastian's. He smiled and put his head on top of mine his ear agenst my earphones and fell asleep listening to Kenny's G's "by the time this night is over "

I woke to sound of muffled laughing my earphones still on, I tryed to sit up but felt somthing heavy laying on my head I looked over to see Robert Downey Jr looking down on me and Sebastian "Come on love birds." he said hitting him  with a magazine. I tuned red as red could ever be when Sebastian  lifted his head off mine and rubbed his eye and I figured out I fell asleep on him.
"I'm SO sorry" I pleaded " It's just Kenny G always makes me sleepy and..." he cut me off with his adorable groggy laugh. "It's fine, I haven't heard that song in forever and then I fell asleep too." He started to blush.

  I was starting to fall for this man I knew he would never be interested in me but, it was fun to dream. 

It was 3am when we finally got to the hotel I went to my room and flopped on my bed my neck hurt because of the "awkward nap"... I laughed as I thought about that moment.

  Sebastian peeked in my room, my door was still open. He smiled "You going to bed? Cuz some of us are going to hang out in the lobby maybe play some cards." 

I was never too tiered for a party and I brought my favorite card game so I shot up "nope I'll be there!" I said and smiled as he shut my door.

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