First Time Ever (Sebastian Stan X reader)

You just got a call back for the movie you aditioned for, Avenger 3. Now it's time for the Table Read. You find out your playing Bucky's love interest and soon Sebastian's too!!
(Reader POV)
Clean fun love/frendship
No copyright intended


5. As Long As Your Mine

I sat with Sebastian trying to calm down after the email. I turned pale when I read the word "kiss".

I talked with him for a while until he finally stopped my rambling.
"(Y/N) , slow down. What's wrong?" I shook my head "Nothing." Was my response.

He could read me like a book and at times I hated it.

Sebastian sighed "Ok, you don't have to tell me."
I smiled and we continued to talk until it was around 10:00 and then it was time to go to the set.

I was in my dressing room try to think what to do about the next scene. How was I supposed to do this, I had never EVER been kissed before and this was going to be it, and with my new friend who I had a massive crush on.

Should I tell Sebastian? Would he laugh at me? Would he think I was pathetic?

I thought about it over and over I felt like a idiot. I had to get my mind off of it.

I shuffled through the music on my phone it landed on "As Long As Your Mine " from my favorite musical Wicked.

I smiled and started dancing around the room and singing,
"Kiss me to fersly, hold to tight I need help believing your with my tonight"
I was no Idina Manzel. And I knew it, but I loved this song.and so I sang it out loud and strong.

"My wildest dreaming could not forsee lying beside you with you wanting me."

I flung myself through the room my hair flue all around as I danced.

Unknown to me there was a crack in the door and my off key voice filled the hallway.

Sebastian smiled at the sound of the Brodway song and fallowed the sound of my voice.

He walked over and leaned on the door frame watching me dancing.

"As Long as you mine."
As I was ending the first virus I spun and spotted him smiling at me as he sang the second part "Maybe I'm brainless maybe I'm wise, but you've got me seeing through diferent eyes."

I blushed as he slowly walked toward me and cuntinued "Some how I've fallen under your spell and somehow I'm feeling it's UP that I fell!" His voice did not hit the high note but it still sounded good.

Then I couldn't believe but I felt myself sing the next part together with him.

"Every moment as long my mine I'll wake up my body and make up for lost time."

Ha grabed me and we started slow dancing as we sang.

He spun me and dipped me. "Say there is no feature for us as a pair, I know I may know I don't care."

The song came to the last line " AS LONG AS YOUR MINE!!"

Sebastian and I looked into each others eye as the song ended.
I started to turn to shut off the song when he pulled me back in his arms and started the ending diolog from the musical.

"What is it?" He said Fiaro's line
I looked cunfused and then remembered what Elphaba's part was
" its just.. for the first time I feel..." I whispered "wicked."

Sebastian smiled big lines apereed in the corners of his eyes.
We both laughed

He ran his hands through his hair as though he was nervous.

"It's time for our scene" Sebastian said

I sighed "I have to tell you something." 

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