My Best Friend's Brother - Loucel

Louis Tomlinson has four best friends. Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. The five of them have been inseparable since they were 9 years old. Now they are 17 and in their second year of college. 4 of the 5 are happily out as gay. Harry is with Niall, Zayn is still looking for a boyfriend, Liam has a girlfriend and Louis... Well Louis is crushing on his best friend's brother.

Marcel Styles was unusual as some would say. He was socially awkward, didn't pick up on cues, and highly intelligent. Marcel was the straight A's kind of boy. He dressed in a way that made him stand out; sweater vests, tight pants and always wore button down shirts. But no matter how odd he was on the outside, Marcel had a heart of gold.


2. Chap. 2



A / N: Thank you for the support on my last chapter, means a lot. All the love, angels, bless xxx


When we got to school finally, Harry and I got out first and Niall stayed in the car rummaging around for his pack of cigarettes. God knows why he left them in my car all the time. I looked back and saw Marcel biting his lip and fiddling with his thumbs. Harry opened the door to his side, "Come on Marce. Let's go."

Marcel looked up at him with scared eyes and shaky hands. Harry sighed, "Come on buddy. It'll be fine."

I felt bad for Marcel. Being two years younger than us, he didn't have any of us in his class to help him through the day. Marcel suffered from a lot of anxiety about facing each day. It was something I didn't really understand, but I never really questioned it.

Harry was clearly getting nowhere with him, so I kind of stepped in. I never really did that, because I felt like it was never my place to do that. But I'm not really sure what came over me today.

"Marce." I whispered softly, and Harry looked at me like I grew an extra head. The younger boy looked up at me with nervous eyes, "H-Hi Louis Tomlinson." He stuttered.

"Just call me Louis, love." I cooed gently. "Come on Marce, we gotta get to school." I said, my voice continuing to be extremely gentle.

Marcel swallowed thickly and fumbled with his thumbs before taking my hand and letting me help him out of the car. I smiled in triumph and pat his shoulder, "Good job buddy." I said encouragingly.

I looked up to Harry and he was watching me with his eyes narrowed. I gulped.

"Come on Marce. I'll walk you to your class. You," he pointed to me. "Wait for me in the boy's room. Gotta talk to you." He took Marcel into the school without another word and I sighed.

"Nice knowing you." Niall said, chuckling softly. I looked over at him and frowned, "What?"

He scoffed, "Oh please. Don't 'what' me, Louis. It's as plain as day you fancy Marce, and you know how protective Harry is." He said, stuffing his hands in his pockets as we walked to our lockers.

"I don't - "

"Yes you do." He cut me off. "Don't bullshit me, Louis. Come on; you like Marcel, don't you?" He asked, raising an eye brow.

I sighed and looked down at my feet, "Yeah... Okay, maybe I do."

Niall's face stretched into a smile and he said, "Well all you gotta do is prove to Harry you'll treat him right, and you're good."


I met Harry in the bathroom and he stared at me with a frown for a while before saying, "You like my brother."

"Harry - " I began, but he cut me off; "Louis... You know how he is, and how he gets. You know his diagnosis and you know he's not easy. I'm his own brother and I say he's a pain in the ass sometimes... It's obvious he's comfortable with you, he's known you for years. But I'm not sure if you can handle him... I trust you Lou, but he's my baby brother and - "
"Harry shut up." I said. "I know everything there is to know about Marcel; I know he's different, I know he's a handful, but it doesn't bother me. It really doesn't. He's the one I've wanted for... a long time. He's special to me, Haz. I won't hurt him, you can trust him with me." I told him honestly, resting my hands on his shoulders.

Harry exhaled, looking at me a moment longer before nodding. "Okay. Okay, come over after school. You can take him out, he likes McDonald's and he's - "

"Allergic to nuts, I know." I said softly.

Harry nodded and gave me a hug, "Take care of him Louis. I know this is just a.... a date. But, he's everything to me. Don't let him get hurt."

I smiled and hugged him back tightly, "I promise I'll never let anything hurt him, Haz."

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