Her Secrets

For someone as tough as her, Katelyn has a lot of secrets and weaknesses. She is the one person you wouldn’t mess with, especially by hurting the ones she cares about. She would protect her loved ones with her life, and you’d better believe she’d give herself up for them in a heartbeat. But there’s more to her that nobody knows, more than anybody could even imagine.


3. Party Time!

After a rushed mess, the three girls had made it to the guys house in time for the party. Aphmau was holding the three presents they had each picked out for Laurence. Kawaii-Chan rang the doorbell, and after a bit of rustling around inside the house, a tall, blond haired boy in blue flannel opened the door. It was Garroth.

“Hello girls! C’mon in!” he greeted them in his deep voice and stepped to the side. Aphmau smiled cheerfully and walked inside, followed by a skipping Kawaii-Chan. Katelyn was last inside, for she did not want to be there. She trudged inside and stood against the wall.

“C’mon Katelyn, cheer up! We’re at a birthday party!” Aphmau encouraged her grumpy blue haired friend, who didn’t budge.

“I don’t want to be here,” she muttered.

“Why not? You like Laurence, he’s nice! Actually, you like all of these guys!” Aphmau pointed out. And it was true, she did like the guys. For the most part.

“You forgot one part of that, Aph.”


“You forgot-” Katelyn began before she was cut off by a familiar voice next to her, ironically belonging to the one person Aphmau forgot she didn’t necessarily like.

“Heyyyyy Katelyn~!” It was Travis.

Aphmau giggled, watching them. “Oh, right… so that’s what I forgot!”

Katelyn’s cheeks faded a light pink as she scowled. She didn’t just “not like” Travis, she despised him.

“Get away from me Travis, don’t you remember last time?” she growled while glancing at him from the side.

“Right, right, sorry…” He stepped away, glancing down and rubbing his neck. His messy snow white hair covered part of his eye on the left side. His eyes were a forest green, but they glowed and sparkled a bright jade color in the sunlight. He wore his usual emerald green hoodie and black pants with cactus green converse.

“Oh Katelyn, be nice!” Aphmau scolded her. Katelyn looked down slightly to meet eyes with her friend and hardened her stare.

“How can you tell me to be nice when you know what happens when he’s around me!” she reasoned as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. Travis looked up and shrugged shamelessly.

“How can I resist when you look so good all the time!”

Katelyn turned her hard glare towards him. Her icy eyes narrowed and he backed away a bit.

“Sorry! It’s my nature to be flirty!” Travis ran his fingers through his messy hair as he looked down.

“Ugh, I’m done. Where’s Nicole, anyway?” Katelyn sighed and looked around just as the front door opened again and a short, red haired girl stepped in.

“Hello? I’m here!” the girl announced as her wide, childlike gray eyes scanned the room.

“Hey Nic!” Katelyn greeted her as she walked over to her and gave her a side hug. Nicole was shorter than Aphmau, and was so short Katelyn, the tallest girl out of everyone, could put her chin on top of her head easily. Nicole’s bright ruby red hair was straight as can be naturally and was brushed neatly. She was wearing a pink and red flannel shirt that was unbuttoned, with a white tank top underneath, and had on light blue jeans with her black flats. Her gray eyes that always somehow had joy in them were almost obstructed by her bangs.

“Did I miss anything?” the short girl asked her tall friend, looking up at her.

“No, not really, we just got here too,” Katelyn replied as she gestured to Aphmau and Kawaii-Chan.

“Oh, cool! Are you having ‘boy problems’ again?” The red haired girl always seemed to know her friend best.

Katelyn nodded. “Yep, same guy…”

“I figured. I'll talk to him,” Nicole responded as she walked over to Travis, who was absentmindedly staring outside the window. Katelyn could hear their conversation, so she leaned against the wall and listened in.

“Hey, I heard you were flirting with Katelyn again,” Nicole began as Travis looked down a bit and nodded.

“Yeah… I can't help it! I'm a natural flirt!” he tried to explain, but Nicole held a hand up to stop him.

“Alright, I get that, but last time she punched you!” Nicole truthfully pointed out.

“Well… yeah I guess you're right…” Travis looked down and rubbed his neck, his messy white hair falling over his eyes.

“You should try talking to her when she's not upset, and don't flirt as much! If it hasn't been working, why keep doing it?” Was Nicole giving him advice on how to talk to her?!

“Hey, that's a good idea! Thanks Nicole!” Travis seemed truly grateful, as if he has been looking for ways to talk to her but finally got a good one.

“No problem! See ya around!” Nicole walked back over to her blue haired friend, who was not happy with her.

“I could hear you. What was that for?!” Katelyn exploded on Nicole, who stood back a bit.

“Woah, he's just wanting to talk to you! It's not a big deal!” she tried to reason with her friend. Katelyn hated that she was right.

“Fine. But I’m still not happy about this.”

Nicole beamed. “Just give him a chance, things might not end up so bad!” Katelyn was hesitant to agree, but she knew things couldn’t get much worse.

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