The Book'o Random 2.0

Welcome to Your Daily Dose Of Randomness! This book is about random topics and weirdish and funny comments about them. Mostly this book is about funny topics and how some people and myself would react to them. Also, this book might be a little interesting and have some pretty odd topics. I hear people tell me that I actually say some smart or odd things about random topics. So, I decided to share some of it with you! Enjoy <3


1. Topic 1 : When robots will rule the world.

Hello there, and Welcome To Your Dialy Dose Of Randomness.


We people think of random things all the time! Even if the topics are about real things or just random things off the top of your head. But the one random thing A LOT of people think about of whoever started this has to be... Robots taking over the world.


I mean come on, we all think about it! Some of us believe it would actually happen. The rest of us? Well, we just go, "Well if you don't program them to think or think about abandoning us humans to rule our world, then it wont happen!!". I mean yeah, how can robots take over the world! They don't have minds of there own!


Actually, they do! Robots sometimes have minds of there own, if they're programmed to think for themselves. Robots can even communicate to other robots in their own language. What do they talk about you say? Maybe how to "help" our world by creating more robots like themselves. Or, maybe "helping" our world in ways robots can do what we cant. Like, building machines we never thought of. Or, help create new weapons that might help win the war. Which is not needed because where I live, Its a Free Country!


But if robots didn't take over the world, it would happen anyway no matter what! More and more years pass and we humans keep inventing more machines. At some point in the future, everything will be controlled by machines! Later in the future, where everything is done by machines, the machines we built to help our community will either: Create there own free will. Or, get upset at us for not doing the work ourselves and let there anger out on us. They don't have to be programmed to think for themselves if in the future it will happen anyway. Right?


No matter what we do, or try to stop them, they will take over. And if they do, always have a water squirter with you! Because you know, robots hate water. And what better way to get rid of them is with water squirters! Or be fancy and use a water gun. Oh! Or maybe a fire hose! When you see them coming, just get a hose, connect it to a fire hydrant, and launch them in the sky! They will fly so high, and when they hit the ground, BOOM smashes the ones under him and you get 1000 points!!!


Anyway, one way or another it will happen in the future or at some point in our lives. Hey, you never know if your electronics think about ruling the world. Or like Siri on your phone that says robots will take over the world! So I say, "Okay Siri. If you could do it, how could you? Like your a small gadget, how can a small thing take over the world! Do you have 'telekinesis' powers?".

Siri, "Yes."  /  Me: ._. ,"Well poop!"


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