Upside Down

Story about a girl, who's life is not perfect but is better than most, until everything starts to go wrong. Broken down love life, no job and a sudden criminal conviction for a crime she did not commit leads Nysa Brookes into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger. Can she turn her life around before time runs out?

Note: this story is incomplete, and has not been edited due to focus on other stories. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.


6. Reminiscent

        It was dark outside. It wasn’t too cold and the stars above us were shining very brightly. It was a beautiful night if you ignored the fast approaching rain clouds. There weren’t many cars on the roads now, so the streets were pretty calm and silent; aside from the owls hooting every once in a while that is. It was nice to take in the surroundings when going out for a walk, and it reminded me of the walks in spring that Raven and i did back then.

“You don’t have to do this, you know,” Raven said suddenly. I looked at her with a confused expression on my face.

“Do what?” i asked finally.

“Be nice to me. We were best friends once, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat me like I’m still the idol you look up to,” her words were harsh, but they were true and full of meaning. Part of me still did look up to Raven. Her long, black curly hair, deep blue eyes and mainly her caring and loving personality made her naturally beautiful, inside and out. Why wouldn’t you want to idolise someone as perfect as she was?

“I suppose you can’t help it really. You just have that kind of good personality. Always going out of your way to help people and not expecting anything in return.” Raven sighed. Ever since I’d seen her, she had this guilty expression on her face as if she’d either hurt me in some way or she just felt sorry for me. It was probably the latter. She always used to feel sorry for me; mostly about how innocent i was. She’d always torture me about how i couldn’t protect myself from the bullies all those years ago. She had always whined me up about my ‘small frame’ and ‘lack of confidence’. We walked the rest of the way in silence. Every now and then i would glance at Raven and find her staring directly ahead; her mind lost with troubled thoughts, i could tell. The tension between us was building as neither of us knew what to say, but thankfully, we arrived at Raven’s flat before things could get too awkward. It was a surprisingly nice looking flat. I could tell that it was much bigger than my apartment. Raven stopped on her lawn and turned around to face me.

“Thank you for tonight...” she said with no emotion to her voice, but i could tell she meant it. I was about to turn around and head home, when she said one more thing that pondered on my mind the whole way back.

“Don’t get too close to people. You never know who might betray you next.”

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