Upside Down

Story about a girl, who's life is not perfect but is better than most, until everything starts to go wrong. Broken down love life, no job and a sudden criminal conviction for a crime she did not commit leads Nysa Brookes into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger. Can she turn her life around before time runs out?

Note: this story is incomplete, and has not been edited due to focus on other stories. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.


3. Raven

  I leaned my head on the cold, hard surface that was the public bus window. I felt like my whole life was flashing right before my eyes; and I guess it literally was. I saw my old Primary school pass by. The school that was doing so badly that a month ago the council decided to close it. So now, it’s just a dark and gloomy place that is wrecked and all boarded up. Even bits of moss could be seen sprouting from the windows. All the kids mess around there and joke about the school being haunted. I don’t believe that of course. I could never say that the Primary school that helped me make so many great friends and so many great memories could ever be a haunted school. A bad luck place, however, was a whole different story. It does make me sad to see the school in such a bad state, but even now that it’s closed, I guess it’s still giving children good memories when they visit the ‘haunted school’. I accidently laughed out loud, but I was lucky nobody noticed. I was surprised at how much time had passed and before I knew it, the bus was pulling up to its stop that was coincidentally right outside my work place. It had been raining all last night so the air was now moist and the ground was still damp. It was nine o’clock on a Friday morning and the roads were a lot busier than usual. I stood outside Blake’s and stared up at the small building. It reminded me of my apartment; cheap and ugly. The outside was very unappealing. The paint on the walls was very dirty and it had started to peel off in some places. It was in desperate need of a makeover, but I don’t think the business was making that much money lately. There was a small sign hanging wonkily above the door that read ‘Blake’s’ and there was an even smaller sign on the door saying ‘open’. Aside from the small and almost unnoticeable signs, there were four small windows that could do with a wash and many empty flower baskets hung from random places on the walls. Blake’s could easily be missed by the public as it just looked like your average house, which would explain why nobody was booking appointments. I opened the door slowly and the little bell rang out. The first thing I noticed was Isabelle sitting at the reception desk. She smiled at me and began searching through paperwork. She gently pressed a form onto the table and I signed it. Just as I put the pen down, the door to Blake’s office opened and he came rushing in.

“Oh! Nysa! You’re in,” he said unenthusiastically. Gee, what’s his problem?

“I have just sent your client up to wait in your office. Go straight up,” before abruptly going back into his office. I headed upstairs and admired all the paintings on the wall like I usually did. If Blake would sell all these paintings then we might have enough money to repaint the building. I got to my office and pushed open the door. In the corner of my eye i saw the girl sitting in a chair as i settled down into my own chair behind my desk.

“Hello, my name is-” I looked at the girl in complete surprise. “Raven?!” The look on her face was pure shock and she stood up, gawking.

“Well well, it’s Nysa Brooks,” she spoke in a tone i was unfamiliar with her using; one that sounded blunt and fake.

“Airingdale,” i corrected quickly, lessening the tension in the room. “It’s lovely to see you,” i added calmly and watched Raven settle very uncomfortably in her chair.

“It’s been a long time, Raven, how have you been?” She fiddled with her hands in her lap and didn’t make eye contact with me once. She simply kept admiring all the posters and pin boards all around the room. I didn’t blame her though. She must have felt not only awkward meeting me here, but ashamed that i now knew that she needed counselling. Aside from that, the posters actually contained some pretty interesting stuff.

“Well, i have a few problems at hand, but...”

“But that’s why you came here right?” i interrupted, leaning back in my chair and before i knew it i was reminiscing about the good memories Raven and i shared. I thought about the time when we first met in Primary school. I was apparently young and innocent because at the time i was getting bullied by a group of children. I could have gotten seriously injured, physically and mentally if it weren’t for Raven stepping in and saving the day. She stuck up for me and protected me that day and we’ve been best friends ever since. I looked up to Raven so when i didn’t hear from her in years, it was understandable for me to have missed her.

“Where have you been all this time? We used to be so close back then,” i said sadly. The room fell silent as Raven stared at the floor.

“Have you heard from Lucy at all in these past few years?” i realised she was getting uneasy with all my questions so i stopped immediately, but i think it was too late because he pushed out her chair and stood up angrily.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do this,” she said before leaving my office and slamming the door behind her. She looked like she was upset and wiping away tears as she left, but i chose not to go after her, instead i wanted to let her have some space. Seeing Raven here today made me want to reconnect with my old friends. Maybe i should call Lucy and see what she’s been up to these past few years. Maybe the three of us should have a girly night in with a bottle of wine and plenty of time for us to catch up. I smiled at the idea, but then realised where i was and what i should be doing. I sighed and reluctantly began going through the many piles of documents i had stacked up on my desk. This was going to be a long day.

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