Upside Down

Story about a girl, who's life is not perfect but is better than most, until everything starts to go wrong. Broken down love life, no job and a sudden criminal conviction for a crime she did not commit leads Nysa Brookes into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger. Can she turn her life around before time runs out?

Note: this story is incomplete, and has not been edited due to focus on other stories. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.


8. Mysterious Saviour

        The bitter coldness of the wind slashed against my face as i changed my course and headed back to my apartment. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure where i was, but i figured it wouldn’t be that hard to find my way back. I’ve guessed who the woman was and i don’t ever want to admit it or say her name out loud. Someone who used to be one of my closest friends has betrayed me, but i am not angry. But i do want some answers. And as soon as i get back, Seth is going to be bombarded with questions after questions after questions. I turned down a long and dark lane and immediately regretted it. It was pointless to turn around now that they’d spotted me. Not only that, but I’d got half way down the lane and realised that i was going in the wrong direction. I just hope they’ll let me walk past without any trouble. I have enough on my plate right now. I sighed; a little louder than I’d anticipated. “Oh, what’s the matter, pretty lady?” asked a dirty looking man who was waving a bottle of whisky around in his hands. Ignoring him, i stuck my hands in my trouser pockets and looked at the ground as i quickened my pace.

“C’mon, let’s have some fun!” shouted another man who staggered around, almost tripping over himself. There were no lights in the lane so it was hard to make everything out, but i did notice an alcove where all the bins were situated which was also where the four men were hanging around and drinking alcohol. I made out all the graffiti that was plastered over the high fence that ran alongside the lane. As i attempted to speed walk past without the men bothering me, i noticed when it was too late that they had managed to get themselves in a position where it was impossible for me to get past.

“Come on now, princess,” said a third man reeking of whisky as he leaned in close to my face and yanked both of my hands out of my pockets. He gripped my wrists tightly, so much that it hurt and made a little screech escape my mouth. Suddenly, the man hit my face with quite a force that it had now gone numb. He mouthed “be quiet” before laughing and covering my mouth tightly with a dirty hand. I was then thrown to the ground in a heap while i felt the blood trickle down my nose. Tears started to flow uncontrollably down my cheeks once again and i realised that i was now feeling scared. Is this it? Am i going to die today? And before i even got any answers out of Seth? Am i going to be thrown away like used garbage? Suddenly, the man gripped on to my red chequered shirt and ripped it open. The four men laughed and joked about loudly and i couldn’t even muster up the courage to fight back or to scream for help. It was just like the time when i was bullied by those children.

“Hey! Leave her alone!” i looked up, feeling surprised and finding it hard to believe that someone could actually come to my rescue. I thought i was imagining things, maybe because i was close to death.

“Go away little boy. You’re getting in our way,” the man said, tightening his grip on my wrists.

“I’ll say it again; leave her alone, or I’ll call the police,” the male voice was loud and harsh; the kind of voice that belongs to a man who took no prisoners. The men grunted and huffed, but after what felt like forever of waiting, they finally let go of me and staggered off down the lane. I had been expecting rain and finally, it started to pour down. I held my shirt closed with my hand and attempted to get up, but my legs were numb with fear.

“Are you ok?” he asked, running over to me and he took his jacket off to throw over my shoulders. No. Everything is most certainly not ok. I felt like by life was beginning to fall apart. That’s what i wanted to say anyway.

“Yes, I'm fine,” i lied, very unconvincingly, I had to admit.

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