Upside Down

Story about a girl, who's life is not perfect but is better than most, until everything starts to go wrong. Broken down love life, no job and a sudden criminal conviction for a crime she did not commit leads Nysa Brookes into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger. Can she turn her life around before time runs out?

Note: this story is incomplete, and has not been edited due to focus on other stories. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.


4. Girl's Night

        I was almost home. Walking up the whole three floors of steps to my apartment seemed to be a lot more tiring than i had remembered. As i began unlocking the door, i could hear chattering from inside. I peeked inside and for some reason felt relieved that it was only Seth and... Raven?!

“Hi!” i shouted happily, “I didn’t know i was expecting visitors,” i added, dumping my work bag on the counter. Raven spun around in surprise, almost as if I’d scared her.

“Oh! Hi Nysa...” she said as if she wasn’t expecting me. She relaxed herself before speaking again, “I just came around to apologise for the way i acted earlier. I’m glad to see that you live in the same apartment as you did back then. Although i see you have a husband now,” she said laughing and seemingly happy, but i saw her shoot a glare towards Seth who was slumped down in the armchair, not saying anything. With Raven already here, it had made my reconnecting decision a whole lot easier. All i have to do is ring up Lucy and invite her over. It may be a long drive for her, but I’m sure she won’t mind. Come to think of it, i don’t know why i haven’t done this ‘reconnecting’ thing as i was calling it, sooner.   

“Hello... Lucy?”

“Yes, who is speaking?” Lucy said through the phone. She sounded just the same as i remembered.

“Oh hi, it’s Nysa. Do you remember me? i know we haven’t spoken to each other in years and this may seem rather sudden, but do you want to come round mine tonight and have a catch up? You, me and Raven?” I saw Raven look rather paranoid through the corner of my eye.

“Nysa! It’s so good to finally hear from you! I would love to come round! Do you still live at that dodgy apartment?” Lucy laughed and i could tell she was very excited.

“Haha, yes Lucy. I still live in my dodgy apartment! I can’t wait to see you,” i said smiling before hanging up.

“I hope you will stay and join me and Lucy for a catch up night,” i laughed.

“Of course, it’s not as if i have anything better to do,” Raven smiled, but i could sense that something was wrong. What a day it’s been today and thanks to Raven, I’m going to see Lucy for the first time in years. I couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous, but i knew this was going to be a really fun night.

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