A Black Cat and The Wolf

Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Male!Reader
(Y/N) (L/N)
The shy boy that sits on the edge of his seat beside Adrien, not daring to get any closer. The boy that stutters around girls and boys, unable to speak for himself. The boy that allows Chloe to pick on him, but hates when others help him out.
The boy famous for his dancing.
The boy who has a secret.
A new Miraculous user.



1. Sneak Peak

Green eyes shone brightly in the darkness and besides that, his hair and face, the light reflecting off the golden bell decorating his collar were all you could see in the dark. His black suit blended in with the darkness practically making him a floating head that trapped you between him and the wall. Chat Noir sneered down at you, hands placed on either side of your head, nose just ghosting over yours. His breath fanned over your face, a hint of peppermint chocolate, you might add.

Your lips were sealed in a thin line, teal eyes staring into his as you frowned, then smirked, catching his attention. His eyes flickered from your lips back up a few times before he leaned in a bit closer, moving his head to where his lips just barely brushed over your ear.

"Cat got your tongue?" He whispered, nipping at your lobe.

It took everything in you to not shiver, raising your hands and placing them on his chest softly, eyes descending to meet your hands. Your silver clad claws were bright against the black suit, almost glowing against it. It was odd to see as you both tried your hardest to stay as far away from each other as hero-ly possible, but considering how many times you've saved each other's asses, it was really hard.

Pushing him back a bit, then standing on your toes, you brushed some of his hair away from his ear, purposely sliding your claws softly down the back of it, stopping your hand just below his hairline and pulling him down, grasping the golden bell around his neck tightly.

"Curiosity killed the cat," you tugged at his bell, "didn't it?"

He laughed softly, the deep rumbling sound sending sparks through your body. "But," he pulled back, taking the bell with him as your hands dropped to your sides- or, almost to your sides; he grabbed and pinned them beside your head. "satisfaction brought it back," he added.

"You fucker," you growled as his lips ghosted over yours, struggling to get away now.

He shrugged. "You're not going anywhere, puppy," he smirked, eyes flashing dangerously.

Before you could say anything, his lips crashed against yours, his body flush against yours and trapping you against the wall. Your hands balled into fists, tightening as you struggled against him, then slackened, kissing him back with equal force. It was a fight between who's dominant and neither of you gave it up. His hands dropped your wrists and immediately grabbed your waist, sliding up towards your chest and pushing hard. Your hands had wandered around his neck, tugging at his blonde locks.

Both of your pulled away panting, lips bruised, eyes locked onto each other. You smirked darkly and dug your nails into his shoulder, earning a pained moan.

"Let's make this kitty purr, shall we?" You muttered.

He responded quickly. "How about we make the puppy howl?"


"Oh, you've got to be fucking with me, dammit!"

Quickly you dove out of the way and into Chat's chest to save both your asses. Glaring at the boy, your jumped back up and grabbed your weapon, swinging it at the Akuma's attacks, breaking them each time.

"I don't see you going for the pendant either!" He shouted, twirling his staff to block debris.

"Oh, fuck off!"

Ladybug was nowhere to be seen at the moment, and you two were not having a good time. Both the akumatized victim and falling debris were hard to keep up with and you were both almost at your limit. His ring had one last print and your triquetra was beginning to flash.


You barely had time to react before the very large debris smacked into you, sending you flying back and unconscious.


Staring at the computer in your lap, you groaned and closed it with such force, it startled the other three people around you. Alya laughed and Marinette placed her hand on her chest, sighing. Adrien raised an eyebrow at you as you pouted, stifling a laugh.

"Did you get an answer?" Alya asked, a shit-eating grin on her face.

Your cheeks burned red as your answer, continuing to stare at the ground.

"Well?" Marinette jumped in, leaning on her hands to get closer to you.

You pushed her back by placing your hand on her face. "Maybe, okay?"

Alya squealed and you had to cover your ears (as Adrien did as well), wincing. "You gotta tell us!!! But, we don't even know this mysterious person, have you seen them before?!"

Shaking your head no, you sighed and opened the computer, rereading the last message, then shrugging. "They wanna meet up."

"So we know they live in Paris," Marinette muttered, "but where do they wanna meet up?"

You glared at her and closed the laptop. "That's for me to know and you to never find out."

"Jerk," Alya mumbled quietly.


"Just hate me, dammit!" You shouted, pushing against his chest, tears stinging your eyes. "You don't belong with me, you're something I would hunt down to kill and feed on and-and I'm not your other half!!"


"No!" You cut him off and shoved him again, this time getting somewhere as the force was enough to send him stumbling a few inches back. "You're destruction, she's creation, you two belong together, it's balance! I have nothing to do with it, it would throw off the balance and- and the-the thing- MOTHER FUCKER!" Your train of thought went off its rails and crashed, leaving you hyperventilating and practically crying, grabbing your hair tightly.

"Lupus, calm down." Chat's voice was soft, much softer than his usual cocky self. He shouldn't be here or doing this.

His hands cupped your cheeks, lifting your head, wiping your tears then, gently prying your hands from your hair, holding them softly. 

"I'm sorry..." you muttered, ripping your hands from his and turning, running away from him.

He didn't run after you. He didn't follow you.


This was either a really good, or really bad plan. Being held at gunpoint in a classroom could either get you killed or someone else killed.

You were apparently the 'chosen one' and grabbed from the group. Adrien had tried to hold onto your waist and keep you from being taken, but sadly the other guy was stronger. And now they were threatening both the teacher and principal about something you weren't paying attention to.

One arm was around your neck, holding you close to him while the other held a gun to your head. Taking a deep breath (and a life or death chance) you moved your head enough to bite his arm hard enough to draw blood and cause him to drop you and the gun in surprise. Your classmates shouted at you as you tried to run back out of the class, bringing the man with you as he tried to run after, only to be grabbed by the second guy, brought back into the classroom and thrown across the room and into the window, shattering it and falling three stories down.

You could still hear the cries of kids in the building as your back hit the concrete, the impact and angle causing you to skid a few feet back.

You couldn't feel anything, barely able to hold your eyes open as they trained on Ladybug and blurred as Chat Noir ran towards you, blacking out everything when he knelt beside you.


"So... Lupus?" Ladybug commented.

You nodded. "Latin for wolf."

Chat laughed. "So it's just saying your animal in a different language?"

"Chat. Noir," you said slowly, "means black. Cat. So, shut up."

"Oh, God Dammit."


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