Are you crazy? Find out...


1. Strange


I’m home, I get back from, well, I really don’t remember where I was. As I walk in, I noticed no one answered me. My family must be out, but I don't remember them telling me, in fact I don't remember anything at all besides running down an alley screaming for I have no reason why I was doing what I was doing at that time, but anyway, I fell and hit my head that's why I don't remember anything. Maybe I was running from a giant ape, because that's the only thing I'm scared of. For the next hour I sit on the couch and wait for my family, but no one comes home.

    The kids must be at a friends house, and David must work all night again. I go to bed and dream. I dream of killing everyone in my family, but then my dream switches over to giant apes terrorising the world. One killed my family and ripped them to pieces while I watched them rip off all their limbs and eat them one by one they’re gone. David, Michael and Jill. Next, they rip me apart and I die. I wake up in a puddle of blood only around my head, am I dead. No just had a bloody nose. I shower to wash the blood off my face. I throw on my robe to go check the mail. There are giant apes everywhere crashing cars and smashing houses.  I run inside to call the cops.

”We don't do prank calls Miss, the next time we will give you a ticket. This is your warning.” they hung up after I had explained the giant apes outside. Then, “bingbing”, the phone dies.. An ape crashes into my house I dash over to the wall where I don't think he will see me. Finally, after groaning around for a bit, he gets up and leaves, taking down my mailbox in the process. I head for my car because I have to get to the radio center. My car screeches into the parking lot as I hurry to get inside. I grab my car keys off the table by the door, or I guess where the door use to be. Stepping over debri I make my way to my keys.

It takes me fifteen minutes to arrive. “You can't be in here Sir, we’re broadcasting. Come back later when the tour is going.” I try to make up a lie.

“I’m with the news, and I need to make an important broadcast to the world. Wow! How gullible are they? I ran into one of the room that were empty and turned it on lucky for me i study this equipment a little when I was in college and they said that class is worthless. I turn everything on and start broadcasting

“ This is michelle rockwood with an important announcement from the the weather. giant apes are (I added that just because it sounded fun and goes with my story) attacking the city every one run and hide underground don't let them rip you and your family to pieces and eat you slowly one by one while they let someone in the family watch their family die.” Apes barge in the door before I can finish.

“cek  aak” Was all i could hear as I passed out on the floor. They have killed me… nope not yet I'm still alive but i'm not in the city any more i'm in the jungle. I start running away as fast as i can but i run into a wall it's not an ordinary wall it's invisible I follow the wall its like an invisible box they traped me in a isolated jungle box.

“Let me out you big baboons.”  nothing happened no monkey came No monkey left it was only me and my thought what was i exposed to do sit here and wait for death to come because it already took my family from me even though I would have killed them anyway I only upset about their death because I didn’t do it first.

When I woke up I was not in a jungle or surrounded by apes I was in a white room alone and all I could remember was monkeys, monkeys everywhere but now i'm alone all alone and don't know what to do about it my family is gone and I  can't just sit here with giant monkeys are on the loose what do i do now the world is going to die and I'm going to be the only one left. Their is  a table in the corner of the room with food on it and a radio so I turn it on to entertain myself while I eat.

“Broadcasting live from central New York this just: the world is going crazy riots, robbery and vandalism. All this over a fake radio broadcast  by some lunatic that is seeing things. And that's all for now folks we will get back to you with the rest of the new as soon as the pickit riots die down.

They think i'm crazy why don't they believe me I know i'm not crazy. I close my eyes to think for a second about what happening but when I open my eyes I'm beck in the jungle With apes surrounding me. I take the knife they put beside my plate of food and cut into my flesh were my heart is and Fall into a black nothingness so this is death I think as my lifeless body hits the ground and my spirits leaves and my train of thought vanishes now I'm dead. 

I then wake up from all of it to find i'm on the couch with my family watching Apes . It was all a dream.   I go to the kitchen to get some coffee. I grab my mug but accidentally drop it. I slip and fall on the broken glass and just before i die i see Apes tearing apart my family or maybe it's just my eyes. I slip in and out of  consciousness until i give up and let go it's no use. They were bound to get me anyway.  They were going to take me to the mental institution saying i was crazy and that Apes were never out to get me but if they weren't they wouldn't have just killed me and ripped my family apart.






I wake in the dark. Thinking I’m in my room late at night I go to sit up but hit my head  hard on something that feels wooden when I grope around me. I’m in a box I do not panic because a box is were I have spent my entire life. After my mother died 10 years ago.  I think back to that time. Whenever my father finished abusing me he put me in that box for days.  Now in this box i start to think of were i could be but the only thing i can think of was killing my family.  Did I, must have,  oh yea I did, guess I dont care dont know. Oh, well.  

I reach up and push the top of the box off suddenly i hear gasps around me Oh it's a funeral everyone runs screaming. I know the people here, then it hit me it's not any funeral it's mine. How great.  Scared the crap out of my gest. I go to say something but these really sharp teeth are in the way and then i realise how hungry i am.

MMM People I can’t help but to think to myself.  I go to run after someone but then my speed becomes lightning fast and i hit the wall in front of me and fall to my butt. Then i hear a fit of laughter beside me. MMM  a little girl.

“You, you, you,” her giggles stopped her from speaking “...fell on your butt.” She finished but then continued laughing until i had a hand to her throat i could. I could feel the blood rushing through her neck. I could feel the warmth radiating off her then i could resist no longer. I sunk my teeth right into her flesh and tore out big chunks of her throat until blood decided not to pour. I dropped the girl and realised she didn't have the chance to stop smiling before I killed her in cold blood.  I looked around the now deserted church.  I really need to leave before they catch me and tri to put me in testing facilities. As I walked to the exit I kicked the lifeless body before me and continued as soon as i reached the door I heard sirens but they sounded like they came from miles away.  I need to take the back exit as soon as i did i found myself in an alley a really dirty one i walked over to one of the apartment buildings across the way and climbed the fire escape as soon as I got to the top and I stood there and let everything sink in. Wind blew my dress up and I then started to think.

Wait dress when did i put a dress on. Nevermind i died and woke up at my own funeral killed a little girl and the weird part it what time did I put this dress on.


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