One Shots

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4. Downpour

Tyler x Josh (twenty one pilots)


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Tyler lives thirty-eight hours away from Joshua.


This is also a chapter in one of my future stories. (if I ever post it)




Joshua: Ty


Tyler: Yes baby


Joshua: It’s raining and I am confused


Tyler: About what?


Joshua: How I’m feeling


Joshua: I love the rain because it’s so gorgeous, it waters the plants while cleaning the earth but today it just seems sadder than usual


Tyler: How so?


Joshua: I’m watching it fall onto the glass


Joshua: It reminds me of tears, constantly falling down


Joshua: And no matter how hard I try to make things better, it just keeps falling


Joshua: I guess I’m not confused, just sad


Tyler: Close the curtain and get yourself some water, if you are feeling sad and possibly crying you should rehydrate yourself


Joshua: But I find comfort in the rain


Tyler: No you don’t sweetheart, you are finding comfort with your sadness


Tyler: I wish I was there with you so we could cuddle till the rain stops


Joshua: As do I



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