One Shots

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1. Descriptive Writing (He/Him)

Reader x boy


I have written multiple of these using different pronouns.




It was like the world was moving in slow-motion as he danced. Allowing me to watch every stunning movement his body made. The rhythm pulsed through every inch of his frame. His energy radiated off his gorgeous figure drawing me in closer. His presence inhibited my brain, crawling out through my fingertips to touch something so perfect. And that's when I knew he was it. He was what I wanted, wait that's incorrect he was what I needed, running through my veins, chasing every thought that entered and exited my head, the one to hold on to my fragile heart with care and passion and prove to me what I already know. That I love him.


He ended his beautiful dance and latched hands with me, pulling through the exit of the house that was already trashed by intoxicated teenagers. Our legs picked up speed the split second our toes touched the hard asphalt lining the ground. He had an urge to go somewhere, and I was fixated on being there with him. His touch burned a hole in my hand, electrifying every nerve in my body. I struggled to take my eyes off him, but once I did, I noticed we were standing at the edge of the downtown. 


People were scarce at this time of night with the exception of a car or two driving passed. He walked up to ladder adhered to the side of a three-story building. The loss of contact with his skin was agonizing. We climbed to the top of the building. He pulled me to the opposite side of the rooftop. Again my eyes locked on him, he observed how my eyes look straight back into his beautiful, dewy ones.


He playfully pushed my head away with his soft touch. He did this action, so he was no longer in my view trying to get me to look at the reason we were there. My breath was absent when I caught a glimpse of the landscape in front of us. A small giggle slipped past his lips at my reaction. For the first time in a long time, I felt at home. You know that warm feeling that you get while your instincts are telling you never to leave, a place where everything feels safe and comforting. I wanted to live in that moment for the rest of my life, with him in my arms.


I knew that everything I thought minutes before would be ending promptly. He stood up bringing me with him towards the ladder. He led me back to the houses lining the sides of the street. We came up to a plain white house except for one of the windows at the top left of the building. It had a messy lavender rim lining the windowsill. It was odd but strangely had so much character to it. I turned to face him hoping there could be more than twenty-four hours in today. He pulled me into a hug and whispered these five words that changed my life.


"Thank you. I needed this"


His voice was delicate, like melted chocolate as each word flowed out so naturally. The sentence finished with his soft chapped lips pressed against mine. They moved so perfectly making me feel desperate for more. This entire night has been mindboggling. I didn't understand why such a pure, profound boy would be in my presence. His sweet, plump lips detached from mine, and I knew that he had me wrapped around his finger. He started walking back toward the entrance of his house when a few words slipped out of my mouth, much too quiet for her to hear.


"I think I-I love you."


I have never said anything with more meaning before. My soul started stinging at the fact that he wasn't mine yet. Subconsciously my feet ran towards the boy who meant everything to me. I grabbed him, and this time I was the one to place my lips on his. This was even more passionate than the last. My lips felt as if they were on fire from the touch of his gorgeous pink ones. Our mouths disconnected and words alike to the ones I muttered earlier came out.


"I need you."


I have never felt so vulnerable before. I just poured out all of my emotions I've had tonight into a few small words. He lifted the corners of his mouth, creating a masterpiece of pearly whites. I never knew such a simple smile could rip someone into pieces. The thought of him was secured to the walls of my mind, not daring ever to leave. He parted his lips ready to say something to break the lovely silence.


"Since we're both in this together, promise me you'll be careful with my heart, and I'll be careful with yours."


That's when everything felt right. That was all I needed to hear from his lips and his lips only. I felt complete like whatever part of me was missing before has now been filled in by his embrace. At that moment I knew I had to seal the chance he has given me to be his.


"I promise," I whispered into his ear.


"I  promise, goodnight." He stepped back from the warm hug.


For the second time that night he started heading to his front door. As he came to the first step, he turned around and blew me a kiss. I felt all my sanity go out the door. All these small gestures have made me go crazy for this boy. He walked into his house while waving goodbye. I don't think anything could happen that will be better than tonight. I started to jog back to the main street to hopefully catch a taxi cab or something to get me near my house. After the ride home I walked through the dark, quiet house up to my room. Holy shit, I did it. I got the boy. I got my boy. In reality, he got me, I'm his and will always be his. Sadly it was time to move this night into my memory and fall into a deep slumber.



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