Shark Bay 6 A novel

When another Great White attacks sailors off Shark Bay, Ellison continues to fight the threat while taking care of his wife, Amie.


2. Shark Bay-Part One


Ellison kissed his wife.

"I have to go to work, darling", he said. Amie smiled. She hugged her husband; she felt the baby kick in her stomach. "It's going to be a boy", she said. And he smiled, and left their home to head to the marina.


Donald Pryce, a fisherman, stared at Ellison. "Hey! I was concerned about you", he said. "You don't have to be. Besides, Amie and I are to be married soon". Donald nodded. "That's great! Sadly, I have some bad news. Betsy Campbell didn't arrive home. She was swimming. And didn't return home. Her parents are worried", he said. "The police and the soldiers are at The Point. Local swimmers know that they can't go there; they have to swim at the Shark Bay beach". Ellison frowned. He walked towards the marina with Donald. As they did so, Patterson and C. K. arrived. "Great! That's all we need", he added. And both of them saw the politician, as dark clouds hovered above their heads.

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