Shark Bay 6 A novel

When another Great White attacks sailors off Shark Bay, Ellison continues to fight the threat while taking care of his wife, Amie.


10. Shark Bay-Part Nine


Chloe Starr walked on the beach. She smiled at Charles Lights. "Are you coming into the water?", she asked him. "Yes", he answered her. She laughed. As they headed into the water, the other beach swimmers were also jumping into the coldness. Chloe wrapped her arms around her. "I love you", she said. "I love you, too", Charles said. He smiled. Then Chloe smiled, and they begun to swim they reached the flags. And, seconds later, they didn't see the ninety meter long Great White Shark open its huge mouth...and bite into Charles's left leg with its sharp teeth. And then, as the blood spilled in the ocean, Chloe screamed in terror. 


Ellison rushed to the marina. Natalie Fields, the female lifeguard, blew the silvery whistle. "Don't do that! You'll bring the sharks here", he shouted. He shook his head, and hoped that the trouble in Shark Bay would be gone.

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