Shark Bay 6 A novel

When another Great White attacks sailors off Shark Bay, Ellison continues to fight the threat while taking care of his wife, Amie.


5. Shark Bay-Part Four


Captain John Harrow of The Gordon Straight III​ ship, saw the dead body of Captain Matthew that was drifting in the deep water. "HOLT! THERE'S A DEAD MAN IN THE OCEAN!". He glanced at the body. "It's Matthew! God, almighty!", he shouted. He prayed to God, as he dragged him onto the ship. Matthew's ship, The Dark Lake, drifted past the other ship. He called the police by his satellite phone, and knew everyone in the marina was in grave danger.


Danielle arrived on the scene.

"There's been two deaths within a day, John. We could close the beaches", she said.

"You can't do that", Patterson stated.

"You're thinking about the political issues for the town; you're thinking about the damage...and the fallout", Ellison said.

"Yes, over twenty million dollars each season", Patterson said. He whispered into C. K.'s right ear.

"Look, Patterson. Shark Bay means a lot of sharks here. Besides, a lot of your people are corrupt", Danielle said. Patterson grinned. "We can force you to lose your job, Danielle; we can force a re-shuffle easily. We want jobs. I intend to be Mayor for awhile now. I intend to be President of the United States one day. But that means money. A lot of money. So, can we get rid of the shark...or not?", Patterson asked everyone. "Yes", Ellison answered him. And Patterson smiled, as they all dispersed, and headed to their cars.


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