Shark Bay 6 A novel

When another Great White attacks sailors off Shark Bay, Ellison continues to fight the threat while taking care of his wife, Amie.


12. Shark Bay-Part Eleven


Rhonda Schwartz swam near the Point. She saw the soldiers were on patrol. "Warum sind sie hier?​", she asked her boyfriend, David Pohl. "Die Amerikaner sind immer hier. Es gibt eine deutsche Marina zwei hundert Meter entfernt​", he answered her. She nodded. "Ende der Schatten​", Rhonda said. The shadows were in the deep waters. As they headed to the German area of Shark Bay, they felt relief that they wouldn't be shot. Both of them swam away. And, as they did so, they knew that the chances of being attacked by a ninety meter Great White Shark, hadn't preyed on their mind.

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