Shark Bay 6 A novel

When another Great White attacks sailors off Shark Bay, Ellison continues to fight the threat while taking care of his wife, Amie.


1. Prologue


Betsy Campbell swam near The Point. She was relieved that none of the teenagers were near the military post; she was swimming near the old Lighthouse. By six o'clock PM, she saw the buoys that bobbed in the deep ocean off Ellis Island. Betsy sensed the cool wind blow. Suddenly she saw a sign that read: ​FORMAN INDUSTRIES-SHARK BAY, INC.​-Daniel H. Loman, President. Betsy continued to swim near the shore. When she reached the edge of the marina, a huge ninety meter long Great White Shark opened its huge mouth...and chomped onto Betsy's right leg. Blood spilled in the water. And, as bones broke, she was dragged underneath, the new terror had begun.

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