Shadow World: Deception

Having inexplicably strange visions for months will bug your mind and every time Alex Wainwright ignores it, it just keeps on coming back - again and again. After the Dark War, she thought it was all over, that the secrets she have can be buried with her when she died. But she was wrong.


1. Prologue: To The Dreams of Despair


"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

- Carl Jung


Prologue: To The Dreams of Despair


What a beautiful sound it is, a harmony of a melodic sweet tune, calming to the spirit and peaceful to the mind; Alex Wainwright has been hearing as she stares on the vast dark space beyond her. She was looking through the tiny dots at the piece of cloth that blindfolds her, in hopes of escaping the world of shadows where fear and pain are irrelevant.

The problem is...

It's not possible. There's never gonna be an escape route.

It's a dead end.

Only a one way ticket.

Enter inside, and you'll never exit alive.

Now, she's standing by the entrance of the large cavernous hall and behind her was the double oak door. Inside you'll see the hall's structure made from strong materials of bullet proof walls with different weapons adorning each side three inches apart.

Above these was the thick, wide, and black tinted glass windows that never ceases Alex's feeling of being claustrophobic. Its domed-high ceiling, with intricate and careful decoration of drawn, painted, or carved ancient runic symbols - so old that Alex barely knew what it means, only proves how long pass the building was made.

The metallic, dusty, and rusty smell makes her nose itch but she shrugs and breathes in that cold damp feeling of being in this place again - Matterhorn Switzerland. She pauses, tilting her head upwards, her blond straight hair cascading down her back as she does. She lets her eyes focus on the witchlight chandelier pasted surely upon the ceiling's center.

Witchlight's made from adamas - a granite crystal like stone, used by shadowhunters to guide their way in the darkest of nights. Its glow composed of such beauty and elegance, lighting every corner evenly that somehow makes her golden white skin pales.

She continues to walk as if her blue eyes could see the place clearly without the blindfold. Yes? Maybe? By using her memory of what the place look like, surely she could navigate it without inconvenience. Moreover, she could do this to other places she haven't been to before - any place in the universe. For it was never memories that helps her do the magic, but merely patience, training, and practice.

This was the same place Valentine Morgenstern took her to train a few years ago. He once told her that their main goal was to enhance her hearing ability. Alex was confused as to what he means and only within a month of training that she found out it was true. Because right when Valentine learned about her ability at the early age of seven, he took every step possible to develop it. Such as the strategic plan to train her blindfolded in combat, making her invincible either she's fighting in the dark or light, while her ears sharpened over time.

The memory trails off and she lets out a heavy breath she wasn't expecting she could release. Taking more steps forward, stopping just below the chandelier, she grabs the deep brown, almost bronze red bow that hangs by her left shoulder. Diagonally strapped to her back were the sheath of arrows of gold and silver and in each of its triangular head inscribed an angelic rune.


Next, she grabs an arrow and places it on the middle. Her fingers hooks at the string and at the tip of the gold plated iron near its feathers. Then, forwarding her foot to a steady position and tilting her head from side to side, she closed her eyes. Through the blindfold she could only see nothingness, and somehow that's what makes her calm.

Now the melody had already subsided, low you can barely hear it. Though for Alex it feels like there were earphones plugged in her ears, for she hears it normally. But in all that beauty, a screeching noise suddenly babbled over the lovely tune.

She turns her head to her left only to be face by a flying ax. So, she slanted her body swiftly to dodge the impending attack where it came to crash across the running automaton at her right. It sparks orange, wires slices in half, parts breaking, until it fell down with a clattering noise. Then she lifts the bow and flies an arrow to her left where it lands on another automaton whom obviously threw the ax. Though its body was made of metal, the runed arrow struck its chest deep before it falls face first down the floor.

Instead of watching it happen, well hearing and feeling it happen, she runs literally blind. Using her sharp ears to guide the way, she goes to follow the sweet addicting melody.

The music had departed her from the real world, kindling a little fire out of her heart. It spreads a current sensation through her veins and into her body making her shiver for a millisecond. Then she hops off of a concrete barrier, the same way a stunt man would do. Her free hand was placed upon the flat concrete, that by the use of her arm as a pushing force, she could propel herself into the air down to the other side.

At the moment her feet landed on the dusty tiled grey floor, she continues to run. The bow hung by her left shoulder while she slides, glides, crawls and rolls, to either a wooden barrier or a cement block, or to those sharp knives which hang loosely low, or even to a net of ropes. As if all of it were a simple obstacle course she needs to go through in order to win the reality show.

Though it wasn't.

After passing some of the courses, four different demons blocks her way. Quickly as she flips down from the rafters, she grabs her bow and loads two arrows at the same time. On air she pulls and releases the string, hitting the demon on its head and chest. When she lands, a demon behind her stretches one of its six tentacles to her.

The demon misses her when she does a side flip and on her landing, releases the arrow where it hits its shoulder. It let out a guttural noise and quickly she loads two more as she backs away, hitting its other shoulder and head before it disintegrate.

Upon her right, lay a green slimy skinned demon that slithers like an eel on the grey floor; same goes to her left where a dark, bulgy-red eyed demon of huge body, slowly walks in her direction. Its weight hammering the floor and the vibration rings in her ears.

She may not see how they look, but she can feel them in her bones coming nearer in every second.

Turning to the eel like demon that stood ready to devour her in its wide open mouth, she shoots three arrows continuously until it's gone. A loud groan comes from behind her and when she turned, the other demon swings it arm to grab her. But, she managed to jump and roll.

On one knee she shoots the five remaining arrows, hitting the demon's vital parts. But its not enough to kill it. So she ran towards it wearing the bow on her shoulders, and pulling out a seraph blade from her belt. It glowed as she whispered its name and when she's in good distance, slashes the blade to its leg and the black blood - ichor, sprouts from it.

Knowing the building very well, she runs to the drawers on the wall and uses it as a leverage to get to the demon's back. She hop one by one to the wooden platform then to the wall and jumped. Her blade pierces its skin and it whimpers and shakes its back, trying to get rid of her.

Alex could feel the hot ichor blending on her hands and wrists as her blade continues to cut it, sliding down its back. She landed on two feet and heard a second of silence, knowing that the demon had returned to its realm - back to where it belong.

Then a hissing sound came, and three more demons surrounds her. She smirked and threw the blade across her killing the first one. Two demons came at her side but she punches and kicks it, the determination blazing up inside her to kill and to destroy. Ever so powered to break a sweat for some stray demons.

Within a minute she was panting, and what's left of the demons were their dirty black blood ichor and the smell of sulfur. She picks up her blade and wipes the ichor left on it on her arm. She exhales as she walks and turns to the right hallways, following that sweet continuous melody of a piano created by the famous composer J.S. Bach.

Arioso and Air on a G string.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

The repetitive rhythm of the large grandfather clock that stands on the center wall, serves as a timer and the music grows louder as she gets closer.

Every step seems a big mistake.

Every huff of breath seems to be defeat.

One moment she was sure as to how beautiful the sound was even with the snarls of demons not far ahead. But with a snap, the happy picture suddenly changes.

Then a scream.

A cry of pain.

An endless calls for help.

A terrifying coldness swarm over her body. Its as if she couldn't breathe. She looked down and saw imaginary hands appeared at her neck, gripping it tightly, choking her life away until she fell on her knees.

The blindfold gone and the images all came in a rush. One by one for a span of three seconds in front of her. Glistening in the light before it evaporates with the wind. She could see them. All of it. As clear as the day. Like a memory replaying over and over.

She was there kneeling at the corner of the carpeted hallway and foot away from her was the familiar metal door which lies the horror she never can forget.

Suddenly a woman came to view, whose brownish skin rots, smells like a corpse, and has hollow dark eyes shrieks in anger and pain with her mouth open wide. "Noooooo!!!!!..." Worn long white gown contours her flowing dark hair and her pale hands of long sharp distorted nails reaches for Alex.

Cold starts to prickle her pores as the woman, more likely a white lady walks to her. She could feel her thin little hairs standing up as she jerks to sit down and backs away from the lady. But, before the woman could reach her, somewhat the air suck her deep in a black hole and disappears.

Then there's two young golden haired boys - who look like angels, sat across her playing airplanes. You can see how the small delicate wings protruded from their back, with its velvet cotton like feathers that are big enough to fit both of the boys' frame.

She smiled at how innocent they seemed to be. Laughing and playing, hovering the airplanes above their heads, controlling it to wherever they want like a pilot maneuvers a plane. Such a pure example of innocent childhood, in which Alex wish she had.

But when the boys turned to look at her, she saw darkness. Their black irises swallows the whites of their eyes as both of them smirk devilishly. Their long hard death glares turned up the feeling that she's being skinned alive and the thought of it only makes her stomach churns upside down.

She couldn't look away, because somehow, there's something with the boys aura that made Alex feel a spark of recognition. The way they sit there and play and laugh, is oddly familiar. Her heart sank low realizing who they were, but when she sits up to crawl and touch them, they were gone.

After that show, evil laughs starts to creep around the room. Voices deep and heavy calls her name before the soft whispers spreads throughout the hallways. Still, sequence of more images keeps projecting in front of her for a span of two minutes with the whispers, she's sure of purgatoric language could still be heard.

Terrified. That's how anyone would feel. Hence, Alex as how she's been trained, is braver more than what is expected. So she stands with all her might and walks to open the metal door.

Bright blinding light welcomed her and her eyes squinted as she tries to find her way in the room. Expecting to step onto a hard floor, she can't help but scream as she falls down and down, deeper and deeper until there's no more light but only darkness and silence.

Thud. And she landed with her two feet on a bricked ground.

Tap tap tap.

Faint sound of footsteps approaches her and in the darkness, a figure of a girl emerges. She wore a short sleeve, cold shoulder, crop fitted top that shows her flat belly, skinny jeans and ankle boots with a finger less glove. All black and leather, the same material of Alex's tank top, jacket and jeans. Except for her long hooded cloak which is silky and red that almost touches the floor.

When she's about a meter away, Alex didn't saw her face fully for its forehead was covered of a white mask down to the outline of her nose and cheekbones. She's quite taller than her, with black wavy hair and green eyes that shone maliciously at her.

Or so she thought.

"Well, well... Who do we have here?"

She whirled around to see where the manly voice came from. There, inches behind her stood a man of six-foot-five tall. He has a black spiky hair and emerald green eyes. His muscular built body, gear and tattoo lines of rune only proves that he is a shadowhunter.

Alex expects the girl to respond but she didn't and moments later they were on each others throat. Everything happens so fast that they barely realized Alex was there to witness it.

Maybe they couldn't see Alex at all, because when she moves to the corner and watch them fight, it's like she's at home, sitting and watching an action movie - only with the popcorn missing.

Grunts and sounds of blades clashing powers the place. Then the girl was pinned on the ground, a blade touching her throat. But instead of being afraid, she was grinning and Alex noticed the girl's sword pointed at the boy's back.

A blade on the girl's throat, a sword on the boy's spine.

How well played and an extraordinaire scene to watch. Though there's nothing good about it, when Alex's head starts to throb in pain.

In a flash, both of them struck their weapons to each other. Ending up killed, laying lifeless on their pool of blood.

She closes her dropped jaw and exhales before the image of the boy came. He smiles and wraps his arms securely around her as his emerald eyes filled with tears looks at her, before bending down to kiss her on the forehead.


And she wakes up with her teary eyes opened. 


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