The Rose On My Lips

A rose without thorns can be the most highly toxic rarity of them all. Poisonous, yet alluring. Soft to the touch and without fail, it takes the life of another innocent soul. Is there a cure for the poison? His lips touch hers softly and she becomes trapped. There is no cure. She is now his possession.


2. Chapter 2

As her heart began to race from guilt, she stood firm and silent to evade any speculations. The door behind her clicked open, which broke her stance as she turned to see a man of the same stature and the same executive wear, but way less fitting than the man she followed inside the office. The man that had just stepped into the office without a knock appeared puzzled towards the situation, then his eyes widened when he saw the other man standing by his desk.

"Good evening, Chairman Cassius," The man bowed before him.

Agnes became quickly confused, and put together the puzzle herself. The reason Cassius laughed when she addressed him as Mr. Atkins was because his identity was a false accusation. She began to see clues within his words that he has spotted her inside the building before. But of someone so high in authority, how could he have known?

"Agnes Gryffon, daughter of Gale Gryffon, position Facility Management," Cassius broke the silence. Agnes quickly glanced back at the tall figure that glared in her direction in full heat. Her nerves began to shake beneath her skin. This was it. Everything she had fought and lost to keep a roof over her head, "Follow me,"

Agnes felt the ground under her feet begin to weaken. Her obedience was the only last thing she could rely on to negotiate forgiveness. Her final plea. As her thoughts became swarmed with countless scenarios, she tried to keep herself calm as the room at the end of the hall read CEO Cassius Alexander Lewis. Her nerves broke when he closed the door behind her.

" Am I in trouble?" Agnes started out.

"Policy 225 states infringement of company policy act 13 will expect immediate termination," He begins, "Since you are young, I will break it down for you. For as long as this company stands operational, your fathers work should be done by him. I don't need a scandal stating that I let his daughter work under my roof without pay, including the fact that I do not know who you are and what your intentions are,"

"I swear to you that my intentions are well to my own well-being. If this is going to get my father terminated, then I beg you. What can I do to prevent this?" Agnes looked into his cold, hard eyes. She was negotiating with the devil, but the situation was more of that she was negotiating eye to eye for the first time in her life.

The flight to survival had taken control over her body. Her strong presence struck a nerve in Cassius that had his heart rushing abnormally. As her eyes appeared fearless and void of tears, he was impressed that she could speak so firmly to him as her life was hanging off of a cliff.

He intertwined his hands together in front of him and laid them upon his desk, surrounded by mountains of papers. He looked into her eyes as if he was in deep thought. Although his mind should be focused on keeping towards the company code, he made his final decision based on her character and effort of work style.

"I have read through your reports and I find them rather fascinating, in fact, they have even impressed me. I tell you what," Cassius stood stood up from his desk and walked around towards her. His height shadowed her, trapped her in his cold personality. But his charm was more than unbearable and his scent was fierce, almost mind boggling, "Give yourself to me,"

"What!?" Agnes almost tripped backwards without a thought to misinterpreting his meaning. He then handed her a clipboard of papers to read through and sign.

"I can give you a chance to redeem yourself. It's a youth workforce program aiming to ready those that has what it takes to survive and climb the ladder. Your pay will start small, but as you climb, well you know," He leaned against his desk while trying to avoid admiring her appearance. He needed to keep his composure and his ravenous image from breaking. Agnes stared down at her only hope and chance at life and her father popped back into her head after staring at the application, "And your father can keep his position, his standard isn't as bad as you think,"

He glanced over at her again with a devilish smile that caused her heart to throb strangely, almost like it was going to explode. His appearance and with how young he looked was so deceivingly appealing.

Agnes touched the tip of the paper with the pen and sighed softly. She closed her eyes and confidently applied her signature to the start of a new beginning. When her eyes opened, the light shining through his office window seemed brighter than before. It was almost blinding, but it brought a new appearance to Cassius when the light brightened and glistened in her eyes. It made it hard for him to look away at such a beautiful sight.

"This will conclude our meeting. I will have my secretary call upon you about the details," He took the clipboard and set it on a pile of familiar papers that laid with wear on his desk, "And from now on, do not worry about your father, it causes more stress on a man when a woman worries too much,"

"Not sure if you're joking or if you're being serious with me," Agnes stood neutral as he chuckled under his breath. He did not say anything else as he was the type to never give away his own intentions. He returned to his desk and sorted through papers that he began to sign through, "Then I will take my leave, thank you,"

She left his office feeling a bit awkward and confused. Extremely dazed in her own thoughts, she began to wonder if she was deceived and if her life was going to lead to the road of certain death or a road to hope.

                                       ***FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER COMING SOON***

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