The Rose On My Lips

A rose without thorns can be the most highly toxic rarity of them all. Poisonous, yet alluring. Soft to the touch and without fail, it takes the life of another innocent soul. Is there a cure for the poison? His lips touch hers softly and she becomes trapped. There is no cure. She is now his possession.


1. Chapter 1

Against her bottom lip, she tapped her pen to the tick of the clock as it was nearing closer to the end of her torture. She could hear the bell ring down the hall before it could have a chance to catch up to the class intercom. She was the first to leave while everyone else was finding the strength to wake up. This quick, innocent soul hid her face behind a pair of shaded glasses to hide her wandering eyes from getting caught, but that would soon change when she met him.  

Her name was Agnes Gryffon, senior high school student, 17 years of age. She lived her life among the emptiness of her own room, almost by herself, as her father slaved away his time for a company that did not share a care for anyone else but themselves.

A downsize was lurking around the corner for the weak and the helpless and her father was a target. To survive, she became invisible to the life of normality. An unsearchable target, she secretly optimized her fathers stress by performing work that no girl her age could possibly do.

Her father was a labor and a desk pushing worker that performed tasks that were useless to the companies growth. It was a position given to those in need of work, in need of money. Then until the next season, they let them go after wearing them thin to the bone.

"Please, Agnes, you mustn't stress yourself over this," Her fathers hand shook, but his concerned face had shown light signs of work relief, "Worry more about graduating and starting your own career. I worry about you, dear,"

"Just sit, papa," She finished writing out his reports and rushed for the copy paper, that was requested by the president of the board, and loaded two boxes in her arms as they heavily leaned against her chest, "I'll take care of this,"

His office was located in the basement of the building where all the real, laboring work was done. The employees above lived carefree, ethical lives and breathed in pure air as the life below breathed in dust particles.

When Agnes reached the elevator, she rushed in to catch it, but failed to not make impact with anyone. Her glasses were knocked off her face and the body she ran into caught the top portion of the box. Her eyes made contact with him for the first time. Her body pulsated and her heart began to accelerate faster and faster. His dark eyelashes and his deep, dark eyes were sharp and mysterious. It was like he was seeing through her and it began to make her feel uncomfortable.

"I-I'm sorry," She lost her words and averted her eyes away from their locked position, "I wasn't paying attention, can I have those back?"

"Where are you going?" He shot through her words and continued to stare in her direction.

"Um, floor 6," He pressed the button as he still held the copy papers in his arm, "Thank you,"

It became awkwardly silent as Agnes's thoughts pondered through countless situational options. Human contact was at the top her list of things to avoid and especially someone like him. She tried to read into what she saw and analyzed that he was possibly an event planner, or possibly an executive, yet he wore the finest brand of clothing against his skin.

Agnes remembered her glasses on the floor and noticed a lens was popped off from the frame. She sighed in disbelief and placed the box down to retrieve them. The young man stood firm, but made simple small glances towards her every movement.

His thin glasses were visibly thin and his black hair was slicked back to reveal a face so heart throbbing that even she couldn't resist the urge of temptation that lead her eyes to peak at him when she could. Though Agnes is young, she did not have the face of a baby, but the face of a woman. Without her glasses, she did not know how alluring and bright her image was. Her beauty was outmatched compared to most girls in her school. Yet why has she gone unnoticed for so long?

"This is my stop," She looked towards the box he held expecting him to return them, but instead he exited the elevator. She followed behind him and began to admire his broad shoulders that were finely outlined by his suit. As she opened her mouth to speak, he opened the door to a room plated President Earl Atkins and closed the door after she slowly entered.

"You can just leave them here," He dusted off his suit after placing the box next to his desk.

She followed him to where he stood, tall and expressionless. When she placed the box on top of the other box of papers and bowed silently.

"Thank you, Mr. Atkins," She stood back up quickly when she heard him silently laugh at her.

His voice was deep and extravagant, it was so devastatingly powerful and full of temptation. When her eyes met his, her body began to strangely pulsate again. He leaned against his desk and stared at her with a glare of passion that slowly began to frighten her. Like a lamb encountering a wolf. He slowly approached her as she slowly backed up, but his door was too far from reach. So she gave in, closed her eyes and stood still.

"You work in the bottom facility, don't you?" He stood a feet away from her and she slowly opened her eyes to face him. Her hands intertwined behind her back as she slightly lowered her head to avoid any more eye contact. She nodded, "Out of all the records, I do not see your face anywhere in these files. Are you sure you are employed here?"

"Y-yes, sir," She wanted to leave as fast as possible. Fear had taken over her body as it became cold and shook. Did she get caught?

                                                                ***FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER***

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