Escape - A Midsummer's Nightmare

A fan fiction of the story 'Go To Sleep' by @MarimStar


Author's note

The entry for the talent show with the theme of ' A midsummer's Night Dream', This is also a fanfic of @Marim Star's short thriller story 'Go To Sleep'


The deafening screams of death once again meandered menacingly, cursing my feeble ears as I watched the creature maul the young girl, who began choking on her own blood. A crimson sea began flowing across the deserted street, painting a canvas of absolute fear which was spreading across the street at an increasing pace. I stayed well hidden, behind a trash can. Okay maybe not the best of hiding places, but the creature had driven everyone out of their homes, and stripped their houses completely. I could not stay in one place for long. Before this tragedy, I lived a simple and ordinary life, but ever since the creature, nick-named the Night Horror, began murdering people, everyday is a thought if I'd live another night or not. I had to stay on the run, but for some bizarre reason, wherever I'd go, The Night Horror was already there. 

The young girl had stopped breathing. I peered around the trash can, to see The Night Horror leaning over her. It's mouth was hanging near her blood-soaked ear in the most grotesque manner. It whispered something to her, - ' Go To Sleep' before standing upright. I made the move to find another hiding spot but the noise of the trash can caught some unwanted attention. I slowly turned my head to see if he had noticed. He sure did. A pair of blazing red eyes burned with pure menace as a sinister smile slowly crept onto his face, baring the disturbing view of his deadly teeth. His claws were out. He began advancing towards me. 

I stood up out of my crouched posture and looked him right in the eye and said ' I hope your mother rots in hell' before sprinting off. Adrenalin pumped through  my blood and my eyes were set. I did not no where to go but anywhere where he was not present would do. The sound of his mighty roar shook my heart and added a more urgent pace to my legs. I could hear him coming closer, my mouth becoming dry. My muscles tensed for the impact of his claws as I gave up running and launched myself into the window of yet another abandoned house. A few seconds passed. All I could hear was my breathing. My shoulders shuddered and my throat hurt in the most insane way imaginable. Painfully slowly, I lifted my head up above the window and took a quick glance across the street. He had gone. I really did not know whether to be relieved or scared by his sudden disappearance. I backed away ever so carefully, away from the window and tried to hide myself into the dark shadows of what was left of the house. My clumsy side took over again as I tripped over what must have been the remaining leg of a chair, and scraped my knee against the floor, carpeted with splinters.  I cursed under my breath and tried to focus on finding something useful if The Night Horror ever struck again. The stinging pain blossoming from my knee began spreading across my entire leg, becoming an unbearable pulse of constant agony as I hobbled out of the house and began scavenging all the scraps of metal sticks and wooden planks, placing them inside my dying rucksack. A trickle of blood was born and started running down my left shin as the wind howled its dreading dirge. The clouds, pregnant with profound sorrow, wept uncontrollably as the heavens were torn asunder. 

Thunder rumbled. I stood up. My hair, normally neatly combed to the right, was an unrecognizable frenzy of drenched jet-black strands, spooked to their roots. I felt something on my shoulder. I painfully turned around. Smirking, The Night Terror leaned towards me, his hideous face just inches away from me. He came closer. His breath, a sweet perfume of dead meat. That was when his lips met mine. I pushed myself backwards, shocked at what was happening. His tounge was wet with saliva as he slithered it further into my mouth. He broke off and whispered 'Go To Sleep' before dragging his claw across my neck..... 


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