Star Wars: The Reunion

Young Pandora is just a 12 year old on earth. Until, she gets a secret message from a person from a galaxy far, far away......


1. They found me.

It was a calm day after school. I was peacefully walking home. Then, a old man appeared out of nowhere. But, he was blue and all computer like. It started to talk to me. It said, “ If you are getting this Pandora, I am already dead. please go in the woods behind your house and get in the ship. You may take your stuff with you. There is a GPS inside of the ship that will take you to another galaxy. Thank you.” I just stared at the box while it disappeared. So, I went home and packed my stuff. I looked through my drawer and I found my old backpack from kindergarten. All I brought was.some clothes, toiletries,my phone and more stuff. Then I waited until my evil parents were asleep. I ran to the back of the house and went into the woods. I found a small ship. I got inside and in the passenger seat was the same old man dead. I started to tear up. Then, I removed his body from the ship and dig a hole. I put the old man inside. There was a note that came out his pocket. It said, my name is Luke Skywalker. Tell them I sent you here. You will be safe Pandora. I got inside the ship and turned on the engine. Then, it said, “ traveling to hyperspace”. Then I shot up in the sky. Worried what I might find up there.

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