Star Wars: The Reunion

Young Pandora is just a 12 year old on earth. Until, she gets a secret message from a person from a galaxy far, far away......


2. The arrival

It was very dark in space. After a long time, I finally arrived. It was a big ship. Some very old women came to me. She said, “ Hello dear. My name is Leia. Princess Leia. Where did you come from dear?” “ Ummmm... Luke Skywalker sent me. He told me to tell you.” I said in a small voice. “ Where is my brother?” She said acting paranoid. “You mean Luke? Well, he is dead...” Leia runs in the small door and closes it. “ Hey wait up!” I say running after her. She tells me, “ ok child. I need to train you so you can become a Jedi Knight.” I said, “ ok mam!” Then Princess Leia shows me around the place I even have my own room. I decided to get comfortable because I will be here for a while. I took out my favorite Chespin onesie and put it on. Then, just when I fell asleep, the off call went on. “OK PANDORA PLEASE REPORT TO THE TRAINING ROOM ON FLOOR 5.” I woke up immediately and ran to the elevator. I pressed floor five and the elevator went down. “ This is totally different Because I was on floor one.” I said. Princess Leia greeted me with a smile. “ hello darling I am glad you showed up so.....”. She looked at me totally confused. “What is wrong?” I said. Then, I looked down at my clothes. I was still wearing My Chespin pj’s! Leia gave me three uniforms. “You can wear one of these colors. Black, baige, or white.” She said. “Ok. Let me have...... the black one. Please. She said, “ just like my son....”. “What? You have a son?” I said panicking.


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