Dusty (Tom Hiddleston X reader l

I am a housekeeper in England.
My job is fairly easy, clean the house, dust the books, wash the tea cups, and get out before 7pm.
The only odd thing is I have never met my enployer. All I can gather is: No kids. Never home. And a strange obsession with Shakespeare.
Oh well :)


2. The slip

(Tom's POV )


I put the key in the lock and felt my eyes getting heavy. I was sill getting used to the time zone after being in Australia for so long shooting another movie. I opened the door, unleashing the tune playing from the surround sound speakers. "Perfect"by Ed Sheeran boomed through the house.
I was about to put a stop to the overly loud song when I spotted the back door wall was wide open.
A woman stood infrount of the pool her eyes light up with fear when she started to dart off when she slipped and fell in the water.
My heart sank and I ran and dove into the pool. The nine feet felt never ending as I swam to the bottom and wraped my arm around the young woman's waist pulling her up to the surfice.
I layed her motionless body on the ground. Her head was bleeding. I rubbed her chest trying to get her to breath. She finally started to stur and cough up the water that she had inhaled.
I helped her roll to her side as I patted her back.
We both panted and tried to get out hearts to a reasting rythem.
She coughed a final time and put a hand to her head, I lightly grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand down .
"May I patch that cut for you?" I said out of breath.
She was looking down at my hand intwined in hers, her eyes finally lifted and met mine. All she did was hesitantly nod.
I smiled and helped her to her feet. As we walked in her head stayed down and every so often I could catch her looking at me out of  the coner of my eye.
She looked like a scolded puppy.


(My POV)


My head remand down as we walked back in the house. Would I be fired for this stupid event? Would he yell at me. Would he say I'll never work in this town again.
I'd glance over to him and catch his eyes for only a second, they did not seem angry. His stunning blue eyes felt like they were full of compassion.
We got to the kitchen, the man said in a kind British voice that he would go get something to clean my cut, he went up the staircase leaving me sitting on a stool by the island alione with my thoughts.
Why is he home so early?
Why is he not ticked at me?
Why does he look so familiar?
With that final thought he appeared, he was holding a towel some sweat pants, a tee shirt and a small box of objects to clean my injury.
"I'm so sorry, I did not know you would be home so early." I tried to explain.
The man smiled showing lines at the corners of his baby blue eyes. Shaking his head he reassured me "No need to apologize, I'm terribly sorry I startled you. I did not mean to have us meet this way."
I took comfort in his words.
He dabbed a bottle of peroxide on a rag, lightly he brushed my hair behind my ear looking close at the deep scratch.
"May I?" He asked holding the rag closer to my face, I nodded. He gently held the back of my head with one hand and with the other he applied the rag that contained the stinging liquid. I winced and he immediately begged my forgiveness.
He tried to get my mind off the pain, "What did you mean by early" He said calmly.
"I was told when I got this job to leave before seven, that the ocupints did not like being disturbed." My voice shook obviously showing my fear.
The man shook his head  "That must have been my agent talking to you, I'm the only one that lives here, and I never mind being disturbed. My agent thinks I don't sleep enough, so I guess they want my in bed by 7:30" he giggled as he grabbed a bandage and put it on my head. His eyes focused on mine and for just a second we were silent all of a sudden his face made sense in my mind
"There you go darling, all better." He broke the silence.
"Thank you." I said slowly in realization that Tom Hiddleston had just fixed my wound.


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