Dusty (Tom Hiddleston X reader l

I am a housekeeper in England.
My job is fairly easy, clean the house, dust the books, wash the tea cups, and get out before 7pm.
The only odd thing is I have never met my enployer. All I can gather is: No kids. Never home. And a strange obsession with Shakespeare.
Oh well :)


1. The House

I have been working as a house keeper in England for about five months now. The house I have been cleaning is huge, its the kind of house you would get lost in just tring to find the bathroom even if you lived there.
I can't say I hate my job,
I don't fight with my boss, I am aloud to listen to my music as loud as I want, and I get take my sweet time cleaning the masive house. Just get all done by seaven pm .
The main reason I enjoy my job is I have never met the occupants. The only things I can figure out is the they don't have kids, they are rarly home, and they have a strange obsesstion with Shakespeare.


My days started off the same as normal I start with the kitchen and work my way up stairs to the room I disliked the most...The library! Don't get me wrong It's not that I hate books, I hate DUST! And the people that lived her could never read all these books enough to keep most all of them from getting dusty. Not to mention the shelves were way to tall for a woman of my hight to reach so I have to use a rolling latter.
I'm not a fan of hights.


I worked through the day listening to Ed Sheeran and shreeking in my awfall singing voice. I glanced at my watch it said 4:30.
I smiled, amazed at the time was making.
Unknown to me, my watch battery has died a little over two hours ago.
I looked out to the pool in the back yard, how I wished this was my house and I could dive into that cool water and relax.
I shrugged my shoulders at the thought and was about to go on to my work when I spotted a glass on a table by the pool.
I shook my head and opened the back door wall , it moved like a garage opening wide to the beautiful back yard.
Walking out into a cool evening.
I did think it was off to be this brisk and dark at four thirty. But how should I know, I have only been in England for half a year.


Picking up the glass and was about to walk back when the sound of the small waterfall in the pool filled my ears. I smiled and slid off one of my shoes  dipping a bare foot in the crisp clear water.


I could see why these people bought this house. The pool alone had won me over.
I had little time to think when I glanced back at the house to see a man walking through the front door.
My eyes widened and I turned to run, forgetting my foot was dangling in the pool, I slipped. My legs were pulled out from under me and I fell in the pool with a splash.
My head hit the side making my sight go dark and my body limp.


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