The Detective and the Doctor

as the title says, its about Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, John Watson. The only thing that you may not know is that a girl, a hacker, walks into their flat. Proving that she could be useful for the curent case.


1. The Girl

A girl, almost 19, sat in her bed with headphones on. Her long brown hair fell in front of her face as she leaned forward to the computer screen.the screen showed the dark bags under her eyes, as for she haven't slept for a long time. She tucked the hair behind her ear, but not all of it went behind the ear, a strand of brown hair sat in front of her.  “Where are you my little rascal.” Her mouth shaped. “I know you're here somewhere.”

    She typed something down and continued to scan the screen for her ‘little rascal.’

    Her mouth shaped a smile and she mouthed. “There you are.” She pulled off her headphones and closed her laptop. “I’ll go get you later, maybe tomorrow. Maybe the next day.” She muttered sleepily. She laid down on top of her dark comforters and fell asleep immediately.

    At that moment, a woman and a man open the door. The woman looks like the girl, only with blonde hair and a more sharp of a face. The man had the girls hair and eyes. “Do you think she is going to like this?” the woman asks. The man shrugs and looks at the girl with a lot of love. “I don't know if she is or isn't, but she has to understand that she cant live with us for the rest of her life.” The woman nods and they close her door.

    *too lazy to make more*

    The next morning, the girl gets out of bed and folds herself backwards, making her back pop. She chuckled, got out of bed, and went down the hall to the kitchen. The woman from last night stood over the stove, cooking something that smelt like bacon. The man sat at the table with the newspaper up to his face.

    The smiled at the adults. “Good morning family!” the girl yelled over exidelty.. The man put down the news paper. His face looks sunken in and tired, like he is dead. “Sweet child of mine, would you sit down for a nice calm talk with me?”

    The way the man said it made the girl sit across from him, with a worried look on her face. “Is everything alright dad?” the man looked directly at the girl. “I know your almost of the age to go to college.” The man lifted up his hands and set his forehead on them. “I also know that your not going to go to college.” he sighs, stopping for a second. The girl looked down to her hands in her lap. “I understand what you're saying father.” The girl muttered. “Honey, we just want what's best for you.” The woman comes over and sets the bacon down in front of the two.

    The girl grabs one piece of bacon, then stands up. “You two want me out of your hair.” She takes another piece. “You two want me to go to college so i can meet new people.” The man and woman look away from the girl. “I know what you two are planning on doing once i leave, I know what you guys are willing to get rid of.” The girl moves to the other side of the kitchen. “I understand that we are not that close anymore, but God. How dare you kick me out.” She grabs a juice from the fridge. “I'm going to my room. I’m going to find one college that will accept me, and my amazing talents.” She want back to her room and did exactly what she had said.

    The only problem is that there are no colleges that would accept her. All of her googling lead her to one thing however. She looked at the blog that was made by this old doctor guy. It was about this one case that not even the police would put into the public. The greatest detail was put into it. The girl minimize the tab and opened up one of her own programs. She hacked into the police stations privet files and looked up the murder case.

    What she found out shocked her, the case is real and the person who found out about it is the best living detective alive, Sherlock Holmes. The girl pulled up the blog again, looking at all the cases. Each one was written by the same guy, John Watson.

    The girl got up from her chair, got ready for meeting the Sherlock Holmes. She pulled on a sweater, skinny jeans, some pair of boots that she got a Goodwill, and she grabbed her backpack. As she left the house, she pulled up her hair into a ponytail.

    She pulled out her phone and googled up were Sherlock lived. “221B baker street…” She took a few steps away from her house before breaking out into a jog. No one even stopped to say hi to her. She new everyone thought she is a insane human, everyone thought she was some sort of alien. She ran to a street, looked up, and noticed that she is lost. She sighs in frustration. She pulls up were she is at, only to realize that she could just take a cabby.

    She looks around and realizes that the street she is on is Baker Street. She chuckles at herself, and looks for 221B Baker St. It ended up being a bakery. She looked inside to find mrs. Hudson, the old lady from the blog posts. The girl walked in and ordered some coffee, and get some information on how to get inside of the house of the detective. She got her information, got out of the bakery, and knocked on the door next to the bakery. The guy who answered the door is who she thought to be John Watson. “H-Hello, My N-Name is S-Samantha R-R-Rogers.” I put on a smile and holding out her hand. “P-Pleased t-to meet you M-Mister W-Watson.” John smiled a bit. “I bet you're here for Sherlock,” He opened the door a bit more, letting the girl into the room.

    The girl walked in and shook her head. “Actually m-mister W-Watson. I'm h-here for a J-job.” He pointed up the stairs. “Up there.” She walks up the stairs, followed by John Watson. When they got to the top of the stairs, John reached around the girl and opened the door. Inside sat Sherlock Holmes on a labtop. He is ranting about somehting along the lines of how the world funcioning without coputers.

    I walked over to him, looking over his shoulder to see what he is doing. Sherlock cnat get past a firewall. The girl chuckles, reaches over him, and gets past the firewall and deleted a virus that he acidently got from a website. John looked over to what happend, so they are all around the laptop, SHerlock sat infront of it. “Thanks John, how did you do that?” Sherlock turned around,say that who helped him out isn’t John. “who the blody hell are you?”

    The girl smiled. “H-h-hello, Mister Holmes. M-m-my name is S-s-samantha R-r-rogers.” The girl felt as if she is being anilized. Sherlock got out of the set with some sort of grace. “Your not shy.” he tilted his head to the side. “You still studder though, and i cant seem to get anything else from you.”

    John gasped, the girl and Sherlock turned to face him. “What,I cant always understand my clients, I jut normally geuss everything.”

    Sherlock looked back at the girl. “Now, what are you here for?” The girl’s poker face unreadable. John spoke up, “She is here for the job i posted, She is here for our googler..” Sherlock looked back at the girl. “So, you wanna job with us?” She nods. “I just proved to you that im smart enough for the job, and i can also make my own software if necessarey.”

    Sherlock waved his hand. “Shush, if you can prove your worthy for our line of work, yo can stay, but if you cant. Leave.” Then he went into what looked like a kitchen, leaving John and The girl.

    “So… how do i prove myself worthy, old wise man?” The girl asked, not facing john, but the computer. The girl leaned over the chair, typed something into the search bar, pulling up something. “So thats what you were looking at.”

    John looked over the girls shoulder, to see a porn website opened up. “What the hell!” John ushered the girl away from the laptop, closing the website out. “How do you check the history?” The girl pushed John to the side and oulled up the history, it showed that nothing was pulled up, or closed out. “Sherlock put something on the laptop to block the showing of anywebsite that he puts in it. For example…” she pulled up another porn site, but it showed only gay and pedophilia stuff.

    John blushed. “Could you get rid of this?” The girl nodded, typing in some more things. Tabs pulled up and closed over and over again, everything going to fast for a normal person to read. She pulled away from the laptop. “Here you go, I think I got a lot the additions ut of the laptop.”

    John opened up the history tab, and saw all the websites that wernt there before. Sherlock came back in, with a cup of tea. He came overto the laptop and his eyes almost buldged out of his head.

    “How the bloddy hell did you get all of this!?” He yelled, grabbing the laptop, forgetting that the girl is there. John grabbed the laptop back. “Samantha helped me egt this uncovered, now explain.” Sherlock sighed and sat down in his chair. The girl grabbed the laptop from John, sat acroos from Sherlock, adn started googlong some things. “I think I clearly got this thing doen, can I get the job now?”

    Sherlock looked at her and just stared. “John,” he said without moving his head “I wont explain anyhting, until we get a case solved.” Sherlock stood up and looked over to John. The girl turned around the laptop. “The person your looking for is something I would call a UnSub. Or Unidetified Subject.” She pointed to the word on the screen and let her finger slide down to a list. “So, your killer is going to be a dominate like person, and they might be married.”

    The two males int he room looked like they are impreased. “How did you do that?” The girl shrugged. “Common sense,” she let her finger slide down the screen again, this time, on a picture of the murder scene. “This is what i see from this picture anyway.”

    Sherlock went over to the laptop, grabbed it and looked at everything. “How did you get this?” The girl shrugged. “Easy to find if you look at your history, and the news reports, crop the pictures and type down what they think is possible.” the girl smiled. “Why do you wanna know, Mister Holmes?” she tilted her head to the side, “did i impress you with my knolege of whats going on?”

    John sat down in the couch, sherlock on the other hand took the laptop from her lap and finished reading what the girl wrote. “You got 128 pages from just a few minutes of looking things up?” The girl nodded. “Again i ask, can i have the job?” Sherlock nodded, still in shock from what she ended up doing. “Exuse me, miss rogers.” John waved his hands to get the girls attention. “How are you going to coninue your studys?”

    The girl smiled. “I dont go to school anymore, Mister Watson.” With that, the girl got out of John’s chair. “I’m going back home now, if you need anyhting, just type whatever you wnat on this document. Ill get what your trying to say.”

    The girl left the two males all alone. John and Sherlock looked at eachother. “She is going to end up kicking your but in a serching compotion.” John looked over to the poker face Sherlock, whom just said that.

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