Who Am I?

My story of how I'm now on here, Movellas.


1. Who Am I?

Hello everyone, I'm new here on Movellas but this isn't my first writing website. Call me by my pen name Chesster! 

I was on NaNoWriMo YWP for a few years. I was in the historical fiction discussion when Charis Tikvah, invited me to Figment. So I joined Figment back in August 2015 and began writing but also meeting many many other writers. Figment was better than NaNo, the community was like a family if you were facing something in your life for me it was depression you could talk to another writer, a Figgy friend, and they would help you. You could post in the Gen/Ran (General/Random) your life, and people were so nice. They could understand.

If you struggled with a writer's block they would encourage you. If you needed a friend there would also be a user online. If you needed to cry Figment was the place for crying and talking about writing and your life. IMO (in my opinion) it was a glimpse of Heaven, with many people, all different people, Asian, White, Black, African American, if you identified as demisexual or transgender you could also find a few friends/people to connect with who could understand you.

Each week there would be a new Featured Fig and I always kind of wish I was Featured Fig. Featured on the site for a week. Well, in 2016 Figment started to go inactive well, at least the moderators. Moderation was on the decline with only two moderators left. Then one moderator. In August 2017 I was selected to be Featured Fig. Then stuff happened, debates started to spark because a bunch of Atheists went against the Christian population on Figment, and those debates didn't stay in the groups, people were arguing on each other's profiles, even on the forums.

It was then I decided I'm going to hop in and help my brother and sister Christians against the Atheists. Words flew, people on both side were frustrated, and the Atheists won most of the arguments but we the people who argued against them were still Christians. We were still Christians at the end of the day and they were still Atheists at the end of the day.

This happened for about a month before all of it died down. Figment was still a dysfunctional family. During that process I met Christopher Hansen, he is an Athiest and even though we debated we are now friends on Facebook.

Then soon news came by the last remaining moderator, Rebekah, that a new site is being prepared for us Figgy users called Underlined. Next thing Team U (Team Underlined) are now on the forums answering questions of users about this new site being prepared. The new site was supposed to come out in early November, then the date was moved, the date was moved again! So now supposedly it will come out 1/31/2018.

I'm not sure how Underlined will do so I am trying different writing websites. I'm on Wattpad going by @FateReforged, I'm still on Figment under the name Chesster, and now I'm on here, Movellas. I don't think I'll ever get back into NaNoWriMo. So, far I like how my book has a lot of views, but no comments? I don't know if this will be my permanent writing home I'm going to try Underlined first, but now you all know my story and why I'm here.



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