Stepbrother Love

I fell in love with him first, but that doesn't matter. Not when he was going to become my stepbrother.

A Valentine's Day Writing Competition Choice #2


2. -TWO-

Kendra POV

    I didn’t let myself think about the condoms. Didn’t let myself wonder why he got it in the first place or worse who he was going to use it with. So like the goody two shoes that I was, I finished my homework, and fell asleep reading.

    Surprisingly for once in his life, Derek had come early to pick me up for school the next day. Derek was my boyfriend, or at least that’s what people keep telling me even though I don’t ever remember agreeing to it. He was the most popular guy at school and I was the most popular girl, I guess people just wanted us to be together.

“So, are you doing anything May fifth?” Derek asks leaning against my locker.

“I don’t think I’ve got anything going on, why?”

“Prom day. You’re going with me right?” He cocks his head and I almost rolled my eyes.

Instead I sigh and said, “Sure,” agreeing even though this wasn’t exactly how I imagined being asked to my senior prom. Though the big reason why he had picked me up this morning was finally revealed. Derek wasn’t just chivalrous for nothing.

“Good.” He smiles covering up that hint of relief in his eyes. I guess he thought I might say no, hence the extra effort he had put in today.

Ignoring Derek as he talked about some football shit, from the corner of my eye, I swore I saw Mason cracked up a smirk as if he knew just how annoyed I was right now. When the bell rings, I ditched Derek and purposely walk past Mason and his friends.

“Loser.” I whisper so only he heard me.

“Bitch.” He whispers back.


“So how was the date? Was he cute? Was he nice? Tell me everything.” I asked, scooting closer to mom.

“He was fine.” She laughs and continue, “He was really nice, bought me flowers and everything. We talked about life, about you, and he talked a little bit about his son. It was perfect. We had a lot in common with each other, I think this may be good.” She smiles and my heart feels a little lighter. I was happy for her.

“He was that good huh? So when will I get to meet him?” Mom didn’t want to tell me his name until she was sure it was going to last. So I know it means a lot if she actually told me she was seeing someone.

“Well I don’t know, soon probably. I’ll ask him, I promise.”

And I never thought that I would come to regret asking that question two weeks later...


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