Stepbrother Love

I fell in love with him first, but that doesn't matter. Not when he was going to become my stepbrother.

A Valentine's Day Writing Competition Choice #2


3. -THREE-

Mason POV

I wish that I could say I hate her, but I don’t. I love talking to her even if we’re just throwing empty insults at each other. She’s always on my mind whether she knows it or not. She’s such a preppy bitch like all her friends, but I’ve also seen otherwise.That summer before we started our last year of high school was an unforgettable one.


“Wanna crash those rich assholes back to school party tonight?” Gin smirks and hands me a beer.

“The one that you said stole your girlfriend?” I ask. I had just moved to this little town two days ago with Dad, and had already made really good friends.

“Yeah that one.” He didn’t try to deny it. Parker, one of the rich kids in this town had supposedly stole Gin’s girlfriend a few years back, though I didn’t really know the full business of that. Just that they got beef.

“Let’s do it then.” I grin. Yeah we were both crazy. Looking for trouble when it didn’t come for us.

    The party was hosted at the rich ass’s mansion and alcohol was served as water, but I guess they let you do anything when you were rich.

We were ten minutes into the pool game before I see a redhead drag Gin off and a minute later they start to suck each other faces. Fuckingtastic, my friend was getting laid tonight and I’m here playing pool. Grabbing my keys and jacket, I head out after shooting Gin a text in case things didn’t go to plan with the redhead, he’ll know where to find me.

    Outside, I see a blonde girl with a tight dress that didn’t look too comfortable standing with four inch heels.

“You need a ride?” I ask because watching her just stand there is making me suffer a little. She turns around with wide blue eyes and her full lips parts and mutters, “”  

Up close she was pretty, not in the cheat on your wife type, but like the girl next door. She was petite, even with her heels she was shorter than me by a couple of inches. Her eyes was what really catched me though. They were so full of innocence and curiosity, I’m afraid I’ll taint them. And if that didn't tempt me more.

    My eyes travel down to her legs and sigh, taking off my jacket and wrapping around her waist before dragging her to my bike.

“Hold on tight.” I say and start the engine. She jumps a little at the sound and wraps her arms around my waist tightly. I thought she’d be the type to hold onto the back, wanting to avoid contact at all cost, but she keeps surprising me.

    Turns out blondie was one of those rich preppy kids too and I felt slightly disappointed somehow. I knew it from the mansion she told me to stop at, but I should've guessed from the Christian Louboutin shoes.

“Thank you…” She trails on.

“Mason.” I smile and answer when I catch onto what she wanted.

“Thank you for giving me a ride Mason, I owe you one. I’m Kendra.” She said as her face turns into a light pink shade. 

“If you’re really that thankful, why not show it?” I tease. Her bright blue eyes goes wide and I thought for sure she was going to slap me, but a second later I feel warm full lips on the right side of my cheek. “If you were going to do it, at least do it properly.” I say and grab her in for a kiss. Surprised she gives a little yelp and I take that chance to slide in my tongue and watch as she closed her eyes. Oh blondie, I'm definitely going to keep you now.


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