Stepbrother Love

I fell in love with him first, but that doesn't matter. Not when he was going to become my stepbrother.

A Valentine's Day Writing Competition Choice #2


1. -ONE-

Kendra POV

    When I was nine, I watched as my parents marriage fell apart and witness when they finally got a divorce three short months later. One day he just packed up all of his stuff, signed the papers, and left. I never saw him again since then and my mom never talked about about it.

“I’ll be fine mom. You have to go, you deserve this more than anyone.” I assure her though she didn’t look convinced. She was finally seeing someone after eight years. His lucky ass was going to treat her to a nice five star dinner tonight.

“Okay, well don’t stay up too late. I left some money on the kitchen counter. Call me if you need anything alright? I love you, bye.” She quickly kiss my cheek and head out, closing the door behind her. I finally breathe again when I’m alone and go back upstairs to my room, making sure to lock the door.

It wasn’t until later that night when I went to the bathroom and saw red. Shit. It was that time of the month again and we didn’t have any tampons left. Just my luck. Sliding on my black oversized hoodie and leggings I drove to the nearest department store overspeeding the whole way there. Making a beeline to the tampon aisle and grabbing what I needed, I was about to leave when I heard a voice coming around the corner.

“Fancy seeing you here, Kendra.” He says and smirks. Fucken Mason. Mason had just moved to our small little town a couple of weeks ago with his dad. We may have also shared a kiss or two back then. Only because it was in the spur of the moment, that’s what I keep telling myself anyways.

Putting on my bitch face, I pretend to look confuse.

“And you are?” I ask, making sure to add a little sass to my voice, but Mason laughs it off, ignoring my question completely. I hate it when he does that, just as much as I loved his laugh.

“What you got there?” His eyes moves to the box of tampons I have in my hands. I feel my face heating up and tried to cover it with a bored look. Fuck. Out of all people, it’s fucken Mason.

“I don’t think it’s any of your business really. Besides I gotta run, I don’t talk to strangers.” I say and start to walk away but he rushed me, pinning me against the counters. His face is inches from mine and I could feel his warm breath on my mouth as we both try to catch our breath. What the hell is he doing to me.

“Right how could I forget, you only talk to rich assholes and sluts like yourself.” He gives me a cold smile and his eyes drops to my lips.

“Shut up loser.” I say and lick my lips.

“Why don’t you make me, Kendra.” He says and leans a little closer, grabbing a box of condoms and walked away. What the fuck! Who the hell thought it was a good idea that tampons and condoms should go together on one aisle?

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