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2. Reminisce

Chapter 1: Trapped 

                The ceiling was cemented. That’s what I woke up to. Everyday for the past couple months was the same. The small cement room, and me. Sometimes my captor would come and pay visits – those times weren’t pleasant. I have no one to talk to. There are no mirrors, so I could not manage to talk to myself. What if there was a mirror? Could I possibly still look the same after 3-months of being trapped? Being trapped of everything?

                From what I do remember, I had brown short wavy hair. It would flow with the wind as I went on jogs, or rode on a swing. My skin was fair – almost too fair. It would glisten in the sunlight that I miss, embracing my skin. I had emerald green eyes that would sparkle in the moonlight. Everything else about me was what a typical teen-age girl would look like. Now, I’m stuck in this room. I’m not even sure if it is a room. It could be a dungeon, perhaps a cellar. All I know is, there is no way out. There is only me.

 I crawl over to an oil lamp next to my sleeping mat. In the room, there were only a select few of things. There was a yoga mat, which portrayed my bed. My captor wasn’t the cruelest person on planet earth, because he provided me a tiny bed sheet to sleep under. There was no mirror, but he did provide a toilet – jail style. Matter of fact, he also gave me a sink.

Before this lonely life, I was a regular girl who attended a high school. I went to West Shore High School. It was located along the shoreline of California. During school, I had so many friends. So many people that I cared about, and they cared about me. The cheerleaders adored me, they called me, “Cute” because I was roughly 5’0 at the time. Who knows how tall I am now? I’m not doing so well, every three days my captor brings me a cafeteria meal. I enjoy every bite and try to save it.

All I can do is imagine, imagine my mother’s delicious platter of food that I would reject because I was so stupid. I was such an ungrateful 15-year old girl. Cared too much about carbs, cared too much about weight. Silly 15-year old me. The difference is, I’m not 15-years old anymore. I’m 16-years old, and alone.


                I was Empty. My body lies down on the hard, and uncomfortable yoga mat. And stare at the illuminating ceiling that was catching the light off my oil lantern, and imagine.




“Layla! Come downstairs – I’ve made a delicious food platter for you!” Mom shouted from the kitchen.

                I rolled my eyes at this. Doesn’t she understand that I’m busy texting my friends? Friends were much more important than food. Why? Because Food didn’t tell you how to succeed in life. Reluctantly, I stood up out of my chair, and stomped to the hallway.

                My younger twin brothers Finn and Jack push past me in our narrow hallway. I growled at them and started to run. It was like it was a race or something! Soon enough, we reach the dining room where the air smelled like delicious steak.

“I win!” Finn, my 7th-grade brother exclaimed. As usual, I rolled my eyes at him and sat down. Jack gave him a stink look and began to protest.

“Uh no? It was a tie, Finn.” Jack, my other 7th-grade brother protested, sitting down next to me.

“Maybe we should just shut up? You both won. Congrats.” I scolded, as my mom started applying layer by layer of food to my plate.

                Honestly, I can’t eat this! It’s like an invitation to obesity. I ignore my food as she moves on to Finn and Jacks plates, and pull out my phone with a glittery pink phone case.


                I missed that phone.


“Layla, no phone at the dinner table.” Mom said, taking a seat and beginning to fold her hands to pray. Our family always prayed before our meals – even in restaurants which creeped people out.

“No mom – I’m in the middle of texting Carly, we’re going to party this weekend.”

“Well, can’t it wait till after dinner?”

“Not really, she get’s her phone taken away after she eats dinner – which is now, so…”

“Put it away Layla.” Her eyes glared at me, causing Finn and Jack to snicker.

                I rolled my eyes, and set the phone on the table. She smiled at me and mouthed, “thank you” as she closed her eyes beginning prayer.

“Dear Lord, we thank you for our delicious meal you have provided us today. I pray that we can be able to pay our rent this month, and maybe even move into a new and bigger home. I pray that Finn and Jack start getting along, and Layla start respecting me.” She looked at me, “Your turn.”

                I glared at her. She totally just dissed me during prayer! Like who does that? She has to be completely messed up in the mind for lying to god.

“Dear God, I pray that my mom learns to accept me for who I am.”

                She opens her mouth but then just gave up. A snicker escaped my mouth. What a witch thinking she can just trance god into making me a better person. I already am a good person, maybe with a little bluntness. My mom and I didn’t exactly get along like we used to. Ever since my dad left, things have been a little weird. But I don’t care, it’s not like she actually loves me.

                After the boys said their prayers, everyone began to stuff their face, except me. I just pushed my plate and sat there. Part of me wanted attention, while the other part just wasn’t hungry. Within 5-minutes or so, my wish was granted.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Jack questioned, eyeing the juicy steak I haven’t touched.

“Because I’m not hungry.”

                Look at you now Layla, you are hungry. You’re too skinny. You’re just too selfish.

“Then can I have your steak?” Finn asked, eyeballing it as well.

“Sure,” I said, as I got up and left the dining table.

                Finn and Jack just began to argue. As I looked back, my mom was peacefully eating food. So peaceful, it was almost like I didn’t bother her. She just ignored me. Ignored me like I was nothing but a roadblock. Maybe it was true, but sometimes I did what I did because I craved attention.


Chapter 2: Carly

                I woke up and by my bed was a tray half-full of food. Of course, I devour it. Not saving any more bites. I was too hungry for it to just sit there in front of me and I not watch it. Behind me was my own personal calendar – Except, I didn’t have the months, it was more like tallies. I raise my arm and mark a line through day 98. Two more days here, and that would be 100 days trapped.

                If I wasn’t so foolish, I wouldn’t be here. If I just would have told my mom I’d help her, I wouldn’t be here. If I didn’t push Finn down 2-flights of stairs, I wouldn’t be here. I was such a bad person – hell, I probably still am. That is why I am here. I keep screwing up.

                Most people would say that their mistakes were accidents, and they would redeem themselves. I had other plans. Attention. I craved it. Why did I crave it? Why can’t I just be a good person! Why can’t I just listen, just understand, just accept! Why can’t I just be normal?

You can’t have gone through life without something you’ve done that was horribly wrong. I for one, have done many things wrong. Before this room, it was like I was waiting for someone to notice me. I was waiting for someone to call me out because no matter what, I always went back, and I did it.




And again.


And again…



                “Which one do you like better?” I paused, flashing Carly a white tube top, “Or, this one?” My left hand held a red tube top.

                It was the day of the Halloween party at Owen Dowels house. Carly and I were shopping for our costumes at Rue 21. It was cute/edgy place to shop. If we were going to this party, we had to look super hot. Carly looked at both items in my hands, having her own hand in a clothing rack too.

“Considering it’s a Halloween party and you want to go with something that fits you…I’d say, go for the red one and pull of the devil look.”

                My mouth drops open in joy and I nod my head in agreement. Omg, that was perfect! I could go as a sexy devil, while Carly could go as a sexy angel. We were going to be twins – hot twins. Although Carly wasn’t the type of girl who liked to be sexy, she was so pretty!

                Carly was a pretty half Asian girl with light tan skin, medium length black hair with across the forehead bangs, emerald green eyes, she had the straightest teeth in the world and usually wore edgy band stuff.

“OMG! We could go as opposite twins!” I exclaimed, shoving the white tube top at her. She winced.

“Uh, what do you mean?” Carly questioned, removing her other hand from the rack, and grasping the top. She gave it a concerned look.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at her.

“W-wait, you mean me, in – in this?” she laughed nervously, “No thanks.” She shoved the top back on the rack. What the hell? No! We needed to be alike at the party, or how else would people know we were best friends?

“Carlyyyy, please – I beg of you.” I pulled my bottom lip over my upper and gave her puppy dog eyes.

“Layla, it’s too provocative for me –“

“But we would be hot!”


“And you’re opposing because?”

“Layla, I don’t want to be provocative. You know this.”

                She pulled me over to another rack. It had a bunch of fake wigs, and chokers. She smiled as she handed me a spiky black choker, and put one on herself. EW! I hate chokers. They’re gross and for goth kids.

“And my tube top was provocative…” I stated sarcastically. She rolled her eyes and started picking at lipstick colors.

“Oh, come on. It’ll be so much fun! Me, you, dressing up as crazy rocker chicks!”

“No, I don’t even want to go to the party anymore…” I lie. I was trying to get a reaction out of her. To my luck, she started to be confused.

“W-wait, what?”

“I just feel like if we can’t be twins at the party, then why go?”

“Layla that’s such a stupid reason! Look, we have perfectly good chokers here!”

“No…it’s okay.”

                I slowly tried and make my way back to the rack to put the shirt back. I was lying to her. I knew she would feel bad. I knew she would just –

“Layla – wait!”

                Bingo. There it was, Carly, feeling bad for me. Wasn’t I such a good liar? I would do anything just for that perfection.

                Would I? I don’t think I would anymore. There’s no point.

“Grab the tube tops…” She says, looing down at her feet, faking a smile.

“Really? OMG, YOU ARE THE BEST!” I ran over and kissed her cheeks, and then ran to grab both tops.

                We paid, and Carly was seeming a little down. I didn’t care though. I mean, no one would talk to her if I wasn’t at the party with her – common sense is, I’m helping her out.

“What’s wrong?” I faked, putting on my concerned-best-friend face.

“Nothing lets just order an uber and get out of here.”

                I smiled and did as she said. God, I was such a good friend.



No, Layla, you were a horrible friend.


That’s why she didn’t save you.


That’s why Carly ran and left you.


Chapter 3: Boys, I just can’t help it.

                Bangs were going off above me. Was it help? I couldn’t tell. It sounded more like someone moving things around. It was still quiet down here – the usual. Sometimes it’s too quiet that I walk around and scream.





                My bet is, no one was here to help me. I wonder what it would have been like to have company. Maybe Carly? She hates me. She wouldn’t even want to hang out with me as much as I’d want to hang out with her again. What about Finn and Jack? Jack probably would want to see me again, but then there’s Finn. I pushed him down his middle school’s two flights of stairs because he said,

I hate you. I wish you would just go away!”

                He resulted in going to the hospital for a broken leg and arm. My mom would never want to see me again. Who would want to see me again? I think hard, and harder to find someone who loved my presence. Someone who would appreciate me.


Mason Gale.


                I just want to imagine him wrapping his warm arms around me. I want to feel his soft lips on mine. A tear drips from the corner of my eye as I think about what I had caused myself to lose.


Mason Gale.


                Carly and I were sitting on the couch at a party full of practically everyone at our school. She was wearing a white tube top, a fluffy white tutu, a pair of angel wings, and a halo. She looked just like I knew she would!

But I on the other hand….

                I was hotter. My outfit was a red tube top, a red tutu, a devil tail, and red horns. We were inseparable and had the best outfits! Everyone was checking me out! If they looked at her, they were thinking she was my side kick I was assuming.

“Look at us! We’re hot!” I exclaimed, grabbing her hands and started to dance.

“I guess so, who knew I’d be having a good time.” She replied, laughing.

“I told you! Well, I’m going to go and get us drinks, brb!” I said, walking away dancing.

                At the drinks table, there were a couple of options. Water, punch, or vodka. A smirk appeared on my face as I poured two cups of punch and a shot of vodka in both. Considering Carly needed to get more hype, I added five shots to hers. You can’t necessarily say it’s drugging if it’s alcohol, and your best friend!

                Suddenly, a guy came up to me. It was a dude that Carly obsessed over, and she met at a track meet! He was tall, had black short hair, light skin, green eyes, and freckles. I’m also sure he was a sophomore.

“Sweet party, right?” he asked, in his low husky heartbreaking voice. I giggled because he was pretty hot.

“Yea, I’d say so,” I replied, leaning on the table. He poured his drink and did the same.

“I’m Mason. Mason Gale, by the way.” He greeted, with his hands out.

                I know he’s supposed to be Carly’s guy, but he makes me smile, he’s cute, and who is he talking to right now? Oh yea, me!

“Call me – “he cut me off and finished my sentence.

“Layla Jensen. Yea I knew that.”

“Well then, how did you know that?” I asked, getting closer. It was a party, it was okay to flirt with people.

                Not flirt with your best friend’s crush, Layla.

“Carly, your best friend talks about you all the time.”

                Aww, Carly mentioned me to him! This makes me super happy because it’s a hot guy wanting to talk to me. Well, not that its surprising…

“Well, just to let you know, Carly knew I had a crush on you. So, she would give me entail about your track meets.” I lied. It’s not like Carly called dibs or anything, and she wasn’t watching.

                Let me be real. Carly would talk about this kid for hours, and I didn’t even know his name. She would talk about how much she liked him, and how he was a sweetheart, but she never claimed him. You can’t get mad at someone for liking your crush if you haven’t claimed them yet.

“Really? Oh wow.”

“Yea.” I fake blushed and waved my hand in my face for a breeze.

“That’s weird, I told Carly I had a crush on her a couple days ago. I was actually going to ask if you knew where she was.” He said, breaking my heart.

                He was pulling a DUFF on me! No way has any guy ever came and asked me about Carly. Sure, she was the type to get along with boys, but she sure as hell wasn’t like me.

“Oh…well, she’s not here at the moment. I’m sure she’ll come later.” I lied again, this time scooting forward, and putting my hand on his chest.

“Well, since she’s not here –“ I cut him off by kissing his lips.

                Not surprisingly, he didn’t pull away. Instead, he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. Eventually, I jumped on his waist, so he was holding me in the air. He set me on the counter and we were kissing. Still kissing. Suddenly, he pulled away.

“Hey – this isn’t right, I like Carly…” He said, scooting away.

“She doesn’t have to know.” I protested, kissing him again.

                He seemed more reluctant about it. Something about Mason, and only knowing him for about 20-minutes was different. Not like any of the other guys I have dated, ever. He was loyal because he cared so much about what Carly would think. That’s got to change.

“Well –“ before we could kiss some more, Carly walked into the kitchen with her eyes wide open. Mason pulled away quickly.

“M-mason?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“Carly, it’s not what you – well its –“

“L-Layla?” She asked again, this time anger in her voice.

“Oh, hey Carly. Found this guy.” I said with a chuckle and pointed. He gave me a dirty look and grabbed Carly’s arms as if he were to comfort her.

“Let’s go.” He said, trying to take her out of the kitchen. She wouldn’t budge, and she just kept staring at me. Finally, she spoke a sentence I never thought Carly would ever speak in her life.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” She broke his grasp and grabbed my hair and pulled me to the ground.

                Okay Carly, you wanna fight? Let’s fight. I pulled her hair and punched her in the face. She grabbed the vodka bowl and threw it at my face. Geez, this girl has issues. My eyes started to burn, I was about done with this.

                Mason grabbed my soaking body just as I was about to grab kitchen knives.

“Stop! Both of you!”

                Another guy pulled me away, he was much older, probably about 21-years old. I watched as Mason chased after Carly who was crying. The guy comforted me.

“Hey, let's take this to the room.” He said, “We’ll talk it out in there.


                I can’t believe I listened to him.


                We went to the room, and well – let's just say. We went to the next level.


Chapter 4: Praised

                I know that the drama with Mason was a pretty messed up thing for me to do. I acted like I was in love with him, but I only knew him for less than 30-minutes. I should have just accepted that he liked Carly and not me. What was my problem? Being in this room sure did cure me. I went from being a complete drama queen, to someone just wanting to escape.

                The truth is, I never had someone in my life that has genuinely wanted to be around me besides Carly. I don’t blame anyone for their wise choices. Today the wall is dripping and making the room moist and cold. It shouldn’t be anything else other than water. My tongue embraces the cold cemented walls as I lick the moisture off it. Did I have issues? Maybe.

                I lie on the ground and roll around making my already worn out clothes even worse.  My outfit was a knee-length white night gown. I have been wearing the same thing for about 3-months. Not only do I most likely smell disgusting, I also probably look disgusting. I take my pointer finger and swipe across the bridge of my nose only collecting grease and dirt.

                The only times I can remember that were good, were the ones where I can vaguely think out. See, my imagination is filled with sorrow and regret because I was such a horrible person. Was there a time where I wasn’t a crap person? The truth is, yes. There was in fact a time where I thought about someone else. There was a time that I was happy, and kind. There was a time where someone smiled at me.


There was a time…



                I was standing on the curb of a street intersection. My hand gently pressed the crosswalk button. It was a windy Monday evening, and I was shopping alone. I don’t know what happened, but all I know is, Carly, hates me, and Mason is still keeping in touch with me.

                At first, he told me that he was just pretending to be super worried about Carly but cared about me too. What the hell was wrong with that kid? Did he not know I wasn’t interested? Does he not get that he’s the whole reason Carly and I aren’t friends? Ugh.

                I crossed the street and headed over to Rue 21, my favorite store. In there, it was full of kids my age I didn’t care about, and some cheerleaders from my school who waved when they saw me. The cheerleaders were strangely fond of me. I waved back then turned away while rolling my eyes.

                Shopping by myself sucks. Even though shopping with Carly would be a drag because we don’t have the same fashion sense, I loved getting her opinions. I sometimes even catch myself turning to ask the person next to me for their opinion, but no one was there.

“Hey, you’re Layla right?” A dude asked from the clerk counter.

                I glanced up from the clothing rack and saw a teenage boy standing behind the check out counter. He was tall and muscular. His hair was brown like mine, but a little messy. He had no sharp jawline like I like – but his face was in a nice oval form.

“Yea,” I replied, tilting my head in confusion at him. He laughed and continued to put hangers on some of the girl’s clothing.

“I’ve heard of you around town lately. You’re supposedly some crazy bitch that steals boyfriends?” He said, this time raising an eyebrow at me.

“Supposedly.” I murmur and go back to my clothes browsing.

                I wasn’t in the mood for that type of conversation. These past 2-weeks have been hell for me. Pushed Finn down some stairs, Mom told the lord mean things about me, and I lost my best friend Carly. I watched as the guy stepped out from behind counter and stood right next to me hanging up the clothes on the rack behind me.

“Well, I don’t know much about you…but I’m Wesley.” He greeted with a slight cheek smile and held out his hand that wasn’t occupied with clothing. I took his hand – which was extremely firm – and shook it.

“Glad to know at least someone likes me.” I chuckled.

“Who said I liked you?” He asked, raising another eyebrow at me. I turned a bright cherry red.

“Oh, I just thought – “He cut me off.

“I’m Joking.”

                He finally laughed and showed me his teeth. They weren’t so straight, but he had braces. I laughed too, realizing I was getting along with someone.

“So, you like shopping here?”

“I shop here all the time. I used to come here with Carly, she – “He cut me off again, almost like he knew everything about me.

“Was your best friend?” He finished, causing me to nod. I hated to agree, but it was true.

“Yea, but now, I don’t even think I have any friends besides those cheerleaders.” I pointed in the direction of the preppy cheer squad girls.

“I’ll be your friend.” He offered. I looked up and noticed he was standing directly next to me now, my face at his chest.

“Hmm…but there are requirements.” I teased, making fun of myself. It was true, I used to hold requirements to people being my friends.

“Oh? Bet.” Wesley said, grinning down at me.

“I get discounts from here.” I raised an eyebrow at him. He crinkled his nose and stroked his lightly bearded chin,

“It’s a deal.”


Chapter 5: That one boy.

                I wake up to a light. Wait – light? My body jerks up off the floor and sees the door to the room has opened. I shielded my eyes with my crusty hand and lunge at the door. A tall dark-haired man pushed me back into the room easily. I wasn’t strong, and I had no agility. I was held captive in here forever.

                My body is hurting on the ground, watching the beautiful fresh light appear in the doorway. A familiar boy stood in the entrance, while another boy turned on a hosing device. The tall one sprayed the hose at me, then all over the room. I opened my mouthed insanely wide, as I let him spray it into my mouth.

“Freak.” He said, gagging at the sight of me.

“Oh, come on, leave her alone – she did this to herself.” The other boy added, waving it off.

                Suddenly, the room is drenched. Everything is moistened, and even my small mat for a bed was sopping. They threw a left-overs box at me and proceeded to shut the door.

“NO!” I shouted, getting up as fast as I could to reach the door. The door shut right as I could almost grasp it.

                I let my body lump to the ground, and I leaned against the big steel door. Why was this me? Why did this have to happen to me? I understand completely why I suck. Why I’m such a horrible person. Were there even actual sins that I committed? Or was I just a bratty teenager? It doesn’t matter now.

                A tear dripped down my cheeks again. I could taste my disgusting breath taking up the room in my mouth. It was probably more fun in my mouth than it was for me being out here. I wish I could have something to do. I’m surprised I haven’t died of neglect.

                The one true person I can think about right now is Wesley. He was that one boy who I fell for. I fell hard for him. It wasn’t just a tiny cheesy relationship, being with him got me involved with things I never thought I would have gotten into.


I closed my eyes and remembered.


                Wesley and I were ditching fourth period together. It’s been 3-weeks since we met, and my closet is full of Rue 21 stuff. He must like me so much! Okay, yes, I know. I can’t just assume he likes me without him actually telling me, but right about now, it’s too obvious to be true!

                We were at the lake just down by the highway leading to my backyard. No one would find us here because no one looks here. I peek over at Wesley who was just skipping flat rocks in the water.

“1…2…3…4…5 – oop, almost 6.” He laughed, searching around for more flat rocks.

“I can’t skip rocks for shit,” I replied, picking up one, and chucking it in with no luck. Wesley patted my back and grinned.

“But, you know what you can do?” He said in a question-like way. I grinned back at him,


                He replies with taking off his shoes. Then his shirt, finally his pants. And – oh, his underwear. I shielded my eyes although I was enjoying what I was seeing. He quickly ran into the water and made a shivering face.


                He made me laugh so hard. What a goofball. I used my finger to signal him to turn around. He rolled his eyes with a smile and turned to face the woods on the other side of the lake. I quickly removed every piece of my clothing and hopped in as a signal for him to turn around.

“WHAT THE FUCK WES, IT’S FREEZING!” I shouted, splashing him in the face. He grinned and splashed me back.

                It seemed like him and I were best of friends. Which I thought was weird. Usually, my opinion on girls with guy best friends is negative. Now, I feel like that would have to change. He swims over to me and gets about a foot away – which isn’t far.

“Layla, I need to tell you something…” He said, tucking a hair behind my ear.

                I knew it! He liked me. Wasn’t it obvious before? I tried to hide my smile, but he just chuckled a bit in response. His hair was all over the place, and he looked like he was going to lean in. I was getting prepared. My last kiss with someone was with Mason – and I don’t even want this kiss to be anything like that. I want this kiss to be passionate, sexy, and maybe even thoughtful.

“What is it?” I asked, playing dumb. My hair was soaking wet, and I was freezing.

“I – I…” He stuttered, looking around. Suddenly, he ducked my head under water and made a growling noise.


                Well great, there went my hopes.


                We were on shore drying off. His body glistened in the sunlight. His braces flashed to me as he gave me a cheeky smile. I smiled back, but slightly less happy-like. I wanted that kiss – but all he wanted was to lie about sharks as a joke.

                I heard his phone ring. He picked it up and looked at it. He made a nervous face and swallowed a little.

“What was that about?” I asked, letting my face soak in the sun.

“It was – nothing.”

“I feel like that’s not true.”

“Well – okay.” He paused, sitting up straighter, “My boss has a change of plans, so I might have to work differently.”

“That sucks,” I said, giving him puppy eyes.

“It doesn’t really matter. It only matters if I get paid right.”

                I nod at this. He seemed to know what was up with life. Suddenly, he pulled out some weed and started to smoke it. Weed? I’ve never tried it.

“Weed?” I asked, scooting closer to him. Although we were in our underwear now, it didn’t seem to be uncomfortable.

“Want some? It’s expensive though.”

“Yes. I want some.”

                He smiled and handed me some. I started to inhale, and exhale. It was easy – well easy for me. It reminded me of my mom. And how much she would kill me if she caught me with this. I feel like Wesley is a mature influence on me. So, I decided I’m going to hang out with him a lot more than usual.


                Bad choice Layla, Bad choice.

Chapter 6: Trouble

                My imagination is my muse. It helps me remember my past, and regret. I like to regret because it helps me think about what I’ve done, and how I could change it. After all, there was no purpose here, and I was eventually going to die alone. If only I had the power to predict my death, or even forward it, I would.

                There are so many things I wish I could have just changed! So many things I should have changed. My priority was to suck at everything – even suck at life. I want to try something different today. How about putting out my oil lamp? It made the room smell weird, and it was also too dim.

                I picked up the lamp, and chucked it at the wall, listening to the broken shards hit the ground. The oil didn’t do anything else but light up. At least the room was much darker now, and it made my eyes less fixed. I could freely open my eyes to darkness.


Just like you did with Wesley.


                Wesley was always taking odd phone calls. He wouldn’t ever tell me what they were about, but I just shrug it off. It’s not like it’s anyone important to me. We were at my house sitting in my bedroom. Wesley and I were watching old movies from the 60’s.

“This movie sucks.” He complained, sighing heavily.

“Oh, shut up – you love it.” I teased, fluffing his hair around.

“Oh, Really? You know what I really love?” Wes asked, getting his face in my face.

“And, what’s that?”

“Some good weed.”

                Wes and I smoked weed last Wednesday. He also introduced me to other drugs, such as pot, crack, and even taught me how to hot-box. I know this crap is bad for me, but it sure as hell makes me feel good.

“Got any?” I asked, sitting up now.

“Yea but give me good reasons I should give you some.”

                Oh, I see. He was playing, “Beg for mercy.” It’s a game where you compliment the person insanely until they think that you’ve done enough. I could easily win this game, I mean, it was, Wes.

“You’re super cute.”


“You have the best weed.”


“You are my best friend?”

“Uh - huh…?”

“You’re a sexy beast.”

                He grinned at me and made a kissy face with his mouth. I winked and we both laughed. He was crazy cute – in a different way – and was totally down to earth. Now he’s the friend I didn’t think would betray me.

“Well – if I’m sexy, that pretty much sums it up.” He said with a laugh. Wes stood up and walked over to his Nike backpack, pulling out his little pill bottle container full of weed. I shut the door, and we placed towels under the door, so the smell and smoke couldn’t escape.

                He rolled it up in some of his dollar bills – which I don’t know where he get’s so much money from. We lit them and got to inhaling. Weed makes me feel so good, and so out of this world. We were high before we even would have thought we’d be.

                Wes put down his blunt and grabbed me. His lips inches closer and closer – finally! As he kissed me, he got more and more aggressive. We were on the verge of taking off our clothes, but Jack walked in.

“JACK!” I shouted, super annoyed. We were about to do stuff before he walked in. ugh!

“Layla, the whole house smells like weed.” He said, holding a fan and waving the air out.

“So...?” I laughed hysterically. What was his deal? It’s not like mom was home.

                Jack sighed and kept waving a little fan around the room. Who was he to act so responsible?! I got up and snatched the fan from his hand, opened my window, and chucked it out. Jack looked at me like I was insane –


You are Layla.


                He started shaking his head at me. Wes just watched us and continued smoking.

“Mom will be home in an hour! If this smell doesn’t go out, she’s going to follow through with sending you away!”

                Follow through with sending me away? What did he mean by that? Sure mom complained to god about me, but she sure as hell wouldn’t send me away!

“Liar,” I said, causing Wes to laugh hysterically out of nowhere. Boy, were we high.

“What the hell Layla – I’m not lying.”

“You’re just jealous!”

“Jealous of what? Please, enlighten me with your intelligence.”

“I’m older than you and I smoke weed. You’re too young! If you wanted some, you could have just said so!”

                I grabbed Wesley’s blunt and throw it at Jack. He picked it up and gave me a dirty look. His eyes went from the blunt to me, and repeat.

“Take a hit – I won’t tell,” Wes said, bobbing his head around.

“No – “

“Oh, stop being a pussy!” I shoved the blunt into his mouth and he inhaled slowly, exhaling quicker. He coughed.

“Layla! You need help! You’re out of your mind!” Jack shouted, tears rolling down his cheeks as he ran out of the room. What a pussy.

                Suddenly, the door kicked open, and my mom walked in with Jack. Finn never walked around because he’s crippled at the moment. She looked at Wesley and nodded him towards the kitchen. He immediately snapped out of his high look – what the hell? And obeyed her orders.

Chapter 7: Lies (Finale)

                It’s been a week since I last saw someone. Today, my captor came down to pay me a visit. I crouched myself near the end of my yoga mat. My captor walked into the room and turned on a light bulb that was above the ceiling. There was light the whole time?

“Hi, Layla.” He said, sitting at a table. Where did this table come from? “I can see you’ve made quite the mess.” He pointed at the oil lamp shards.

“Go away, you sick man!” I shouted, looking like a maniac. He did nothing, not even wince. My captor was tall and lean. He had blonde hair, tan skin, gray eyes, and was wearing a doctor’s uniform.

“You remember our talk from last week, yes?” He asked, gesturing me to a chair across from him. I shook my head and started to rock back and forth.

“Yes, I do. Please let me out – I’m hungry!” I cried, gritting my teeth together. He shook his head and pointed to the back corner of the room. There was a table full of meals. That wasn’t there either!

“You’ve had plenty to eat.”

“You liar! It was never there!”

“Oh, it always was. Tell me, why do you choose your yoga mat over your twin bed in the corner?” He asked me. I glanced over at a bed with hello-kitty pillows and blankets.

“Because this is all fake! It’s all a dream!”

“I can assure you, this is 100% real. Please settle down, take a seat – “

“I don’t want to take a seat!” I screamed fairly loud. Who was he to tell me I was insane. I ran and took a seat at the table that magically appeared next to him. This was all a lie, I know that he’s lying! He doesn’t even know who he is.

“Do you remember why you’re here?” He said, intertwining his fingers on the table.

“Yea, you kidnapped me.”

“Think harder Layla.”

                I go back and think.


                Mom stood in the doorway with disbelief in her eyes. The house smelled like weed, Wesley was over, and I had forced Jack to take a hit. I’m a good person.

“Layla, I can’t believe you.”

“Where did you send Wes! Bring him back you fool! “I exclaimed as I pushed her. She shook her head and started to slowly keep tears from falling down her face.

“Wesley isn’t your friend.”

“Fuck you! You don’t know anything – “She cut me off.

“No, Layla. YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING! You need help! You need to go somewhere where you can learn to be good! You’re a bad person! “She shouted, grasping my shoulders and shaking me.

“Stop! You’re assaulting me!”

“I’m sending you away!” She dragged me out of my room. I tried grabbing our narrow hallways walls my nails, but it just made an annoying scratching noise.

                Wesley was in the kitchen, and he was also eating some pizza my mom had brought home. He was so funny. Instead of saying hi to me, he just nodded with a grin. My mom shoved me down in a chair – abuse!

“How long have you known, ‘Wesley’ Layla?” She questioned, pulling the homophone from the wall.

“Like 3-weeks.”

“Do you know how old he is?”


“Where did you meet him?”

“Rue 21.”

“Did you notice he was wearing no staff uniform? Layla, it was a test! Wesley is an actor! He’s not a real boy friend to you! Your father and I paid him to spy on you!”

                My eyes widened as I looked at Wes. He nodded in agreement and folded his hand under his chin. I can’t believe this. It had to be a joke.

“Who are you…?” I stammered, standing up and inching away.

“My name is actually David, and I’m 22-years old. I work for a troubled kid asylum for those who are mentally ill. I actually work with your father.”

“So – so the weed…the kiss…friendship…” Tears began to fill my eyes.



“Wesley was a fake…he was sent in to spy on me,” I said, banging my head on the table. No, no, no.

“So, you understand that you’re lying to yourself about everything.” He stated, writing things down on a paper.

“No, I’m telling the truth! Everything is so fucked! Everything is a lie!” I tried to protest. He shook his head and slightly smiled, “David!” he called.

                Suddenly, the boy I believed to be, “Wesley.” Came in the room. He was the boy who hosed down the room. He hosed it down because it was dirty…

“Hey, Layla.” He greeted, pushing up his glasses.

“Wes – David. Help me get out of here! I need Carly! Where’s Carly!” I was screaming in frustration. They don’t understand. They don’t get it.

“You can’t see Carly because you killed her.”

                I started to bite the insides of my cheeks. I would never kill my own best friend! I’m not crazy, this isn’t fair! David stood there obliviously until my captor excused him.

“Don’t make me remind you of what happened Layla.”

“You won’t be able to. Because I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You might after I show you these.”

                He pulled out a folder with pictures. The file was labeled, “Carly Davis” He pulled out a picture of Carly – dead. She was wearing her angel outfit on Halloween that had magically turned red. She had knife marks all over her breasts and was missing a nose. I looked away.

“Carly…” I murmured to myself. A timer went off, and he cleared his throat.

“Layla, you know where you are, why you’re here, and what you did. You didn’t just kill Carly, you also forced your brother to smoke a blunt – “David interrupts him.

“A fake blunt too.”

“You stole Mason Gale’s phone and sent yourself love letters because you liked him. You also paralyzed Finn’s entire body, caused your mother great stress, and-“ I cut him off.

“Don’t say it.”

“You were pregnant with a 21-year old man’s baby – which you are still pregnant with. This is why you’re in a mental asylum Layla. You’re a pathological liar – you make yourself believe things that aren’t true. Just like you made yourself believe you didn’t kill Carly.”

“Daddy, please,” I begged. He looked at me with sorrowful eyes, left the table, and exited the room. My captor is my father – I do remember that.


I sunk down into my chair, and sob.


A/N: Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to audition! I hope I get in, this took a lot of hard work and thought – if I don’t make it in, then I hope I get views! Please like, comment, favorite, everything it! Much love to those who enjoyed this story, please share this, and rate it 😊

                                                                -Anne Onymous

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